God Sends Tornado(s) To District of Criminals, Chops down Babylon's Tree

If you want to find the information previously on the header, it is here, for a couple days while God smashes on Babylon the Great, dividing God's Lambs from Satan's Goats, dividing the nations from each other which were secretly bound together into ONE World Government, called, THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, and thus God is dividing the Wheat from the Tares, because it is HARVEST TIME.

Monday, June 24, 2013




     HAVE YOU HEARD THE STORY HOW MIAMI BEACH RESORT WAS BORN? You had a beach area in Florida with lots of sand dunes and nothing else there. Some visionaries in real estate came there and obsessed with their dream of building a beautiful seaside resort area there went to work! They had artists draw up pictures of beautiful resort hotels by the sandy beaches of Miami Beach. They had the pictures as posters stand by marked off lots of land across Miami Beach. Their customers caught the vision, the dream, they saw with this land and as they built on their property at Miami Beach, they made the dream become a reality and MIAMI BEACH, THE GREAT RESORT AREA OF FLORIDA WAS BORN INTO REALITY!
     Walt Disney was a dreamer, a visionary, but his dreams and visions were based upon what could be done in reality. He saw in his mind this beautiful Disney World to be built in the Orlando, Florida area. He made secret moves to quietly pick up the land he wanted for this dream, this vision, he was going to call Disney World. And once he picked up the miles of land he was going to build this Disney World on, impatient to see his dream become reality, he hired many contractors instead of one to do different sections of this dream land he was creating, and an assembled Disney World rapidly arose from the wilderness into a tourist marvel people from all over America and the world would love to come to and spend their vacations at along with their families.
      I have this vision, this dream, I see of a giant Camelot community. This would be the finest research and development center ever built in human history. But starting with this idea, it grew to where it is now a latter-day Camelot giant in size with a huge population to it, enough wonders to it to take days to see, a tremendous shopping center to it with very attractive shops and restaurants to it Camelot theme but could have modern electrical products, fine gifts from all over the world, restaurants with fine food American and from all over the world, and fascinating themes of products to please all the family in shopping. This Camelot would have beautiful gardens copied from the finest royal gardens in the world. Fascinating museums, one or more giant libraries, exhibits of plants from all over the world, exhibits of fish from all the world, our own unique zoo, cultural centers, some of the finest schools and university or universities established there, the largest cathedral seen in the world looking medieval Gothic in style but built with modern engineering tactics so it is built swiftly and made very beautiful inside, probably a big amusement park but with a Camelot theme to it, areas for sports and physical recreation, some manufacturing there but hidden from view so you don't see where the manufacturing exists. We would also have Embassy-land there which would have something like twelve or thirteen national cultures shown there from the world and you could totally immerse yourself in these different national cultures as you enter each foreign land within Embassy-land. We would have displays of science and technology like a miniature World Fair. And maybe a little bit more there.
      As I think America made a wrong turn from starting as the greatest nation born in human history, we would have a definite Christian moral culture to our community and I think crime would be basically non-existent there with the quality, good, decent people who would live there. And I predict this huge community would be strongly bonded together into a common evolving culture what all of America should be now if they let good moral principles instead of bad moral principles lead the culture they live under. And to inspire smart and brilliant technical brains into the right direction so they help pioneer the new industries needed by America and the world, I would have the finest museum of inventor and invention history seen in the world and I would found a school of engineering invention to teach would-be inventors the secrets of inventing I have learned from a lifetime of dealing with brilliant inventive brains of America and across the world.
     To help launch my Miami Beach approach to build this giant Camelot community and project, here is my initial plan to get this community started. I have already assembled one of the finest technical libraries in the world composed of science, engineering, agriculture and much more. This is my gift to start this Camelot community and project with. I may have over 60 different sets of encyclopedias to give a hint the size and range of this private technical library of mine kept in storage until ready for use. 
      Of course my father's Vatican endorsed trade secret industrial food process will have its world headquarters at Camelot. Revenues from this will be huge and Camelot will have a vast fortune and regular income behind it so prosperity is automatic for Camelot. On top of that, built according to my plan, Camelot may well end up the leading tourist attraction in the world and income huge from that as well. Four of us already inspected the ground we want for this and we could create a showpiece of a Camelot at the location inspected. We have several gold angles that might turn Camelot into one of the biggest to the biggest treasury of gold in the world. We intend to have an independent banking system as we want totally honest and sound monetary policies to govern our Camelot. We will be associated with other banks, but independent also so no outsiders run or control our totally honest banking system there. And being totally unsympathetic to police state governments, our banking accounts will be truly private and only if we find out some source is criminal or evil would we cancel their banking account and privileges with us. 
      As Wash., D.C. is incredibly dumb in suppressing business offers of inventors and other smart business offers from private sources, we will have our own Camelot exchange where the best business offers in the world will be found. We will be run by sound economic principles and uninterested in the corrupt economic principles that Wash., D.C. loves so much. 
     We will have our own agricultural system and use modern science in God approved agriculture to raise the finest food in the world and wonderful for your health. 
      I intend that we will maneuver the founding charter to Camelot so we will have no federal or state taxes within our jurisdiction. Taxes from the outside would imply that they can control and block the level of integrity we want behind our products made in Camelot. I plan for us to have two small taxes we will have within Camelot and the people living there will highly approve them because we eliminate the main expenses of life for our people by means of these two small taxes. If I let the cat out of the bag what the two small taxes were for, I would likely have 300 million Americans wanting to join with it instead of maybe a starting half million to one million people if we build this Camelot according to planned size. And I did study Czarist economic concepts  from an exile Russian nobleman in London, England and like the Czarist idea how eventually to have no taxes at all for your people. 
     You like my Camelot? Then join it! Order my $10 report from my website " 7 Ways To Cheaply Build Your House For As Little As 10% to 25% Of Usual Cost And Still Have It Well Built And Attractive." From Erasmus of America (my pen name). Or order it by mail from our mailing address. While I show you angles of construction that could make some millionaires if you used these angles for a construction business instead of just building yourself a home, etc., I also show some systems of financing real estate and construction with enormous financial leverage to them. 
      The following offers for the smart first people to act on these offers have enormous financial leverage to them with the potential to turn ordinary people into very rich people once the Camelot Project is started. I pulled a tactic on the Obama White House I pulled on Soviet intelligence years ago. If Obama was an honorable man, then he would have run into no legal problems. If he was highly criminal in nature in the White House, he would fall into a colossal legal ambush and too late realize that he had legally cut his own throat massively because he should have respected my legal rights in America. My national report "Impeach Obama Now" of June 21, 2013 and posted on Nesara News would never have been released if Obama had not been highly criminal in nature which my baited trap tempted him too strong to show his true character to stop me at all costs because he is not loyal to America nor to you the American people. " "OBAMA ADMITS THAT HE IS NOT AN AMERICAN - CLEAR AS A BELL" in the June 24, 2013 posting on Nesara News legally hangs him. In his word words as recorded before running for the White House, he admits before a crowd of American citizens that he was born in Kenya and not in America and states that he is not an American. I think the boy hung himself pretty badly here under law.
      I was the bait on the fish hook and Obama fell for the bait. He just delivered to me the legal angle I needed to legally secure the federal grant of a 30 mile radius of land for my proposed Camelot Project. I have won many legal upsets before, but the one that the people relate to is I once beat in court a Jewish lawyer who had never lost in any state court until he faced me. Then he lost for the first time in his legal career. When I have engineered legal upsets before, I always had a hidden legal strategy I very wisely did not share with the other side. Obama just hung himself totally under law and now I have the upset legal angle that is going to deliver us the land for Camelot.  
      I have an Americanized version of a tactic once used by Gandhi of India to engineer a giant legal upset which worked. Gandhi was a lawyer himself and understood how to use moral force to force the law to change itself and Gandhi won. Obama should have realized I was far too deadly at law to mess with, but being too cocky, now he has legally hung himself and Wash., D.C. will end up having to grant to  me the 30 mile radius land grant I have been after and with the legal charter terms I have been after. 
      As the script unfolds, you will see like Obama sees how this legal script works. 
      Once I have sufficient funds for the quick one-two punch in law, we will likely get the grant of our Camelot land either in 2013 or else in 2014. 
     Like the earlier Miami Beach Real Estate Plan, I am committing 100 acres of commercial land of the coming Camelot community to be divided up once we have secured the land into one-third acre lots. A person could tie up the option to get one to three one-third acre lots for himself, for corporation, etc. Hint to the big food chains. Quick grab the option for some of this commercial land while so incredibly cheap. If we become the big tourist attraction I wager we will, then your land may have been bought for pennies on the dollar of value soon after. Or if an individual got one or more options for land in this 100 acres of commercial land and wanted to, he could sell his option to some big commercial interest for a very high leverage deal where his money got multiplied very fast due to the fast increase of value for what he had bought for himself.  Now I forgot to mention one point. Actually he joins our Omni Law Loan Program and we give him the option on the land for a free bonus! He puts in one $25 loan unit monthly in our Omni Law Loan Program, sends us an email or else a note by mail saying that he would like for us to give to him one free bonus of one of these 300 land options for the 100 acres of land. Put in $50.00 per month into the Omni Law Loan Program, he can request 2 free land options while still available. Put in $75 monthly and he or she can get up to 3 free land options if they request this while still available. After three options maximum are gifted to any person, there are no more free land options available for you after that at this time. Whoever registers first and pays first gives first pick on commercial land once available from the 100 acres committed to this program. The total amount to be put into the Omni Law Loan Program is $10,000 and you have obtained this land option without further financial obligations. Whoever puts in $10,000 before others in this option land program gets first pick of the available one-third acre commercial lots once we have the architects draw up what the committed land will look like at Camelot and where located which will be a highly prime location. Once we get the land grant as I predict we will, we will be in position to then have architects draw up our committed plans for building of this Camelot community. 
      If someone starts this land option program with us now and we get settlement from the federal government within a few months for money they owe me, you can take some of your upfront settlement money received from us and pay the balance of $10,000 which will become the sales price at that time to obtain legal title from us for the land involved. This land is to be used for building retail stores, restaurants, and other type commercial establishments which will fit in with our Camelot theme for this huge community. We will have a few restrictions which should be no problem for anyone. We require that any business set up on this land be family oriented, maintain a high image for our business section here, be comfortable with the Christian values and culture this community will represent. If anyone has a problem with these few restrictions, when Camelot is starting to be built, we will refund you any money you tied up in this land option program and sell your land to someone else who will be eager to get what you did not want. We get a good settlement from Wash., D.C. for the very high financial damages that will be required paid to us, your pro-rata share through our Omni Law Loan Program should be quite adequate to build your retail store, etc. for you, stock your business, or do whatever your business plan dictates you to do so long as we approve what you propose to do. Our only serious reason for any approval needed from us is just to make sure you keep up with our Camelot image as a theme for the area, good ethics in business, and help us maintain the family type environment that should turn this into a giant tourist attraction for America and maybe the whole world!  
       Since it is too late for Obama to undo the legal damage, I needed him to create some criminal acts against me to try and block the Vatican endorsed food process so I could legally link his acts on behalf of the federal government with previous criminal acts federally committed so this becomes under law a continuous federal criminal conspiracy under law trying to block this Vatican endorsed food process from being established in America or the rest of the world. That way it makes it easy to validly claim legal damages for $10 trillion and actually far more if we were not merciful in our legal filings against Wash., D.C. that Wash., D.C. would have to pay us. I never claimed that I was stupid in law!
      Now we also have 100 super apartments that we will build which we will call royal in appearance and size that will be like condominium penthouses in principle. Only one can be obtained by a person for himself, herself, or family. You join the Omni Law Loan Program offered on our website and pay through the website or else by mail to our mailing address. You pay $25 loan units or multiples in our Omni Law Loan Program and tell us that you wish to be one of the first 100 to obtain an option to get one of our "royal Camelot" apartments. You pay ultimately $1,000 through the Omni Law Loan Program. This can be considered a free bonus offer as you are paying for the loan program, not the royal apartment option. We have a few restrictions, not many. You will have a very large royal apartment bigger than many small houses. You are to keep a nice living environment for yourself and family, respect the rights of any neighbors living in the same royal Camelot building as you, keep the area clean and decent, and live a moral life style there. If you have any problems with living in a Christian culture community there, do not get one of these royal apartments. We do not intend to repeat the dumb culture of Babylonian the Great to ruin our community with crime, bad neighbors, bad behavior, etc. in our area. You will have enormous privacy, but we reserve the right to maintain a quality appearance and environment to the area where these royal apartments are located. You will own the royal apartment you live in. We would only pay you back what money you tied up to get one of these royal apartments if you were hostile to the good community environment we want for all the people in this royal apartments and then sell your royal apartment to someone else.    
      We reserve the right to have a moderate property tax on such privately owned apartments, businesses, etc. in Camelot, but then again, being hostile to unnecessary taxes, we may have no property tax in Camelot regardless. Necessity will dictate what our policy will be. 
     You may get a royal apartment for just $1,000 of money committed by you. After the first 100 royal apartments which would be beautiful to live in, if we sell more instead of rent them, we will likely sell them for from $10,000 for early deals to $100,000 or more for those wanting to buy one later on same size and appearance as your royal apartment. If any royal apartment is not left to an heir, we can repossess this royal apartment as having been abandoned by its prior owner.
      There should be many great jobs and business opportunities at Camelot for those seeking this. We expect this to be a very prosperous and a wonderful community for people to live in. 
      Camelot will be governed by 12 appointed trustees whom we will call symbolically "The Knights of the Round Table." They will set up the system of succession to give quality government and representative government for the people of this planned Camelot community. 
     This is a bold plan, but it can be done. If I am active as one of the 10 Civil Tribunes for America under the Omni Law plan, I will devote serious time to that post but also serious time to helping to run Camelot right. The secret is delegation of responsibility to capable aides who know how to carry out orders and policies as they are instructed to do. I consider any work done in Wash., D.C. necessary to help straighten out the mess in national government in America today. The work I do with this Camelot will set up the future of America and the world in a powerful way that Wash., D.C. is by its very nature incapable of doing. 
      Concerning Wash., D.C., like in accounting, you have accounting conventions which are concept principles to govern accounting by, Wash., D.C. is technically a mockery of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights at this time. The Southern members of Congress walked out and were not there the day required by the U.S. Constitution to keep the U.S. Republic as legal under the terms of the U.S. Constitution.  Technically the U.S. Republic was cancelled in authority during the War Between The States also called the Civil War. But in choice between legal anarchy and keeping the basis for national unity, it is far smarter to maintain national unity until the reforms are carried out to restore a truly valid legal government back into national authority again. The Omni Law is based upon the authority of the American people which the Founding Fathers of America in 1776 said held the ultimate authority to make any government legal which would ever be set up in America. We use existing legal machinery to restore true legal authority to the American people. That is far better than civil war, emotion to replace reason, and bloodshed because men could not govern themselves with decency and common sense rather than blind rage and no brains involved. 
      I have tolerated much that is wrong in Wash., D.C because anarchy is such a terrible alternative for America. But once we can, let's get functional once more a serious constitutional government in America. That is done through the Omni Law. The ancient Romans were a smart, practical race. They chose the way of creating civil tribunes as far better than civil war or dividing a race permanently into two races instead. The Omni Law revives the civil tribune concept of ancient Rome which made ancient Rome the greatest government, race, and nation on earth for several hundred years until it became corrupt like Wash., D.C. and ended all this greatness of the Roman people and culture. 
      Our national website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com  
      Our email is fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com  
      Our mailing address for orders sent in by mail is: NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 USA. Make any checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for. 
       As people have short memories, the beekeepers warn that the bees in America are going to collapse by three years from now. If that happens, one-third of our food disappears that was pollinated. That means national famine for America and maybe even most of the American people dead before the national food crisis is over. I have two answers that might save America from pending national famine 3 years from now, but without the Omni Law passed, you the American people tie my hands so I will be unable to help  most of you from dying from national famine if you are going to leave Obama and other rotten politicians in control. Through today I understand federal policy is to enforce the federal policy that is killing off all the bees in America. How stupid they are in Wash., D.C.! You cannot trust the current leaders in Congress, etc. They show that they are not responsible leaders now when America badly needs responsible leadership. And they do not practice the policy dictated in the U.S. Constitution that they are supposed to police wrong in the federal government and straighten the government up when necessary. They do not have the resolve for responsible government, moral government, or government that is seriously loyal to you the American people.