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     It is obvious that one or more federal intelligence operatives under orders of Obama have been assigned to try and find some way to intimidate me so I will drop my drive for passage of the Omni Law and then reestablishment of my father's Vatican endorsed food process which I want to set up as a giant world food industry for America to create millions of new jobs for America and boom the American economy for the American people. So Obama is a total gangster at heart or else such tactics would not be tried on me. 
     Years ago in military intelligence work I learned a security trick from a former I.R.A. major who had served with the I.R.A. in World War I  and shortly afterwards until finally caught by the British Army and given the choice to either leave Ireland or else be executed in Ireland. He chose to move to America where I met him many years later during the Cold War. He tried to recruit me to the I.R.A. and in the process told me the I.R.A. security trick of World War I which kept British Intelligence from ever cracking I.R.A. security back then. He had a clever tactic which I expanded into the system I call "x-raying of personality" and used against Soviet intelligence during the Cold War and in other operations. I taught some close operatives of mine how this system worked. We could pretty much read the secret thoughts of the other side making them very predictable to us what their thoughts were and what actions they would take before they acted. 
we are using this system against Obama and his federal operatives who are no longer loyal to America or the American people but committed to creating a military takeover of America and making Obama dictator of America for life which I think used to be called "high treason" under the U.S. Constitution. And I think used to be punishable by even state execution before firing squads or hanging from the neck until dead. In any case, if Obama tries to take a military takeover of America on May 1 or May 5 which seem to be two suggested dates for his latest plan of military takeover of America, I remind the U.S. military than when an occupant of the White House is no longer loyal to the U.S. Constitution, then he is no longer legally President of America and fair game for the military to arrest for high treason. Then they may  place him and associates on trial for high treason against the United States as a nation and the American people to whom the ultimate loyalty of the U.S. military is bound to whenever the leadership in Wash., D.C. is no longer loyal to America as a nation and people. 
      If the military does not know where to turn to for military leadership if Obama tries to militarily take over America any moment now including it is suggested exploding a ring of nuclear bombs around America to panic the American people into accepting military dictatorship over America, I will agree if necessary to briefly accept the authority of military regent for America until we get the legitimate representatives back safely into positions of authority over Wash., D.C. Since besides spending eleven calendar years in military academies and a heavy background in military intelligence, I also was trained to be the equivalent of a Soviet general during the Cold War in the top secret Moscow plans for the nuclear annihilation of America. This was covered by their code name for the nuclear annihilation of America called "The Ring Of Steel." Moscow sources will recognize that I knew the correct code name for the annihilation of America. That is because I was trained by a defector from the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies who used to prepare the material in nuclear tactics for the Soviet generals to study how to annihilate America by surprise nuclear tactics they believed would catch the Pentagon unprepared to stop! If I am  military regent for America during the hour when America can be annihilated if not properly defended militarily, Moscow will behave herself and America will come out fine. I will in that case require the state legislatures promptly pass my Omni Law so we can maintain constitutional law in America and uphold the U.S. Bill of Rights as still the national law of America. I am far more interested in building my Camelot Project which will be the world headquarters for this planned world food industry for America than bothering with all the corruption, lies and cons of Washington politics. It is like an ugly whore asking if I would like to marry her. The answer is "No!" 
     I much prefer my Camelot Project which represents all that is decent and honest in Western civilization rather than the whore politics of Wash., D.C. If I am needed for America like Cincinnati was briefly needed to save ancient Rome from defeat back then, like Cincinnati, I will keep this period brief until I return to my real love in life. For Cincinnati, he much preferred farming to Roman politics. For me, my dream is building this Camelot Project which among other things will be the greatest research and development center seen in human history and give America countless new industries to create jobs for all needing it in America and greatly help in creating new jobs across the world also. Also, this will make money far more valuable in America and in nations friendly with my Camelot Project with world headquarters in America. For me to briefly give some time to get Wash., D.C. is an act of charity to help the American people out when the situation is suddenly desperate in America. I studied with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including one personally endorsed by Albert Einstein to be teaching the only true economic science in the 20th century, so let's not pretend that I do not know what the smart, sound economic answers are for America in this hour of a badly injured American economy and moving so slow at a snail pace, it is not sure if America is going forward or backwards as a national economy now. Obama is offering America just voodoo economics from darkest Africa as I symbolically call it. I know the real McCoy of sound economics and what works for a nation, not the hot air con claims of con artist politicians of Wash., D.C.
     Obama is a giant bluff in economics. He knows nothing of real or sound economics. All he ever studied in economics according to a classmate of his was Communist economics which teaches you nothing about how to run a free enterprise economy in the world. Obama is a giant ignoramus in economics. Let's ask him a few questions that he would be very scared to answer as it would show him incredibly ignorant in economics and engineering. By the way, I studied with an engineering school many years ago and was allowed to take one week's worth of engineering studies each day and kept an A average while doing this! Let Obama tell us why his proposed Carbon Tax isl not going to bankrupt America if America allows him to set up this moron level idea in America? And why would this Carbon Tax policy potentially collapse all agriculture on earth and suddenly kill off all mankind on earth with the collapse of all farms on earth by Obama created world famine?
Con artist Obama never told you that Herbert Hoover, President of America, successfully solved the Oil Crisis for America long before it ever occurred. If we wanted to, we could even sell gasoline in America cheaply as $1 to a maximum of $2 a gallon and not need any oil from the Middle East for production of gasoline. In fact, America could replace the Middle East for much to most of world production of gasoline if America wanted to. Under corrupt leaders like Obama, you are never supposed to know about this as you the American people are mass crushed under suffocating gas prices in America. And knowing engineering which Obama apparently knows zero about, there is no pollution threat to the atmosphere if we allow high gas mileage in America which secret Washington policy has been to keep and maintain low gas mileage in America. The moment the Omni Law is passed, the energy crisis of America is over as it was deliberately created by secret Washington policy of very corrupt national leaders.
     If my Camelot Project is soon operational in America, we potentially have the answer of technology to keep the economy of China from mass killing off the Chinese people. Environmental control is justified when keeping the air breathable and fresh. As for "Global Warming," that is a con of the Communists in Wash., D.C. and other nations to put the whole world under a socialist one world government. Chinese health is starting to collapse due to the heavy polluted air put out by her industries. 
     I do not say what the people expect me to, but the right answers based upon the truth that has often been censored from the American people by corrupt news sources in America. I hate to threaten Putin of Russia. He is trying to advance the best interests of Russia against a lunatic Wash., D.C. under Obama and other nutcases running Wash., D.C. I only threaten him if required because he opposing Wash., D.C. planned "One World Government," ends up threatening America and I will defend America from defeat and not allow America to be defeated. Putin, "cool it" in Russia and after the Omni Law is passed in America, I want America and Russia to become genuine friends. Then Russia and potentially a rejoined Ukraine can become a major part of the world system to raise the right kind of wheat and maybe more for my father's Vatican endorsed food process for this planned world food industry. I respect the Russian people and always have. That is why in the Cold War, I tripped up Communist plans for world conquest but never tried to hurt the people of Russia. I never wanted the American people to be hurt, but neither did I want the Russian people to be brutally hurt or destroyed in the Cold War. I used military intelligence tactics for peace, not war, in the world! 
     As Wash., D.C. genocide policy threatens the survival of all nations on earth, all nations have the legal right under international law to financially back my father's Vatican endorsed food process in order to insure the survival of their own race and nation on earth. I give Americans first option, but starting today, I begin the policy of accepting foreign financial support through my 10% royalty offer based upon loan money if Americans do not cover the entire $100 million goal in time. My two "April Reports" cover this loan angle I am referring to. I will attach this report to the two "April Reports" and start submitting to both American and foreign sources I think might potentially be interested in joining my loan program so this world food industry can be established as fast as possible for the protection and continued survival of the whole human race on earth badly threatened by Wash., D.C. policy at this time. It is obvious that when Wash., D.C. will not even return the $525,000 they stole from me in apparently January, 2004 according to a fourth witness to this federal theft from back then, then Wash., D.C. in fierce determination to suppress this Vatican endorsed food process at all costs is prepared to kill off even 300 million Americans and all other races in earth rarther than return any of the federally stolen money back to me as their way of trying to kill off nearly all of mankind on earth. I said before and repeat that utter lunatics run Wash., D.C. today and not sane or sound national leaders. When the UN investigates Wash., D.C. for worldwide genocide policy,even the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. cannot stop the UN member nations from demanding investigation and the continued refusal to return even the small $525,000 federally stolen money back to me may land Obama and other accomplices before the Court at the Hague facing world charges for attempted genocide conspiracy to kill off the entire human race on earth. The pressure is building on the White House to try and calm this situation down as even Obama may soon be on trial for his life and all co-conspirators with him from Wash., D.C. for genocide conspiracy to kill off the entire human race on earth.
     If Obama is willing to murder me to stop the reestablishment of my father's Vatican endorsed food process in America and willing to murder my wife, son,daughter, grandfather or grandmother, etc., then he is so gangster in heart, that he would also be willing to murder the entire human race being an utter lunatic and hate filled leader in the White House. American people, do you trust a leader in the White House willing to murder your husband, your wife, your son, your daughter, your grandparents, etc. in order to murder most to all of the human race on earth? Why do you support such a gangster in the White House?
      I am adding this to my two "April Reports" and asking state legislatures to start passing all over America my proposed "Omni Law" which the White House is so afraid of, they have already threatened me with murder a few days ago and threatened with murder anyone close to me as of this last Saturday! My "x-raying of personality" system can also be used to flush out the real hidden character of someone so all the nation or world can see this person for what he or she really is in character minus the cons and lies they would try to cover their real character with. Obama fell for my military intelligence ambush. Now all the world can see what a monster and would-be mass murderer he would like to be if the American people and the people of the world allow him to. By the way, various legal sources investigated his claims of birth certificates and all according to legal tests are all forgeries! I also had testimony of a woman from Kenya who used her many connections in Kenya to confirm that Obama was born in Kenya and is not even a legal American citizen! I suggest he resign from the White House like Richard Nixon did and spare America much emotional anguish as his trial for being a foreign operative as the 1992 or 1993 Defense Intelligence Agency report identified him as according to a top Communist official in Moscow back then. This woman Communist official said that Obama was being trained for the world Communist cause and working for the Communist takeover of America from within by becoming President of America with secret Communist backing once he was old enough to run for the White House. Of course this was to play the "Race Card" so all Blacks would vote for him regardless of the reality that he had no qualifications for being elected President of America. Now if the Black economist in Virginia who is publicized in conservative newspapers had been running for the White House, he is a good man and I would not have minded backing him for even President of America. This is not a race issue, but a question of qualifications who is a good choice for the White House or not.         
     Pass this report on all over America and all over the world. Why should America or the world die for the sake of Obama at the White House? He is not worth ending America as a nation or the earth for the home of the human race to live on. 
     My website is   My email is   My postal address for those wanting to help finance my drive to pass the Omni Law which should pass now with the state legislatures as these murder threats on behalf of Obama have finished off his reputation with the state legislatures unless they are totally corrupt and no longer loyal to America or their own states. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and in the memo for this say for "Loan Program." As we have a plan for later repayment of loan money to pass the Omni Law and why not in 2013 as Obama has discredited his side with his murder threats he got caught with in the last several days? Send loan money to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 USA. As other nations have their survival threatened by Obama policy now, I will allow foreign support now also as they have the legal right to protect their race and nation from being annihilated by Obama policy from Wash., D.C. This is under authority of the Genocide Treaty Wash., D.C. signed as a treaty obligation under President Ronald Reagan.
     I will be sending my three now "April Reports" to billionaire sources across America and the world. I maintain the right to refuse money from any source I evaluate has any connection with foreign or domestic terrorist movements. I will not allow them to have money for later Boston style bombing attacks on America. 
      Americans, etc., use my $25 NIFI Certificates on my website to add your own loan money to that of others for fast passage of my Omni Law now and say for "Loan Program." You get a pro-rata share of 10% of national and world profits in royalty form for 30 years per the $100 million goal as described in the "Two April Reports."
     Also, those on my loan program list get first right to distributorships domestically and worldwide on this Vatican endorsed food process once we start manufacturing and shipment to national and world markets. Also, this gives you a chance to be on our list to be offered a potential chance to later live at our Camelot Project we plan in America which will likely be the prettiest spot on earth to live at and fabulous in ways you could never imagine before. If some billionaire source beats you to the punch, sorry, but you can no longer get on this loan list which opens so many doors of opportunity and blessing for you!
     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for the one who calls himself a Christian and not ashamed to be a Christian leader in America. As Jesus said, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and then all these other things shall be added unto you!)

P.S. Since there are strong rumors that the power elite secretly running Wash., D.C. want to confiscate the bank accounts of America or else make American money suddenly worthless at the time of an RV of foreign currencies, this is my legal reaction if I am suddenly in charge of legal authority either through the military making me briefly the military regent of America or else the Omni Law is suddenly passed in America. Those responsible in Wash., D.C. will all be arrested for high treason including Obama in the White House if involved or behind this. They will promptly be put on trial for high treason and if found guilty by the national tribunal judging them, I will ask for the legal sentence of execution of them for high treason and if the national tribunal agrees which basically acts like the American version of the Nuremberg War Trials which started with the conclusion of World War II, then they will be executed by firing squads or else hanging from the gallows whatever the national tribunal is correct to show the contempt of the American people for trying to bankrupt all the American people overnight and bankrupt America as a nation. As for bankers involved, I will act like the Wrath of God and call for their arrest and placed on trial for high treason against America. Any foreign sources behind this I will call for their international arrest for an act of total war against America and have the military bring them to America for trial and if found guilty, I will see them hang or shot for trying to bankrupt all the American people and bankrupt America as a nation. All their assets worldswide I wanted confiscated and turned over to America to repair any damage done to the American economy. And if bankers are involved widespread abroad, I will have them hunted down and arrested like Nazi war criminals and we will confiscate all their worldly holdings and likely hang them if the national tribunal judges agree that this is the correct legal judgment for this act of total war to try and wipe out America as a nation and people on earth.
      My name at birth means in Hebrew "God's Judge" or "The Judgment Of God!" In Old Testament days, they believed that names prophesied the future of the person with that name. In any case, would-be conspirators to destroy America, don't mess with me! I am your worst nightmare become reality in law, etc. if you provoke me to arise in wrath against you and show you what the American people can do to you if you try to destroy America and wipe out the American people by attempted engineered national bankruptcy.        
      By the way, folks. I learned too much with the six brilliant economists of America and Europe. I may be forced to use some power tactics in national economics, but I will get the economy fast moving and booming again like this conspiracy of mass bankruptcy against America never happened. I try never to lose my temper because once I lose my temper, I can be like the Wrath of God against those I think deserve it! Enough said. American folks! Pass this report all over America and abroad. Our conspirators to bankrupt America are going to cool their heels and not try this on you unless they think they detect weakness in you so they can do this and get away with it! Back me and they won't dare try this attempted engineered bankruptcy of America and all the American people!

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Erasmus: What STEPS are you taking to get this OMNI LAW passed in Congress? What congressman is presenting this law for passage? What is the HR number or the SB number?

If NOTHING is being done in congress, why go on and on about PASSING a law? None of "us" are able to do it!