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Thursday, June 27, 2013


                                       AMERICA’S  HOPE





        There is the old story of the man who heard the radio and TV announce that bad weather threatened the area with probable mass flooding. And suggested going to higher ground while you could. Now Good Christian Joe ignored this warning over the local news as he said to himself, "The Lord will take care of me. I don't have to worry about this!" He stayed at his house at the bottom of the valley. Later a police car came by his house and told him that he needed to move to higher ground because a pending mass flooding was threatened for the area. He thanked them but told them that he was not worried because the Lord would take care of him. Soon the floods start coming. His first floor was filling up. He had to go to the second floor and after a while a boat came close to his window and offered him a lift out of his house to higher ground. He thanked them but said he would stay as the Lord would take care of him. They went on. The waters got higher. He had to go up to his roof and stay there. A helicopter came by and from the sky a rope ladder came down to him. They invited him to climb up to the helicopter on the rope ladder. He thanked them but declined saying that the Lord would take care of him. They flew away. Later the flood waters rose more and he drowned in the flood water. Soon he appeared before the Lord and asked the Lord, "Lord, I trusted you. Why didn't you rescue me? The Lord replied, "Son, I tried again and again to rescue you, but you refused my help. I sent you the warning over the local radio and TV of the pending flooding, but you ignored my warning to you. I sent the local police car to warn you and give you a lift to higher ground. You ignored my warning through the police car and refused my offer that you could ride their police car to safety at higher ground. You were stubborn not listening to my warnings sent to you and offers of help to get you to safe higher ground. Next I sent the boat to rescue you, but again you refused their warning and offer of help to get you to safe higher ground I had sent to you. Finally on the roof I sent the helicopter to fly you to safety. You ignored my final attempt to warn you and take you to safety. You drowned because you were stubborn and refused to listen to all my warnings sent to you to flee while your could. And you refused my several offers to give you a lift to safety so you could live and not end up drowning in the flood waters. You call me Lord, yet never used any of the common sense I gave to you and so did not listen to my servants I sent to warn and save you. You killed yourself because you wanted to be rescued by only your terms, not My terms I offered to rescue you.  If you had wanted to be saved in your life on earth, then you were supposed to listen to my servants warning you of pending disaster and death and telling how I had arranged to save your life on earth." 
     Warnings are going out from credible sources that American currency may soon be devalued by 20%. This is not funny if true. I remember in my economic studies reading the accounts of Germans who shortly after World War I could buy a loaf of German bread for maybe 2 to 4 German marks. Hyper-inflation hit and prices rose so fast at times that a grocery store would change its prices on food more than once on some days. Before it was over, a German needed a wheelbarrow of German marks maybe 1 million to 4 million marks to buy a loaf of bread. I don't want Americans to go through hell like this was for the German people then. You are heading that way if you do not get the upper hand over Washington policy. You did not know how to unite against evil leaders that were put into power over you in Wash., D.C. They have their secret agendas how to cut the throat of the American people and America as a nation. They have initiative. You have none. They have the money to make things politically happen in America the way they want it to. You don't have any pool of money in America to counter their moves with moves of your own so America does not collapse into a Third World Nation like they intend for America. And once they have America down, they don't plan to ever let America get back on its feet which also means that you the American people never get back on your feet as the power elite behind the scenes engineering all this do not care about you the American people. You are an abstraction to them, numbers with no faces, and you only exist to serve their interests, not your own once they make you the poor peons of a Third World America down and out for the count! By the way, they have hired leaders in Wash., D.C. working for them. You have none or close to none in Wash., D.C. Those who would like to be on your side are forced into cowardly roles because the news media is owned by your enemies and will smear those who stand for you instead of the power elite who are pulling all the strings to the events you are facing now.   
     I studied with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including a German economist who when young had served in the German Kaiser Army in World War I and was later endorsed by Albert Einstein to be teaching the only true economic science in the 20th Century. I studied economic science which was too honest and brilliant and stepped on the toes of the power elite in America and Europe. That is why they did not want this taught in colleges and universities controlled by the power elite behind the scenes. Basically I know how to set up super high powered free enterprise which would make America colossally prosperous and you the American people living in great economic security and good times rather than facing pending economic disaster or collapse of America as a nation. 
     If Americans can learn to stand together, you can stop your hidden enemies in Wash., D.C. from destroying America as they plan to do. If you back smart plans of mine, then I don't need to try and make deals with rich sources to obtain the money needed to give victory to your side, the side of the American people in America. The Christians do not understand strategy and tactics. I produced a report of "Miracles of God" which is overwhelming and the enemies of Christianity cannot answer it. If the Christians took it and every Christian sent out ten or more copies of this by email or even the older regular mail of the U.S. Postal Service, in a short time Christianity and belief in God would have the upper hand in America and court decisions in America would be pro-Christian instead of Antichrist. The news media trapped by public opinion would have to begin supporting the Christian and American values that America was founded upon in 1776. The politicians would find the Christians now too influential politically and Wash., D.C. would have to put out pro-Christian laws and policies instead of laws and policies aimed to destroy Christianity in America as soon as the Christians are weak enough so they can stop nothing done by their enemies in America.  
      I put up a good fight for American and Christian values on a tight national budget. As friends of mine have commented, I am very sharp at using money politically, etc. Give me any decent size political fund and I will likely tear the other side to pieces as I know where they are weak, not strong. 
     I guess I have heard two or more people comment that if 1 million people backed me with $10, that is $10 million and I would tear the other side to pieces with this size fund. Or if 10 million people backed me with $10, that would be $100 million and I would storm Wash., D.C. with that. Who cannot afford $10 to save their own future for themselves? That is a lot cheaper than losing your savings in banks, etc., losing your investments in stocks and pension funds. That is a lot cheaper than losing any good-paying job or else even having a job at all. That is a lot cheaper than living in rundown cities or ghost town cities in a Third World America  of the soon future if not careful. You haven't lost the future of America yet, but you are close to losing your future and maybe never arising to be a serious nation in the world again if you let the wrecking crew in Wash., D.C. finish their job of ruining America forever. Your enemies have not won yet, but are very close to winning and ruining America forever. You do not at this stage know how to win. All evidence indicates that they will win and ruin America forever. However, they can be stopped and defeated if you back my national drive. We know how to defeat them and will with your backing.
     On my national website, we have set up a $10 "America's Hope" button under the book offer so  you can help us to put up a powerful fight to give America a future and stop the other side before America is ruined forever. If the funds are there, we will put up a powerful national fight in the newspapers and other ways until we win which I judge we can as our aces are so powerful we can play once the timing is right to use them. The other side plans swift moves to ruin America forever. That means we have no time to waste and need to be in position for our national campaign even within weeks or even within days if you supply us the hand to win with now. Or if you want, send support for our "America's Hope" campaign by mail to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 and make checks, etc. out to NIFI and include notice for "America's Hope." All we are doing is pooling our $10 or more from each of the people backing this so we become mighty by joining together to save America from pending collapse as warned by many credible sources and to give America a bright future instead of becoming a Third World Nation as predicted by increasing numbers of so-called "experts."
     Our national website is   
     Our email is 
     You know with the current U.S. Supreme Court decisions and federal policies Obama is trying to set up now for America, that America is lost as a nation if we don't stand up now!
      Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the one calling us to national unity now to save America and lifting up the standard of hope to rally around!)


  1. Third world country is very possible provided good men in America do nothing? The suggestion from Erasmus suggests there are no good men in our military or our civilian population. America's problem is treason plain and simple. Example of this treason is CONGRESS as a collective being hell bent on the destruction of America. Under sequestration the Senate votes to spend 6 TRILLION dollars on immigration. Americans as a collective must rise up and unsheathe the double edged sword as Ed Snowden has done. From history we know that when they come for our protection of the 2nd Amendment that their next move is to kill us. Under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy tyrrany has reached our land and is FULL BLOOM. Technically America has been in a civil war declared by our CONgress when American soil was declared a battleground. The question of the day! Will Americans unsheathe their doubled edged sword in a collective manner to prevent a violent civil war? From my perspective the support for Hudes and Snowden from people on the global scale is enlightening. One last example of how Europeans are much more dilligent in recognizing the tools being used by the elite to HARM it's own people. SMART METERS! Today in America these harmful meters are being installed at gunpoint. In Italy those meters have been totally banned. In the UK they STOPPED installation of the meters for 1 year until testing can be done. It proves that Europeans use their double edged sword collectively. Americans should heed that example! God Bless America!

    1. I don't believe Erasmus suggested that there are no good men in our military or our civilian population. He just used a quote by Sir Edmund Burke that suggested that all that is needed for the triumph of evil is for the good men to do nothing. The good men must gather together in an alliance to beat the evil. Always glad to hear that there are still good men, that are not bought off and given a ticket to the "underground" to help destroy America right in front of American's eyes.