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Thursday, November 29, 2018


There is no doubt about it: by far and away the largest group of articles I received this week were about the California fires, and the strangeness some people are seeing, reporting, or speculating about them. The theories are now almost as strange as the fires themselves, and now include disappearing people and smart meters as well as exotic and/or directed energy weaponry, to failing power grid infrastructure and incompetent governance and forestry.
Here's what's accumulated so far (and my thanks to all of you who have passed on articles, personal observations, and speculations):
(1) The Exotic/directed energy hypothesis: This article has some excellent pictures from the area plus a video shot from space:
The question everyone is asking (including myself), is how fires hot enough to burn and melt houses and metal rims in automobiles, can leave nearby trees untouched. One gentleman kindly wrote me and offered the pictures from the fires from Chicago and San Francisco over a hundred years ago as proof that such things can happen naturally, no exotic energy technologies needed. I asked him to post his comment under last week's blog on the fires, and I don't know whether he did or not, but I'm grateful nonetheless, for any input on these freakish fires and any data is helpful. Nature is full of surprises, to be sure, and I've no doubt there are any number of scientists willing to step forward and offer naturalistic explanations. The trouble is, I'm still not buying; these types of explanations seem to me to have the same gritty feel and malodorous smell that the 9/11 twin towers collapse-by-burning-airplane-fuel have.
But there's a new entry into the hypotheses being advanced to explain these fires:
(2) The Smart Meter Theory:
This submission, as noted, is by "someone on the ground" in California, offering his or her own thesis:
My theory is this: the drones or satellites with these weapon systems can target electronic digital signatures on the ground in the form of . . . wait for it . . . “SMART METERS” which give off a radio / WIFI field signature even in the dark! So when the grid goes down these embedded transceivers go dark and cannot be targeted? You have to ask the question: Is PG&E on to this silent warfare scenario and just trying to cover their corporate asses?
How else do these brick and stone structures with tile or metal roofs burn to the ground in the middle of parking lots with no flammable forest around? Hmmmmm??? We are being targeted for destruction by whoever is controlling these weapon platforms and they’re targeting the most conservative parts of California and the good hardworking people who live here! Entire towns have been completely destroyed, ie. Santa Rosa, Middletown, parts of Redding and now Paradise?
You may be thinking, OK, what is this old guy smoking here? So to prove my point I submit to you a link to a 32-second video posted by the Sacramento Bee that shows a NASA GOES satellite view of northern California on the morning of the start of the “Camp Fire”!  Has a quaint ring to it, a camp fire? Makes me feel all warm and cozy, how about you? Take a look...
At this juncture, while no link is cited in the article, it appears that "GW", the author or authoress of the article, appears to be referring to the video which leads the first article linked above. If one watched closely, there appear to be blue dots that appear at the beginning of the video, one of which appears close to the origin point of the Camp Fire fire. But whether these are laser points or some sort of photographic markers is unclear. Also, strangely enough, if one watches the video closely, in the upper left quadrant of the video, there is a "something" which is clearly not a cloud, and clearly moving at tremendous velocity.
In any case, "GW" ends his or her post with this lapidary observation, which is as good a way of summarizing what the problem is for many of us observing the torching of California from afar:
How does a huge logging truck burn to the ground on I-5 near Lake Head, actually melt down and yet the logs did not burn up? Logs = wood = sources of fire and heat in a “campfire” or wood stove? Not even charred? A little common sense and observation tell me there is something very wrong with that picture?
No question about it, there is something wrong with this picture...Continue article here

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