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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

White Hats Alert - Release of White Hats Report #48 Imminent

White Hats Alert - Release of White Hats Report #48 Imminent

"This is what you have all been waiting for"

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(White Hats Report) #48 is coming so keep watch by the hour.
The enormous supporting files will be the scale of exposure you have all been long waiting for.
Get it all out to mass markets so the truth goes viral. This is what you have all been waiting for, and there is much more still to come.
This is food to provoke thought and debate. Nothing like this has been mass released before.
Watch this expand consciousness for those capable.


  1. So where the hell is it 5 weeks later??

  2. Yep, this is what we've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting ........for. Good thing we didn't hold our breath.

  3. Hellooooo any news yet??


  4. Oct 25, 2012
    30+ days long enough to write #48 I hope

  5. starting to look like they don't know much more than us

  6. Anonymous
    Oct.26, 2012
    Come on man, reports been ready for almost a month
    and a half. Why bother telling people to watch hourly
    for the report if you arent going to release it.

    1. The never ending dog and pony show. Election coming fast, We could all use some
      HOPE. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? We can handle the truth if you put it out.

  7. With this kind of delay anyone with any inkling knows that you are full of serious BS. Come on, I want to believe like any other Truther out there, that the dark cabal will fall and a great global epiphany will unfold; but folks with so-called white hats, put up or shut up already!!

  8. Well, here we are one day closer to the election. Some states voting already. I guess the question
    is are the WHITE HATS for real or a group of old people in a nursing home having a great time putting out misinformation. I guess the time has come to release the info. If you don't you might
    as well fade in to the sunset and go away. Your credability will be shot. Hope I am wrong.

  9. Have to ask the question. Do the WHITE HATS ever answer any of the questions that are asked? This
    country is so divided, we are trying to find our way out of this mess. Sure wont be the politicians
    that will solve the problems. If you arn't going to release #48 which is immenent, take down the
    web site. We are all tired if the HOPIUM, and the HYPE. Do something even if it is WRONG.

  10. Hello, is anybody out there listening? The country is going down the cesspool and THE WHITE HAT
    BOYS have this great imminent #48 update which will set the country on its heels. Well, where is it?

  11. Its sunday, time for another Poof report to kick the can down the road. Maybe Casper can add some
    fuel to the fire to make everybody scratch their head and say "WHAT" These reports seem to give a
    number of people hope, right or wrong. Where is our hope from THE WHITE HAT GUYS with there imminent
    release of report #48 with all this fantastc information? IS IT TIME YET? Please say it is so.

  12. There is undoubtedly a lot of negotiating going on in the private confines of Washington following the IMF meeting in Tokyo. It is entirely possible that they will not need to release the report if the bad guys actually pack their bags and submit their resignations. I am speculating here but it is safe to say that those who would be exposed by the release of this information are willing to offer some sort of settlement and go quietly. It is also logical to assume that these agreements and acts to actually undertake them take time. If the White Hats are willing to accept the resignations and the constitution can be reinstated without public unrest, I applaud them for their discretion. If my speculation is correct, the release of Report 48 will be the result of collapse of their negotiations. For that reason, I hope that I never have the opportunity to read it.

  13. Well, the sunday Poof report is out, without much to hang our hats on. Much is being done on the
    banking side, fine. For most of us that have been waiting 20+ years for something to happen. Not
    very encouraging. Everybody that know about the WHITE HAT GUYS, have to be asking "WHERE ARE THESE
    GUYS? Doing a radio show doesn't get it done anymore. Actions speak louder than words. Please I
    beg you on behalf of people that love this country and fought for it. Put something out before the
    election is over.

  14. Hey WHITE HAT GUYS. Is haarp ar work on the east
    coast? 8 days till election day and not a peep
    from THE BOYS.Sure hope you don't leave people
    in the dark till its too late. Things that make
    a person go HHHmmmmmm. Maybe some day.

  15. Was rally hoping a good guy would come forward
    today with some good info. Too bad, sure there
    are many that could use some good news. One week
    till the election. I guess after this much time
    waiting for IMMINENT REPORT#48 most people have
    thrown in the towel and moved on. Too many carrots been in front of all waiting patiently.

  16. As you already know, most of the e-mails you have received came from me. guess you are a place to release my frustrations. You have my
    e-mail address, it would be nice to hear from
    a real live person, thanks
    p.s. hope someone takes the time to respond.
    The clock is ticking

  17. One week to go. If he doesn't get reelected it
    would not surprise me to see rioting in major cities. then comes martial law, then we are really in serious trouble. white Hat Guys or not.
    We are waiting PATIENTLY

  18. Theresan old military term from the late 60's
    and early 70's. This whole thing is turning into a giant CLUSTER ----. One week to go, wouldn't want to rus the WHITE HAT BOYS. NO
    HURRY, Save imminent report #48 till next year. Wonder if we will still have a country?

  19. Six more days on the road. Lots of chaos out there. Wonder if the WHITE HAT BOYS are ou "TRICK OR TREATING" HELLLLLLLLOOOOO anybody home?

  20. Had really high hopes THE WHITE HAT GUYS would
    get the imminent rport #48 released. Too bad. I guess the TRICK OR TREAT is on the hopefull people
    who believed in these guys. OH well

  21. Happy Nov1, 2012. One day closer to election day and not a peep so far from the WHITE HAT GUYS with the release of IMMINENT REPORT #48.
    The day is just beginning, so guess there is still hope. Sure everybody is on the edge of their seats with great anticipation.

  22. one day closer to the election. All kinds of problems in NY, NJ, fuel shortages, no electricity. chaos is coming, is that the WHITE HATS IMMINENT REPORT #48?

  23. Seems like nobody cares about the WHITE HATS IMMINENT REPORT #48.Maybe everybody figured the system is so corrupt that without a rival in this country its only going to get worse. We have lost our way as a nation. where are the whg's?

  24. Hows it goin WHITE HAT GUYS? Hows that workin for you, sitting on the sidelines doing nothing.
    IMMINENT REPORT #48 is probablt obsolete by now.
    Tue, is coming nothing but trouble in the northeast. Bet there are some people there that could use some HOPE. Sure not going to get it from the feds. Maybe today???????????

  25. Interesting article on rumormill new about the WHG's. guess I can understand their relectance to be out in the open, fearing for their lives.
    guess I am done asking for the imminent report #48. Sounds like it may never be published. too bad. good luck to all, I'm done writing requests.

  26. Well, the countdown is on. Sounds like the election is very close. Maybe its time to not wait for man to do something. Maybe its time for Gods people to pray instead of complain. There is hope in God.

  27. One more day untill election time. Hope every american takes the time to exercise their right to vote. Just hope there isn't much corruption
    in some of the states.

  28. Good video in the meantime.. Explains a lot of what the White Hats do..

    Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program


    Patience people.. Rome wasn't built in a day..

  29. Thank you for the update on rumor mill news about White hat guys report #48. Good to hear you have not been intimidated. Look forward to hear from you in the near future.

  30. After the election, the people have spoken, Large portion want something for free from the government. I'm sure they can deliver. Hello european nations here we come. Soon we will be out of options. Would be good to hear from the WHG's

  31. Well today starts another day of our government talking alot but not doing much. Some Repubs heading for Iowa to test the waters for 2016.Its a great gij if you can get elected. Being
    a little crooked seems to help. Hello WHG's
    are you out there?

  32. Yesterday one of our most distinguished Generals bites the dust.Wonder what else is going on in DC. Maybe the WHG's have an idea. If the general public new, there would be outrage all over the country.
    We are like lambs being led to the slaughter, hope I am wrong. Maybe some day americans will wake up and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"

  33. Another week has gone by, waiting patiently. Hello WHG's

  34. What and the world is going on in DC? Its like the world is falling apart all at the same time. Chaos going on all over the world. Who is in charge of this whole mess. All kinds of problems in countries all around the world. Is there a plan for all of this happening at this time>HHhhhmmmmmm