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Friday, September 21, 2012

Jewel Robbins Passed Away

 I just talked to Harry a few minutes ago, and he asked me to pass this email on to everyone. Jewell had 4 heart attacks and died at 6:30 PM on Thursday according to her daughter Pam. Please keep Jewell in your thoughts and prayers. We will contact everyone on what we can do to remember and honor this great lady for all she has done for all of us. Thanks and God Bless. Jim Lucot

Hello Everyone
It is with a very sad heart that I write at this time. The lady Miss Jewell has done all she was able to do for each and every one of us. She spent most of her life trying accomplish an almost impossible task and never wavered. She was always with an encouraging word and with absolution in voice. Her life's goal was to help as many people as she could and she did that. I will always have her with me cause if it wasn't for her I would not have had the pleasure of meeting most of you. You all will always be a reminder of what one good person can do. Keep her in your hearts and her family in your love.
Here is an address that you can send your cards and condolences to:
Jewell Robbins
Pam Isaacs
2084 St. Teresa Dr.
Lexington Ky. 40502
Please pass this along to all that you know.
Love In Light


  1. May her soul rest in peace. So sad.

  2. And so, now she knows "the rest of the story" about all that she labored on behalf of in this life. May she forever abide in the fullness of the Truth where life and peace abound!

  3. OMG, Jim, are you kidding me...I can't believe this. I haven't heard anything from anyone in several months. Hellene in MI, has not even passed this message along. This is deeply saddening, I just can't believe it. My mother and Grandmother were responsible for providing Jewell with her foundation to build this case on. This is simply shocking. Spindle-Top & Texas Oil has been the biggest case in U.S. history. My Mother worked on this long before Jewell. Thank goodness I had the pleasure of meeting Jewell many times and knowing her not just as a cousin but as a hard working business woman. May she finally R.I.P. Thanks Donny

  4. I expect the loving christian family will continue the project on Jewell's behalf for those of us that have lost everything in support of this kind Lady.

  5. ding dong the witch is dead