Friday, September 27, 2013

Shock: Wells Fargo bank managers forge their customers' signatures to commit fraud, contends lawsuit

Shock: Wells Fargo bank managers forge their customers' signatures to commit fraud, contends lawsuit


  1. The lesson is this: Every New World Order empire, especially this New World Order originates from the idealism of false equivalency in economics.

    Economic logic based on fraud and theft, using the caveat empor of "So what my system of banking runs on speculation, it's speculation which will serve millions more people. Even if what I'm speculating upon, is how many millions of people will buy up these worthless mortgages. After all I got to look out for myself, to support everyone else." , which leads to the very injustice we see across society today. Everyone's doing it, if I break a few eggs it still helps the rest of the peons so I'll do it anyway.

    Even though, the very act of allowing this economy to continue is insanity-- A black hole you can't ever climb out from! When all you add to the balance sheet are more zeroes, you aren't offering anybody any value at all!!!

    All they get is false hope instead, based on 1s and 0s hiding a now worthless paper currency. From this very real failure of economic slavery, every New World Order is given room to rise.

  2. What you described is the Robin Hood conduct, which sounds nice and helps many until the theft is uncovered and its time to pay it back arrives. Socialism always works fine until the theves run out of other peoples money. Just as Rome fell when they ran out of other countries to plunder in order to support thier armies, which never wanted to go home.
    Just as today, the military industrial complex refuses to stand down during peace time. They will always need a potential enemy in order to keep selling the common folks their very expensive new products.
    That is the name of the game we are trapped in and they will go as far as supplying any new group with free weapons to keep wasr going.
    When and if this world ever attains peace, they try to have us buying weapons and training solders to fight these from other planets so they can stay fully imployed, with fantastic retirement and medical benefits.
    If weapons manufactures were shut down and Military spending reducedd people would have enough to eat and medical care with an education. Eliminate retirement pay for the Military and.boycott nations who refuse to stop making weapons. That would also help countries ballance their finances and they could instead, Bild schools hospitals, houses, roads, bridges and tunnles instead of more weapons.