Thursday, June 20, 2013

***On GRAND JURIES & next weeks AWESOME call***

Subject: ***On GRAND JURIES & next weeks AWESOME call***

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We want to update you on the very exciting things we have been learning this week.
The sheriff's  association has now established an International Commonlaw Court of Justice
which is based out of California! This is very exciting! They will take your court case (free of charge) and bring
it before their fully seated grand jury to rule on it. Then your local sheriff is notified to convene an article
3 court in your area. The only thing we need to do, is have 25 people who can convene when does not matter what
state they are in as long as they can convene on the grand jury when summoned. THESE PEOPLE CANNOT BE REGISTERED VOTERS!
The sheriff's association is educating people that when you become a registered voter you give up your right as an American national.
I am attaching the form you need to send to each county your have ever been registered in to rescind it and become a restored American National.
Once your have mailed in the form, then fill out & email the Grand Jury sign up to the sheriffs grand jury "pool" stating you are willing to sit on the jury when called. carefully read these documents!  The spokesman for the sheriff's association, Tom: Murphy, has agreed to come on our next Sunday night call and
share/educate us in restoring real law/common law in our states. There are nearly 600 sheriff's on board with the oath keepers movement who are working desperately to save America!  They need we the people as WE are the only voice that can be heard! So, fill out the Letter of Termination of Voters Registration and mail it via cert. mail with return receipt as soon as possible...THAT IS THE FIRST & FOREMOST STEP! (if you have never registered, skip this are ready to fill out pg 9) When you get your green card back you are then restored as an American National. Fill out the Grand Jurer sign up pg 9 (see the sample) and email it to . We are then ready to use the sheriff's article 3 court & Grand Jury for any cases we may have. 
   Remember: Tom, spokesman for the sheriff's,  will be on our Sunday night call,June 23rd at 7 pm CST to explain in detail how the sheriff's are working... INVITE AS MANY AS POSSIBLE....This may be the only way we can rescue our country!!!!   530-881-1212  pin 664 700 863#
Peace & Love,  Kristi
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Anonymous said...

Whoa... This needs to be checked out thoroughly before people start terminating their voting rights and given green cards. Green cards is what they give to illegals to be able to work here. This could possibly be a psy-ops operation to trick the people out of their rights, so beware. Someone will be checking this out, so don't be hasty on this.

Anonymous said...

The only person being played by the disinformation people is the troven idiot who runs the NESARA blog. John machaffie has no damn clue what he is doing. Have any of you actually spoken with him? the same is true for that other air heade Drake bvailey

Anonymous said...

Way cool!

Anonymous 11:58....The "green card" is the certified receipt that you get back when the recipient signs for the certified letter. That is evidence of the recipient received what you have sent.

We are not giving up anything to rescind the right to vote.
I am not going to vote on behalf of a corporation. Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

R.E. 11:58 A. M.
I'll bet you never leave the house for fear the sky will fall on you@#$%^& The green card made ref. too is the receipt showing the party received your letter or package DUH !!!

brokenwrench said...

if you read the insurrection and rebellion act and the trading with the enemy act. when you vote you are promoting the overthrow of the current seated government and are engaging in an act of treason
against the original constitution.
also by using bank notes FRNs USD issued by foriegn bank as money you are guilty of trading with the enemy and again engaging in an act of treason against the stse constitution as well as the original US constitution.

Anonymous said...

Would like to have the documents mentioned above but will not download a bunch of crap on my computer to get them.
What ever happened to plain vanilla word documents that can be saved??

Anonymous said...

"Your comment will be visible after approval." Are you practicing de facto rules?? Or is this a real republic??

Anonymous said...

Hay Anonymous-- the green card they are talking about is the PS form 3811 you recieve to varify that they recieve the certified letter

Unknown said...

Why did they cut me off when I asked them about the formatting and elements in the pg 9 document? Could they not answer the question, or did they just not want to answer it? Why were they asking people to autograph pg 9, without presenting pages 1-8 or any pages that follow? Is it not true the document contains elements of a persons bloodline, that has no beginning and no end? Isn't it true that this document is written to apply to a person, their ancestors, and descendants? The document says 'a man cannot serve two masters', what master would they have you serve? Global Awakening Radio Network / Global Voice Radio Network did a follow-up radio program with many many questions for them.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find out all the cities I have registered to vote. I think I did it once a very long time ago, and only voted once. Is there a website I can visit to find out if I registered at another location? Thanks...