Saturday, September 28, 2013

O made RV announcement in the UN - Tuesday!!!!

xxx just got a 3rd confirmation... man just back from Jamaica that O did make the announcement at the UN and that this is done It was televised there... this is now 3 people from Jamaica who saw this on Tuesday... Hold on just now I heard another, so now that's 4, It was announced and this is done! They cannot believe we have not heard about this anywhere or from any gurus! Today really could be our day, like Tony said 99.9% ,, I am hearing look for Hawaii opening today... I say NOW lol


  1. with his approval rating he would be all over the news claiming responsiblity if that were the case.

  2. Obama hasn't announced anything....and he is not going to. He is trying really hard to keep us poor - part of his destroy America - just like Harry\Reid and Obamacare.