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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Feds start emergency phone alert system, want it or not

Feds start emergency phone alert system, want it or not
Posted By: AndiV
Date: Tuesday, 30-Apr-2013 13:05:50
Thousands in Washington state were jarred awake at 3 am due to technology embedded in newer phones to send Amber Alerts. This technology will also be used to send FEMA alerts, which I would assume includes terrorist threat announcements- according to the story -
"The wireless emergency alert system was launched in January of this year by the feds. Besides amber alerts citizens will get natural disaster threat notifications and important presidential messages.
Cellphone customers can opt out of getting amber alerts or the natural disaster notifications but they cannot avoid important presidential messages."



  1. Winston, face the telescreen.


  2. Stay tuned for an important message from Big Brother!

    Chocolate rations will increase by twenty percent.

    All hail Big Brother!

  3. "...but they cannot avoid important presidential messages."

    Ha!!! Watch us.

  4. Take the battery out of the phone at night. Let them try to operate your phone without its power source. Not gonna happen.

  5. You are very naive to think that you can defeat tyranny by workling around it.

    They will never allow you to take out the battery.

    When will you Americans ever learn.

  6. Sure you will, you'll remove the battery from your phone just like you removed the battery from your smoke detector every night when they still had batteries. NOT!

    Maybe you're thinking that you will hide your phone in a lead box. Not when you understand that you're making it easier for them to see where you are not hiding your phone.

    You talk big, but in this case you will fold to Big Brother.