Sunday, June 2, 2013

U.S. Remains Under Nazi Paperclip Attack as JPMorgan's Derivatives Go Ass Backwards


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Saturday  June 1, 2013

U.S. Remains Under Nazi Paperclip Attack as JPMorgan's Derivatives Go Ass Backwards

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that the United States of America continues to be under Nazi Paperclip U.S. NSA (National Security Agency) attack.

The aforementioned gangsters are now using Tesla, HAARP, and Scalar technology meteorological weapons of mass destruction to kill the American People.

The treasonous NSA is now being directly confronted by U.S. military flag officers with a major confrontation imminent.

U.S. military flag officers now have overwhelming evidence currently in possession of a U.S. military grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia that the entire U.S. intelligence services are totally corrupt with their loyalty to a foreign state, the crooked banking cartel, which is controlled directly by the Bush-Clinton Nazi Paperclip Crime Family Syndicate.

At this hour, the Nazi Paperclip filth have complete control over the U.S. media.  The criminal network CNN has now been turned into the weather channel.

The Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, along with the puppet media celebrity stooge Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro, has shredded the U.S. Constitution, destroyed the integrity of our electoral process and allowed a criminal U.S. Federal Reserve-Bank of Israel banking cartel to totally LOOT the U.S. Treasury.

The banking cartel continues to get back door bail outs from the crooked U.S. Federal Reserve, which allows them to write naked options utilizing U.S. Taxpayers' money without real margin to totally rig world financial markets.

Reference: The use of credit default swaps aka temporary line of credit without real cash puts the totally corrupt U.S. Federal Reserve and its Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke, in total violation of the Commodity Exchange Act of 1936.

P.S. The U.S. NSA Nazi Paperclip use of weather weapons against the American People is their next step that became operative after their phony war on terror was totally exposed in their FALSE FLAG Boston-Benghazi-911 connected psy op aka "Operation Whack-a-Mole".

P.P.S. At this hour, world financial markets face total meltdown as the euro denominated JPMorgan-Deutsche Bank derivatives have been illegally cross-collateralized with the assistance of the Bank of Japan and are about to go hybrid.

This will lead to the total collapse of worldwide bond and stock markets sending interest rates through the roof.

Note: The new European banking agreement aka Basel III now require full disclosure of banking derivatives before any bank can write new derivatives, accordingly, JPMorgan Chase had to protect their old derivatives by writing new illegal cross-collateralized derivatives with the assistance of the Bank of Japan and the Deutsche Bank.

The carrying charges are now escalating and making the cost of this latest money laundry very expense.

The totally corrupt U.S. Federal Reserve has been enabling this bullshit by buying Japanese bonds and Japanese stock index futures in after hour trading as to circumvent the real trading that takes place on the exchange during regular market hours.

Well respected market veteran, Art Cashman of CNBC, commented on all of this chicanery by claiming that none of this made any sense and could be considered a walnut scheme.  Cashman avoided using the word "ponzi scheme", but remember a walnut is a nut.

Note: Even totally corrupt crooked bank-controlled Bloomberg News said they were some what confused by the latest financial craziness and they thought the Federal Reserve was actually working against itself.


We can now divulge that the Nazi German bloodline treasonous Bush Family is now conspiring with the treasonous NSA and the Israeli Mossad to threaten U.S. military Flag Officers, including the Flag Officer from the state of Michigan.

We can now report that the Michigan Flag Officer recently warned daddy Bush that he will personally administer the arrest of their entire Nazi German bloodline along with their co-conspirators, the scumbag Clintons, and personally administer REAL justice with extreme due prejudice.

Reference: The Michigan Flag Officer is directly related to General George McAuliffe, an American Irish Catholic, WWII hero that told the German blood line Nazi filth at the Battle of the Bulge that he would never surrender to the German maggots and told them in legendary words "Nuts"!

Message to the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate:

The American People are going to bring you to justice for all of your criminal activity, including the assassination of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, who was about to expose the Chechnyan-Al Qaeda-DHS-U.S. State Department funded ponzi scheme aka a phony war on terror that was designed to enslave the American People and enable crooked banks to loot the deposits of average Americans under the disguise of a "national emergency" and martial law.

Lafayette remains at Brandywine as Albert Gore Jr. remains the year 2000 duly elected, non-inaugurated, natural born REAL President of the United States.


Anonymous said...

For Michigan flag officer: YES arrest them all charges TREASON, cromes against humanity , serial mass murder, genocide, fraid and theft; General officer, Sir, check all communications traffice moved via the secret Berger codes all the documented evidence is there with specific names, dates, etc, only the mass arests URGENTLY ASAP saves this nation and its long suffering people, please just get the job done quickly and professionally, then reveal the full real truth to the people, and remember to feature the cash bribes paid by george H W Bush to the vain venal and vacupous Obama, every classified intelligence service on the planet knows about the corruption and subversion of the U S government on this massive scale. The American people do not know because the faux news media has always been cash bribed by George H W Bush, the time for full exposure and effective ACTION is right now TODAY, the evidence is there just follow the money. And the arrests must include serial pedophile and CIA front money laundry guy Warren Buffett, same for Kissing and Scocroft, and Soros. Expose and bring justice to the rogue off the books covert operation designated "hotel california, a continuing war crime activity set up by George H W Bush, arrests and jistice ASAP, all of them, the American people endure and continue to suffer waiting for your arrest actions

Anonymous said...

Battle of the bulge, December 1944, it was not a surprise attack, clueless chump and front stooge Eisenhower certain knew in advance just ask Major Don Busey, hur 3 bletchley Park, when a Third Army Ulta officer 1975 living in Michigan was asked why Eisenhower failed to act , the Ultra officer merely stated that general Eisenhower had a different and unstated agenda than General Patton, the corruption and subversion is not new, the old third Army ultra officer had a loyalty more in line with general Patton, that officer's name is referenced in the report of Major warrack Wallace, September, 1944, in 1975 when that officer was living in Troy, Michigan, he was and original and primary source for the acclaimed book The ultra secret, winterbothon contacted that officer rather than an Ivy League buffon like William Bundy, who was explicitly referenced as a mere cocktail party officer, and ivy league buffoon who would not know real operational combat intelligence from oatmeal, the incompetent William bundy was an eisenhower kind of officer, controlled by the same corrupt and subversive forces as Eisenhower, and decades later it was a clown like William bundy and his equally subverted brother who help engineer the disaster of the Vietnam war. yet it was Patton's deputy chief of staff for operation who planned and executed Operational plan 34A, General Harkins was a fine capable and professional officer who during 1944 attended the special ultra intelligence briefing at Third Army headquarter, unlike Bundy General Harkins fully understood highest caliber operational combat intelligence

Anonymous said...

Did Tom Heneghan forget about Obama Blaming the Bush Clinton for what happened in Libya I can see Hillary buy Bush for libya no his War Crime is Iraq and his punishment for that one is coming

Anonymous said...

Ok, have heard and read enough of the (ahem) skinny, what is the plan? Let us get the problem solved and move on.

Anonymous said...

Tom, this is getting too old, every week we get some of the same B.S. "discoveries", no action on anyone's part. How do you spect for this crooks to stop when there is nobody taking any action to do anything to them? I think everybody is expecting for them to commit suicide by scheming too much LOL!
This is ridiculous!!! what happened to Golden Girl Christine Lagarde? did she or didn't she pressed the button to start the System Reset? I think Tom have been watching too many re-runs of MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE. THE FOCUS SHOULD BE ON ERIC HOLDER AND GETTING HIM FIRED OR IMPEACH AND ABOLISHING THE IRS, STOPPING THE IMMIGRATION REFORM AND OBAMACARE

Anonymous said...

Whe are the arrests going to start? Thhe sooner the better1 today would be real soon. Please hurry before it becomes too late to save this nation and many lives

Anonymous said...

For the flag officer from Michigan: sir, the referenced arrests cannot come too soon to save this nation from a corrupt enemy within, please act as quickly as possible, and please arrest them all, just follow the money the evidence is there and it is conclusive and irrefutable, all the off shore accounts. and if there really is a special military grand jury sitting in Alexandria, Virginia, please make certain that they see all the documented evidence and issue the arrest warrants that should include the corrupt and bribed Obama, since at least 2009, obama has been taking cas bribes from George H W Bush. admiral Dennis Blair, former Director of National intelligence will confirm this and he may still have the bribery cheecks that he obtained during 2009,; Obama, Hillary Geithner Panetta, and others all must be arrested by military authorities

Anonymous said...

So Where is the imminent confrontation? and where are the crime family arrests? NO FURTHER delays on these 2 matters

Anonymous said...

for the flag officer from Michigan, please start the referenced arrests before it becomes too late to save this nation, and make sure that they are all arrested, please just get it done, the U S military has the lawful authority to make arrests for high treason