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What you can do to prevent a "Smart" Meter installation

Subject: Re: Gas company told me they'll be installing a Smart Meter

The most effective way to deal with this issue is to submit a "Notice of Non-Consent, Notice of Liability" to the utility company in the form of an affidavit.  The link below is a form letter than can be used for this purpose.  You would need to modify it, of course, to include your own address and the address of the utility in question. 

Then, before you mail it to them, go to a notary public and have the letter notarized.   This officially makes an affidavit out of the notice.  An affidavit is a legal document that remains in full legal effect until countermanded in a court of law, by a judge.  In other words, the utility would have to sue you in order to override the notice.   And they are not going to go to the expense of doing that.  Meanwhile, if they ignore the notice and install the thing anyway, you would be in a position to sue the dog-shit out of them

Find out the name address of the legal department of the company you are notifying and send it there.

Find out what the name and address of the company doing the installations is and send them a copy of this notice as well.

I sent one of these to Edison about two years ago and they quit bugging me right away.  I'm probably the only house on my block that still doesn't have a Smart Meter installed.....

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Subject: Re: Gas company told me they'll be installing a Smart Meter
I haven't noticed anything on my bill, but they can do that if they want to, I think. (he’s in the Victorville area).

The city council of the City of Big Bear voted to force removal of all the Smart Meters in the city.  That's in process up there.  I think there are some other cities that have done this....  It's a war, and it's not over yet....
Then there is this approach too which I just did.

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Subject: Re: Gas company told me they'll be installing a Smart Meter

If you want to be proactive, call your power company and ask which dept. to contact to be on the opt-out list. That should take care of it.  If not, email me back as I have a letter you could send them.

After getting xxxx email I called the Gas Co. and opted out. I then asked if there will be a monthly fee and she said (very nicely) there will be but it hasn’t been determined yet.
What they’ve proposed to the California Public Utilities Commission is a $126 “out-out fee” for having an “Advanced Meter” installed and a $24 a month charge!!! Whoa Nellie!

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