Sunday, April 28, 2013

A call to action for all patriots!

Here is something to ponder, but not for too long as time is running out!
 A call to action for all patriots!

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Americans – Do we need a new political party?
By Paul E. Vallely, M/Gen., US Army (Ret.) and,
Charles E. Jones, B/Gen., USAF, (Ret.)

 If you care about The Constitution, The Republic, Your Safety, National Security, Freedom’s and your children’s future please read about Problem Solving for the many grave crises "We The People" are facing in America right now; today. Then stop and think about what can be accomplished if everyone – "We The People" – band together peacefully and work the solution to preserve this once greatest nation on planet Earth. Everyone needs to take action – get involved – vote – to make the solution happen, especially for our children’s safety and future prosperity.
times have changed and if America and the Constitution are to be preserved, doing so must become every citizen’s first thoughts, actions and responsibility. As such a new "America First" mindset and political thrust will be required from each American, separate yet combined; therefore a few problem-solvers from "STAND UP AMERICA US" have decided it may take a new political party with "America First" mindsets.
We must reverse the course of destruction. The destructive activities affecting our economy, the job killing initiatives, middle class disintegration, National Security and family safety/integrity lapses, along with gun control and amnesty attempts from self-serving, greedy, failed leadership – "destructions" – separately yet combined, now gravely facing "We The (non-elected and non-appointed) People" of America. A probable solution can be a new and dynamic Party, and we want to know if you agree. Therefore we propose some or all of the following and request your input in our survey.
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Americans Party,
 singular in name, yet basically requires banding together by We The People in order to preserve The Constitution, the Republic and the freedoms so bequeathed by our maker upon us and recognized by America’s forefathers and mothers, to be protected for all future generations.
We The People must have a government that has foremost in thought and action, the well being of the citizens (sovereigns), their safety and National Security so as to become completely open, totally visible, and without questions. Truth and trust must prevail.
Stand Up America US Copyright 2013, all rights reserved. P.O. Box 1596, Bigfork, MT 59911
We The People will not be ruled, and self serving, greedy, failed leadership is no longer an option. A deep look being taken by a few legal citizens who care deeply has prompted suggested solutions as outlined below.
If these legitimate key issues don’t get voter attention from both parties I don’t know what would.
Most additional matters and issues are considered wedge issues and belong within the several States.
The Constitution The Constitution for the United STATES as originally Established and Amended will remain in absolute and total effect. The Original XIII Amendment as written and ratified is an operational Amendment and will be adhered to immediately. (The Original XIIIth Amendment was falsely hidden by less than honorable self-serving men of the times.) All Laws requiring Executive action will be faithfully executed upon receipt from Congress to and by the President and the appropriate Department’s and Selected Agency’s of Government.
The US Military The United States Military will in no way be used against United States Citizens. To do so will trigger
expeditious Congressional or Judicial actions to immediately remove anyone exercising such UN-constitutional order’s from elected or appointed office. A strong Total Force Military Deterrent will be maintained at all times including a Nuclear Capability to win if Deterrence fails. America will not be placed at risk by disarming in any manner.
The Congress It must be understood that Congress shall make all laws necessary for carrying into execution the Powers authorized in the Constitution and that all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives. Constant Congressional leadership oversight will be maintained at all times.
The illegal alien invasion All Secure Borders, Immigration and Invasion Laws will be executed by the President and the Executive Branch with absolutely no deviations authorized except through laws authorized by Congress. There will be no money appropriated and authorized for any illegal alien invader except for absolute life threatening emergency room care pending deportation. Anyone hiring illegal aliens for any and all types of work or disbursing federal or state funds of any type will be incarcerated for doing so. (American jobs must be reserved for returning discharged military personal, citizens and part time high-school students and retired elderly).
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Stand Up America US Copyright 2013, all rights reserved. P.O. Box 1596, Bigfork, MT 59911
When US employers cannot locate citizen workers, Immigrant Work Permits will be issued to fill job requirements when fully justified. Also employer Impact Fees will be paid to local school systems and local hospital emergency rooms for every Immigrant Worker employed and accompanied family member.
Coin and issue currency The US Treasury under the laws established by the Congress shall become the only government Department or Agency authorized to coin and or issue currency in accordance with the Constitution.
Strong National Defense A Strong National Defense of trained Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Forces equipped with proper fighting equipment and led with America First Leadership in both the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government will be maintained for protection of "We The People" and the preservation of the Constitution and the Republic.
Zero interest National Debt and no income Tax Zero interest National Debt will be established and maintained and all income tax laws plus the IRS will be abolished. A minimum National Sales Tax Law will be established to meet an annual Budget that can be raised to a maximum of 3 percent annually if justified by a GDP growth of 3 percent annually. US Treasury Green Back currency will be the only currency (money) recognized and authorized by the United States Government. A limited time period will be established to trade one for one, authentic, Fed Res notes for Greenback treasury notes. (Manufacturing will move back to this country, jobs will quickly rebound, the economy will be greatly stimulated and America will
flourish like never before).
The Department of Education
The Department of Education will be abolished and educational responsibilities as well as funding will be returned to each respective state, territories and the District of Columbia.
The Department of Energy The Department of Energy will be abolished and some greatly reduced functions will be merged into the Departments of Defense and Interior.
FEMA and DHS planning The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will be merged into The Department of Homeland Security and the Name will then be changed and become known as The Department of Security and Emergency. (Both functions have grown far beyond the intentions of reasonable and necessary budgeting, manpower, facilities and leadership control). Overall manning will be greatly reduced and all weapons, vehicles and ammunition of a military nature will be immediately transferred to the Dept. of Defense. Facilities that are UN-necessary will be closed and transferred to local governments.
Dispersed Departments and Agencies Several Departments and Agencies will be dispersed (moved) from inside Washington DC into
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the interior for cost effective and dispersed long term security reasons. More diversified recruiting and hiring of high quality civilian personnel will be put into effect. (Rust-belt areas of high unemployment in the mid-west and other locations of far greater physical expansion capability will be given priority considerations for these moves). Relieving over crowded facilities and parking inside the Wash DC beltway has become a must consideration for this effective movement of Federal Government functions.
Perks and other costly US Government benefits Perks and benefit’s given to many government employees, elected, appointed and civil service will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary in keeping with good management and cost effective practices of a taxpayer paid government. (All limousines for transportation to and from the work place and other such perks provided at great taxpayer expense will be sold and drivers transferred to other appropriate jobs. All taxpayer funded Government travel will be greatly reduced to absolute necessity).
Executive Branch Union Support The Executive order that allows unions to exist and do collective bargaining in any and all tax payer funded government jobs will be rescinded.
A Government Corporation All reference to recognition and or operation of a Government Corporation inside the District of Columbia, so far hidden from the Sovereigns (We The People) will have absolutely no effect nor affect to the workings of The Constitution for the The United States of America, The Three Branches of Fed. Govt., "We The People’s" Sovereignty, their (our) wealth and property nor any
matter or issue to coin money and issue treasury currency, or any such matter to the contrary.
Governmental/Constitutional Powers
The Power to make Laws and all other Powers vested by the Constitution as ordained and established by "We The People" in The Constitution for the United States for America also has Constitutional limitations and that must be recognized by all Three Branches of Federal Government. Any signature in making these Laws not in accordance with The Constitution will immediately cause any or all Laws so signed to immediately become null and void. Any person or persons elected or appointed who have or are now ignoring or dismissing Constitutional responsibilities of responding to the people’s rights for a redress of grievances or to peacefully assemble will be immediately relieved of all duties and responsibilities until their "alleged" unconstitutional actions can be heard and proper response is forthcoming from an already or previously formed Grand Jury. Indictments will be tried by the appropriate jury. The People must be able to have faith that all Branches of Federal Government are in being for their protection and well being and not have to hope that The United States Military is their only possible defense against tyranny.
"A Constitutional Sheriff and Gun Control Policy" It will be the understanding and policy of this party to recognize each County Sheriff as the
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Elected Senior Law Enforcement Officer in each respective County and that a well regulated militia, if formed, will be responsive to his Constitutional oath and requirements for the security of a free state. The right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and will be protected by all Three Branches of Government as well as alert County Sheriffs.
Education, Kindergarten through Grade 12 for citizen school children Education is a fundamental right for American citizen school children and a responsibility of county and city taxpayers to insure funding for that right. Citizen school children in far too many public schools have been denied that fundamental right to an education due to handicaps in class room and interference caused by countless non English speaking children plus overcrowding and scarce tax dollars used to accommodate illegal alien school children. Some schools have over 30% illegal alien non English speaking attendance in class rooms and schools in South Western States. Their graduation rate is also far below national standards, with class room grades in the bottom of the 50 state standings. This total lack of leadership is unfair to American citizen school children and taxpayers. The political illegal alien invasion of the United States is the root socioeconomic crises, cause. Both Congress lack of effective leadership and the Executive Branch has not taken care that the laws be faithfully executed in dealing with serious national problems has resulted in an influx of
uncountable millions of illegal aliens across our borders creating a grave socioeconomic dilemma that has not yet been fully assessed nor adequately addressed by
the elected. Why? Because it seems the partisan political branches of government have failed to do so for self serving and greedy political party reasons. It will be an objective of a New Americans Party if formed to re-visit the 5 to 4 decision by the Burger Supreme Court that allowed all who chose to do so to attend any American public school. Even some who cross daily from Mexico to attend public schools in America? (With great wisdom and common sense Chief Justice Burger wrote the very logical dissenting opinion.) American school children’s education and very scarce taxpayer dollars should no longer be sacrificed for political party expediency for votes and campaign cash – in a quest for partisan rule of America.
PPACA (Obamacare) – The partisan Democrat sponsored Affordable Health Care Plan not yet fully implemented will be repealed completely and pre 2009 Medicare and Medicaid Programs will be fully reconstituted as was originally in effect. There will be no reductions or changes to the existing Social Security System.
General Policy; It will be the policy and practice for the AMERICANS PARTY to select and name the following candidates at least two years prior to the next General Election in 2016. This shall effect the following offices:
1. President of the United States;
2. Vice President of the United States;
3. Members for the House of Representatives in each State Congressional District;
Please email thoughts, ideas, and comments to:
Stand Up America US Copyright 2013, all rights reserved. P.O. Box 1596, Bigfork, MT 59911
4. Members for the Senate in each State.
5. The names are to be submitted for each Cabinet and Selected Agency appointment.
This procedure will allow the American people to get to know the Candidates well plus the party policies that will compete for the elected leadership of the Executive and Legislative Branches of Federal Government. It will also give the voting public a reasonable understanding of the type nominations for The Supreme Court of the United States to be made as vacancies occur.

; These issues as written above are the foundation, platform and policies of a potential Americans Party that will be placed in effect if and when elected to the Legislative and Executive Branches of Federal Government.
Paul E. Vallely
, Major General, US Army (RET),
Chairman Stand Up America US,
Chairman of "The Americans" Project
Charles E. Jones
, Brigadier General, USAF, (RET),
Member Stand Up America US Kitchen Cabinet,
Coordinator of "The Americans" Project

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Anonymous said...

I am ready to join the
American Party today!
Sounds like the Winner! Let's take back the Republic of America and save our country from tyranny. We love America!

Anonymous said...

I hope this covers all assaults such as flouride in the water: Gmo's/Monsanto abolishment; chemtrails; TSA abolishment such a freedom of travel; Homeland Security has no jurisdiction in any state; and anyone behind these atrocities needs to be punished severely. PLease do not forget these important issues because they need to be stopped immediately!

Anonymous said...

Their was no mention of court systems with lawyers and judges who have given up their citizenship and pledge allegiance to the queen of England yet they illegally rule, incarcerate, steal money, and rape the American people, we must go back to Common Law for all American Sovereigns and abolish this anti-American court system which is nothing more than a private corporation and many of us know it is...the police work for this private corporation and the un-American Insurance companies...lets clean up everything and also abolish the fake Credit Bureaus so Americans can live freely again

Anonymous said...

Please can we get it done now asap , the people need the help let's move !!!!!!!