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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reader suggests: 'the people' should impose a "stupid politician tax" and a "closed-minded scientist tax"

Reader suggests: 'the people' should impose a "stupid politician tax" and a "closed-minded scientist tax"
Posted By: Bob [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 27-Sep-2013 23:07:33

From reader 'old and foggy' . . . . .
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Re: A landmark report by the United Nations cl....
and I suppose we humans were responsible for the climate when dinosaurs were the dominant life form on this planet, when the CO2 levels were far higher than today,
and most of the world was a tropical paradise, just where do they think all that coal came from in what is now in inhospitable areas for humans, like Siberia, parts of china and Alaska,
so, now, because 95% of scientists say the world is flat, do we believe them, or our own eyes,
we are in an inter-glacial warming period, of course it's getting warmer, which,
over another 12,000 years will lead to another ice age, which is the norm for this planet, it has spent more time frozen than warm,
it is a natural cycle and there is nothing we can do about it, seems we also cannot accept it, just one more way of extracting taxes from the slaves, like a carbon tax!
the people should impose a "stupid politician tax" and a "closed minded scientist tax" - perhaps then they would shut up until they have real data and
reliable reports and give us proper reports, not just rhetoric.

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  1. Forget the "stupid politician tax" and "closed minded scientist tax" Get a rope