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Friday, September 27, 2013


Pay  Attention......... Close Attention !!!

I have received the following from another Dinar Holder ~ Skip


Two (2) FINCEN forms have been provided by the IRS !!!

One specifically identifies these transactions as “currency exchange” transactions.

BEWARE The other refers to them as “currency investments.”  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES sign any document which treats your
exchange as a “currency investment”
or you will wind up paying as much as 39.5% in taxes!!!!!!! 

The more proper form 104 (IF either is Correct or Lawful) 
already states "Currency Exchange" in Part ll number 33.

“Currency “Exchange” (tax unknown, possibly 11%)

“Currency Investments” will being taxed as Capital Gains

Many of us already know that ANY TAX  implied by, or
suggested legal by a NON USA Government Agency, such
as a Foreign Corporation like the IRS, is pure FRAUD!!!!!!!

It is Historical Fact that Chief Justice Marshall did deliver
in MARBURY v. MADISON in part "....any Law that Violates

the Constitution is automatically VOID!"


  1. Yes! Awesome, finally some one qualifies the tax advice given as probably illegal!
    We must stop feeding the beast.

  2. Use a foreign bank, as I plan to do, and you won't have this problem.


    Trusting the banks and their wonderful benevolent "comrades" brought the New World Order. Trust yourselves instead.

    Verify everything, any paperwork you sign only sign the lines that show your status as surety to the account. The scam is up, every person knows they are really a surety to some degree and the FICTITIOUS "PERSON" is just that, a noble account of a piece of paper. A worthless piece of paper they can do anything they wish with.

    Waking up to see how all were enslaved has been quite alarming, the design was by choice, our choice of signing ourselves away to be fictitious persons. As long as you're a person any Judge can persecute you. When you abandon the "PERSON" and designate your surety status, every Judge instantly loses.