current geopolitical analysis

The following is from a trusted source. Hope the analysis is correct, but that the timing for the end of the resistance to change is shorter than projected.

Multiple sources are reporting that as of October 17th, 2014, the Dragon

family has taken over control of the international operations of the Federal

Reserve Board and that as a result, the cabal’s ISIS and ebola campaigns,

which were negotiating tactics, will be wound down.

Under the deal, the United States, Europe and England, respectively, will be

issuing their own domestic currencies.

However, the world’s reserve currency will no longer be controlled by the families that used to own the Fed, the sources, including pentagon and CIA officials, said. A Chinese government source was unable to confirm that a deal had been reached. Nonetheless, he did note that China, Indonesia and Japan had been printing dollars of their own under the old regime but that all new creation of dollars world-wide will stop in October.

This implies that any new currency issued internationally will be something

other than dollars; most likely a basket of currencies centered on the Chinese


A British MI5 source, for his part, says “Europe is in no condition to make

any agreements based on the future use of the Euro. Italy, France and Germany all need to expedite the issuance of domestic currency and this is now a recognized fact.”

Moreover, there are still major power groups, notably in the Middle East and

the US, that are unwilling to accept this deal, dragon family sources say. As

a result, geopolitical turbulence is expected to continue until the final

resistance groups are subdued and controlled.

A dragon family member says they will push for complete cabal defeat by the

Chinese lunar New Year , which falls on February 19th in 2015.

A high level “G7 source” independently confirmed that as a result of the new deal, “The New Economic System will be developed founded on the truth

namely that there is Abundance of resources, not scarcity.” If a deal has been reached at the highest levels of Eastern and Western esoteric power, then there will be many public signs appearing.

Published on Oct 17, 2014 This is one we've been waiting for! Yes, the

Ambassador confirms that the Family is now the lawful owner of the Federal

Reserve that has waged war on humanity for over 100 years. They are responsible for operating the largest and most oppressive criminal operation, an extortion racket and human slave trade, in the history of the world. They totally failed in their mandate to serve humanity; and their mandate has not been renewed.

Instead, steps are being taken to transform society, restoring people's natural rights along with principles of limited government (Republics) outlined in the founding documents of the united States in America. Again, he admonishes us to look in the mirror and to stop aggression, greed and the illusion of self importance.

Hale Ali'i > It's true, they have taken control.

I have a close source that states as of last week it is done. The Rothchilds are no longer in control and dragon family has paid our trillions in debt. We just have to ride it out another little bit and this will all become transparent to the entire planet.

I just choose to believe they are correct because for the past year everything

I have been told ahead of time has come to fruition. Crossing my fingers and

toes.... :)



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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jasmine the Greyhound

Subject: Jasmine the Greyhound

In 2003,  police in Warwickshire, England, opened a garden  shed and found a whimpering, cowering dog. The  dog had been locked in the shed and abandoned.  It was dirty and malnourished, and had quite  clearly been abused.

In an act  of kindness, the police took the dog, which was  a female greyhound, to the Nuneaton Warwickshire  Wildlife Sanctuary, which is run by a man named  Geoff Grewcock, and known as a haven for animals  abandoned, orphaned, or otherwise in  need. 

Geoff and  the other sanctuary staff went to work with two  aims: to restore the dog to full health, and to  win her trust. It took several weeks, but  eventually both goals were achieved. They named  her Jasmine, and they started to think about  finding her an adoptive home. 
Jasmine,  however, had other ideas. No one quite remembers  how it came about, but Jasmine started welcoming  all animal arrivals at the sanctuary. It would  not matter if it were a puppy, a fox cub, a  rabbit or, any other lost or hurting animal.  Jasmine would just peer into the box or cage  and, when and where possible, deliver a  welcoming lick. 

  Geoff  relates one of the early incidents. "We had two  puppies that had been abandoned by a nearby  railway line. One was a Lakeland Terrier cross  and another was a Jack Russell Doberman cross.  They were tiny when they arrived at the center,  and Jasmine approached them and grabbed one by  the scruff of the neck in her mouth and put him  on the settee. Then she fetched the other one  and sat down with them, cuddling them."

"But she  is like that with all of our animals, even the  rabbits. She takes all the stress out of them,  and it helps them to not only feel close to her,  but to settle into their new surroundings. She  has done the same with the fox and badger cubs,  she licks the rabbits and guinea pigs, and even  lets the birds perch on the bridge of her  nose." 

  Jasmine,  the timid, abused, deserted waif, became the  animal sanctuary's resident surrogate mother, a  role for which she might have been born. The  list of orphaned and abandoned youngsters she  has cared for comprises five fox cubs, four  badger cubs, fifteen chicks, eight guinea pigs,  two stray puppies and fifteen rabbits - and one  roe deer fawn. Tiny Bramble, eleven weeks old,  was found semi-conscious in a field. Upon  arrival at the sanctuary, Jasmine cuddled up to  her to keep her warm, and then went into the  full foster-mum role. Jasmine the greyhound  showers Bramble the roe deer with affection, and  makes sure nothing is matted. 

  "They are  inseparable," says Geoff. "Bramble walks between  her legs, and they keep kissing each other. They  walk together round the sanctuary. It's a real  treat to see them." 

  Jasmine  will continue to care for Bramble until she is  old enough to be returned to woodland life. When  that happens, Jasmine will not be lonely. She  will be too busy showering love and affection on  the next orphan or victim of abuse. 
  Pictured  from the left are: "Toby," a stray Lakeland dog;  "Bramble," orphaned roe deer; "Buster," a stray  Jack Russell; a dumped rabbit; "Sky," an injured  barn owl; and "Jasmine," with a mother's heart  doing best what a caring mother would do... and  such is the order of God's Creation...  
Please  pass this along, and maybe make someone else's  day just a little brighter!


  1. Thank You John, This is a beautiful story!!!!

    Jasmine is God's gift and an example of His work on this earth!!

  2. This really warms the heart. Thank you for posting this. This is the kind of thing that should be playing on a 24/7 positive news channel. It'd be the only news I'd watch.

  3. A feeling of perfect oneness
    Thank you for publishing this.
    I hope you don't mind that I post this on an other place
    I will surely give the link back here where you posted it and give you the credit
    dear John~

    Love~, Light~, Peace~

  4. Terrific Story! Thank You!