Monday, October 22, 2012

An Open Letter to Tom Rice From Concerned Republicans in South Carolina

Questions that deserve answers from all politicians, currently in office and running for office, everywhere. Every politician that denies knowing the particulars of Agenda 21, does not deserve to apply for, run for nor win, the office they seek. 

Subj: An Open Letter to Tom Rice From Concerned Republicans in South Carolina

An Open Letter to Tom Rice From Concerned Republicans in South Carolina
October 20, 2012
Dear Mr. Rice,
Thanks for taking the time to contact us, in your letter dated October 15, 2012, about your campaign for you winning in the race for the new 7th Congressional District against Gloria Tinubu.
Unemployment is high because of socialist policies. Gas is high because of the falling value of the American dollar. Your desire to deep six the Federal Tax Code is shared by many of us in the Pee Dee area of South Carolina, but hey why stop there? We need to Audit The Federal Reserve and we need to pass the Competing Currency Bill, so America can be prosperous once again.
We don't want to see big labor bosses implementing Chicago style tactics in our state and have collectivism destroy our businesses and repel other business from coming into the state. We agree with you that government has got to get out of the way of The People and allow the American spirit of innovation and enterprise to prosper.
We share your concern that the opportunities we have had will not be available to our children, grandchildren and all posterity. As descendants of great men and women who loved Liberty, we are indebted with a duty to them to pay it forward. I am reminded of the words of John Adams in his last days: “Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present Generation to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven, that I ever took half the Pains to preserve it.”
We took a look at Gloria Tinubu and she sounds like an overt socialist.
You talked to a man who attended the Myrtle Beach Tea Party at Chapin Park (back in the summer) and you shared some of your delicious Rice “crispies” with him. He thought that was a clever twist on words and good marketing. He asked you to tell him what you knew about Agenda 21 and you told him that you did not know anything about it. He explained to you that it is the agenda that is being stealthily put into place at the City and County level all across America and that if we do not stop it, then our children will be living in a world very much like that depicted in the book and movie “The Hunger Games”. He urged you to look into it and then speak about it with The People.
In the last couple of months, you spoke (again) at the Myrtle Beach Tea Party and a nice, young, fair haired lady stood up and asked you if you knew about Agenda 21 and you told her that you did not know anything about Agenda 21She asked you to please look into it and get back to The People about it and offered some information on the subject.
Mr. Rice, have you looked into Agenda 21, yet
In your letter, you mentioned the need for “a leader in Washington” and speaking of “leaders”, perhaps we were all inculcated with the idea of following a leader by the one eyed idiot box that gave us our “Regularly Scheduled Programming”. Perhaps you can remember the cartoon where the alien comes out of the space ship and tells the familiar cartoon character (Bugs Bunny?) to “Take me to your leader”. Remember the game “follow the leader”?
Leaders bespeak collectivism and collectivism bespeaks totalitarianism from a socialist/communist/fascist slant. Collectivism is the opposite of Individualism.
And Individualism is Americanism.
Most “leaders” are working for tyranny, while masquerading as leaders. Most leaders are either wolves preparing to dine on sheep, or Judas Goats leading sheep into the pens to be fleeced or worse.
We don't need, or want, a leader. We can lead ourselves, thank you very much. And if you insist on trying to “lead” us, we are more than likely to want to shun you..
True leaders, lead by example; first and foremost by submitting to the Constitution and secondly, by submitting to The Will of The People.
True leaders do Not submit to the globalist traitors at the Council On Foreign Relations; True leaders do Not submit to The Republican or Democratic Party; True leaders do Not submit to the lobbyist pimps from “K” St. ; and True leaders do Not submit the “think tanks” or NGOs. True leaders protect their “constituents” from being dominated by the aforementioned entities.
True leaders honor, protect and defend The Constitution. What kind of leadership are you offering us Mr. Rice?
Lower taxes and calling yourself a conservative are a good start, but We The People deserve better than that alone.
Gloria Tinubu gets and “F” from us.
A good number of people in the Pee Dee are dismayed to realize that a Chairman of the Horry County Council does not know what Agenda 21 isWe have concerns in your not being willing to actually do some due diligence on Agenda 21You have been asked (at least twice) about it, you deny knowing anything about it and seem disinterested in learning about it. It suggests, to us, that you do not care.
So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” Revelation 3:16, Geneva Bible
That is not good, for it suggests to us that you are not as interested in the future for our grandchildren as you indicate in your letter. It suggests to us that you will be a “Yes Man” to the CFR, the “Think Tanks” “The NGOs” and “The Party”, at the expense of the Prosperity and Liberty of The People. We are more interested in your actions and inactions, than we are in your rhetoric.
Unfortunately, we can only give you a “D” Mr. Rice. We wish we could give you a better grade, but we can't and we won't, unless you show us; SHOW us that you are serious about being a true Representative and will read and study and take to heart the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and will submit only to the Constitution and to your Constitutients. Make me a believer! Make us all believers!
Mr. Rice, we want you to be the very best Congressman. We really do, for the sake of America, for the sake of Posterity, we sincerely do. We all do. No doubt, you will have no problem overcoming Ms.Tinubu in the election. We just wish we had a better choice to choose from than we do. Just remember this quote from Mark Twain; “Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing often and for the same reason.”
Mr. Rice, history will record what we do today. Will we save America while we still can? Or will we re-arrange the furniture on a sinking ship? Some of us are not young, but we feel for the young people and we would like to leave our children and our children's children an America of Freedom and Liberty with Constitutional Law and specifically a Bill of Rights that protects their God given rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Imagine a time in the future, when we have all passed on from this world (say fifty or sixty years from today) and looking back on this time now. Will Posterity judge us for what we do today and for what we don't do today? Will our descendants pay homage to us for acting wisely to protect them from Agenda 21, by bringing flowers to our place of bodily rest, or will they curse our memories and our deeds for being too preoccupied with other things, while we could have saved America for them?Will they bring sledge hammers and wrecking balls to tear down the monuments and edifices and desecrate the graves of those who did not have the forward vision to oppose Agenda 21 and the encroachment of tyranny on their Freedoms?
Will you stand up for The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, Mr. Rice? Will you stand against Agenda 21, Mr. Rice? Will you stand up for We The People, Mr. Rice? Or will it be poly-tics as usual? Please let us know in the final days before the election, so we can vote accordingly.
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  1. It is a dangerous thing for any State, County, or City Representative of the people to be ignorant of what Agenda 21 proposes to do to change the landscape of America and the world! I would highly recommend that everyone watch "Agenda 21 For Dummies" a 9:31 Youtube Video - If you don't know what the plans are, you will easily be bought off by nwo interests and will willingly sell us out, sell our cities, homes, lands, and counties out to the nwo and their evil goals, which in the end are total depopulation of the planet and the end of mankind on earth. God gave MAN dominion over the earth and every living thing on the earth, NOT the DRACO REPTILIANS from some other galaxy.

  2. Tinubu is far better for the district than empty-suit Tom. You can't trust Tom Rice: