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Monday, June 3, 2013

"DC v CLASS - 6.3.13 Proceedings and Results in Rod Class' arrest"

Reader, fwd: "DC v CLASS - 6.3.13 Proceedings and Results in Rod Class' arrest"
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 3-Jun-2013 16:21:00

(Thanks, W. :)
Reader W. sends us:

Rod Class was arrested on Thurs in DC...Here's the results of his pre-hearing this morning...It's a "trumped up" charge, but you know how paranoid the infrastructure is in DC ! This will be fought to the full extent of the "law" with Rod's vast knowledge of the "law" ! They haven't, as of yet, scheduled the Grand Jury...but, check the search site below to stay current...

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Date: Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 12:57 PM
Subject: Fwd: DC v CLASS - 6.3.13 Proceedings and Results

FYI...From Harvey...

For latest Court Info...
Just a search link...You have to enter RODNEY CLASS or the Case # info in, etc. this is where I got the info...
Case # is below !
Hopefully, the Big List will update info on a Live Call sometime in the near future.
If you're not on the Big List, subscribe by sending an email to:
Once subscribed,
(DO NOT send emails to it - As no one will respond !) 

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Date: Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 11:57 AM
Subject: DC v CLASS

Hope this comes through...

2013 CF2 009225: District of Columbia Vs. CLASS, RODNEY D

Case Type:Felony II

File Date:05/31/2013

Status:Pending Preliminary Hearing

Status Date:05/31/2013



Docketily: Arih>

Party NameParty Alias(es)Party TypeAttorney(s)

Docket DateDescriptionMessages
06/03/2013Event Resulted - Release Status:Event Resulted - Release Status: PR PSA.
The following event: Preliminary Hearing scheduled for 06/03/2013 at 9:00 am has been resulted as follows:

Result: Probable Cause Found Held for Grand Jury 
Judge: SULLIVAN, FREDERICK Location: Courtroom 301
D CLASS (Defendant (Criminal)); ; Mr DONALD L DWORSKY (Attorney) on
behalf of RODNEY D CLASS (Defendant (Criminal)); Judge FREDERICK
SULLIVAN on behalf of Judge STUART G NASH
06/03/2013Release Conditions OrderedRelease Conditions Ordered
Party Name: CLASS, RODNEY D Party Type: Defendant (Criminal)

1) Stay Away From:: BOND, Entry Date: 06/03/2013, Completion Date: , Amended Date:
DC except for Court related matters
06/03/2013Release ConditionsRelease Conditions

Pretrial Services Release Form
Sent on: 06/03/2013 09:54:33.99
06/03/2013Release Order FiledRelease Order Filed

Release Order - Jail
Sent on: 06/03/2013 09:54:04.94
05/31/2013CJA EligibilityCJA Eligibility - Defendant certified CJA eligible by Judge Howze till the next hearing - NO PAPERWORK
05/31/2013Event ScheduledEvent Scheduled
Event: Preliminary Hearing
Date: 06/03/2013 Time: 9:00 am
Judge: SULLIVAN, FREDERICK Location: Courtroom 301
05/31/2013Commitment Pending Disposition FiledCommitment Pending Disposition Filed
05/31/2013Defendant Preventively Detained pursuant to 23-1322(b)Defendant Preventively Detained pursuant to 23-1322(b) No Bond come up issued
The following event: Presentment scheduled for 05/31/2013 at 1:00 pm has been resulted as follows: 1322 B1A Granted

Result: Preventive Detention Granted
Judge: HOWZE, KAREN Location: Courtroom C-10
Charge #1: Carry Pistol Outside Home/Business
D CLASS (Defendant (Criminal)); ; Mr DONALD L DWORSKY (Attorney) on
behalf of RODNEY D CLASS (Defendant (Criminal)); Judge KAREN HOWZE on
behalf of Judge STUART G NASH
05/31/2013Attorney Appointed/DismissedAttorney Appointed
Attorney DWORSKY, Mr DONALD L dismissed/withdrawn for CLASS, RODNEY D on 05/31/2013
05/31/2013Event ScheduledEvent Scheduled
Event: Presentment
Date: 05/31/2013 Time: 1:00 pm
Judge: HOWZE, KAREN Location: Courtroom C-10
05/31/2013Charge FiledCharge Filed
Carry Pistol Outside Home/Business


  1. Trumped Up Charge? He had a pistol or he didn't?

  2. I am worried for Rod, knowing what I know I am hopping he will get a "good" Jury. I used to listen to his calls a couple of years ago, but it got too frustrating and we knew it was a matter of time before TPTB will come up with somthing against him, anything just to shut him down. He is going to need a lot of prayers!!

  3. There is nothing to fight here, it's really quite simple and just like any other case. This is an esoteric agenda and a spiritual war being played upon our consciousness. Rod and his groupies apparently do not understand what is going on with a fiction system who does not have a mouth to speak to real living people. There is no argument here for anything to defend against..

    If you claim yourself as a sovereign, then you must cease fighting everything and everyone. Period. A sovereign needs to know how to behave properly and bring in the harmony to a fiction situation.

    In spite of the abundant amount of information available for the life of people, the are unable to see just how tremendous they are being hoodwinked in plain sight or will they admit they are living with a mind control job from hell, even to the most seemingly intelligent folks who only "appear" bright.before they open their mouth to speak

    Mind Control is a beautiful thing for the illuminati. If it was all so easy to figure out then we would not have a problem now would we.

    Rod Class just simply needs to tell the court to provide him with subject matter jurisdiction.

    This is just another commercial contract in a military court against a sovereign and its time for Rod to get paid for damages.

    The Strawman cannot carry a pistol, because he does not have a body to carry it on. The Strawman has been arrested not Rod, but Rod admitted to his last name in which he does not own. His family owns it, not him. Game over.

    1. Unfortunately, Rod does not want to place himself outside the system. He wants to battle with-in the system. He wants the system to have jurisdiction over him and he wants to fight paragraph by paragraph. He has decided to do things his way and I doubt that he will ever change. We will see what happens; personally I don't see anyone winning by admitting their jurisdiction and fighting from with-in.

  4. Rod & his 'groupies' as Anon said above to the contrary DO know what is going on, and Rod has openly admitted to bringing the system to the ground from within. This must be done, because in case you have not looked around, there are not that many folks that are grasping the sovereign angle and quite honestly the majority of the people could can not digest this information to break free from the system. This means that just ignoring the system as it is, like the main mission of the so called 'sovereign' movement is no viable solution for everyone in the end. This system is too big to just go away, and until it is shaken down to the ground and built back up from it's original constitutional, original 13th amendment elements all the sovereigns out there will continue getting their asses handed to them by officer jack Boot with a stick shampoo. So do not be so quick to belittle what rod is doing. I have met the man personally and he is one of the most honest passionate person of character you will meet.


    The Reality is DC is a WHORE HOUSE packed to the Hilt with WHORES

  6. When was the last time any of you morons read the DEC of Ind.


    1. I agree one hundred percent. THEY HAVE NO JURISDICTION...

  7. Rod was Re-Arrested and Re-Charged, AGAIN after the case was dismissed.