Thursday, January 14, 2016

Obama Mocks Joint Chiefs during his SOTU

Camera Catches Joint Chiefs After Obama Mocks Them at SOTU… Their Reaction Is Going Viral 

Wed Jan 2016

It’s little secret that America’s military strength hasn’t just waned under the Obama administration, but plummeted. Weapons systems have been neglected, troop strength has declined and the president has been using the armed forces as a social experiment.

So, if someone were to tell you that America’s military were just as strong as ever, you would probably laugh.

One group that wouldn’t, though, are the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When Obama mocked them over America’s military strength during last night’s speech, the men who lead our military said it all with their demeanor — stony-faced, unsmiling and not clapping.

During his paean to himself yesterday night, Obama denounced “all the rhetoric you hear about our enemies getting stronger and America getting weaker.
“Let me tell you something,” Obama continued. “The United States of America is the most powerful nation on earth. Period. Period. It’s even close. It’s not even close."

The Democrats in the chamber applauded profusely, as they were wont to do during Tuesday night’s hour-long  Obama-gasm. However, that’s when the camera focused on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the men who know best about America’s readiness:

They had a reaction to the president’s words that was, um, slightly different. Their faces displayed a wide range of emotions, none of them positive.

The most neutral seemed to be Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Marine Corps Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, on the bottom left. He seems to wear a mien of vague amusement — almost as if he’s asking, “What is this guy smoking?” (Answer: probably something from the “choom gang.”)

However, just to the right of Gen. Dunford were Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Mark E. Milley and Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Robert B. Neller, respectively. Both of them look like if you hooked their arteries up to a hydroelectric generator, their blood pressure could power the entire Eastern Seaboard.

While the military lie was just one of many in Obama’s State of the Union, it was the most blatant, inasmuch as we saw the reaction of those who knew the truth almost immediately.

I only wish the men and women of our armed forces could have been there, too. The look they would have given the president could have cut glass.


Anonymous said...

The United States isn't even a nation it is a phony illegitimate violent corporation and that is all. No wonder they would not do a fake clap.

The sooner Americans wake up to that realization, the better off all of them will be.

Anonymous said...

With all those stars, it kinda looks like the Milky Way sitting there. I'm just wondering, if Dunford is the, so called, interim president, why is he sitting there? Also, if they all know that the UNITED STATES is nothing more than a corporation why are any of them sitting there, as though they actually believe that Obama is their, so called, commander-in-chief? Corporations don't have a commander-in-chief! Who is commander-in-chief of WalMart or Safeway or McDonalds? That's why it doesn't matter if someone is a citizen of the UNITED STATES to become president (CEO) of the UNITED STATES federal government, Inc. Since the UNITED STATES is a corporation it is not subject to constitutional limits, etc. because it is not bound by the constitution. All the talk about the Constitution is just lip service for the dumbed down majority who believe that the government is suppose to operate with in the limits proffered by the totally usurped Constitution. As far as the government of the UNITED STATES, Inc. goes the constitution is totally irrelevant. Shows you how stupid all of the candidates are who think they are running to become President of a Country and commander-in-chief of its military.

Anonymous said...

What corporate charter identifies Obama as its CEO? What corporate charter identifies the Congress as its rule making body? What corporate charter makes the federal courts administrative tribunals? (Hint, the only one you can possibly answer is the 3rd question).

Anonymous said...

It's a corporate fascist regime that has been taken over by foreign powers and set for total destruction

Anonymous said...

It also shows how dumbed down and stupid the sheeple are that think they are voting in an election which in reality is about selection and the next killer and chief has already been selected long ago. Military or dumbed down stupid cannon fodder?
Do any of these men have any balls?

Anonymous said...

The one in the official "CONSTITUTION" which includes the articles of incorporation and by-laws. These are also commonly known by most men as the "Philadelphia 1776 Liberty Laws" and the book of "Civil Rights."

Which is quite hilarious when you consider that the entire "con-stitution" is in CAPITAL letters and its addendum has utterly nothing to do with liberty at all. The actual Bill of Rights and laws of liberty were not printed in a house in North Virginia, this is a blatant fact as it was done using regular ink and written in stone years before.

The counterfeit CONSTITUTION and its Bylaws read exactly like the bylaws for a corporation, as the "President shall serve two terms by ____________. and not exceeding its limits."

The Act of 1871 explains all of this along with the phony corporate bylaws within the text of its document. You, and all the bylaws or code of CIVIL RIGHTS were indeed incorporated hundreds of years ago and this is a blatant fact.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I ask that you point out anywhere in this Act of 1871 where it says Obama or any other 'president' is CEO of this so-called corporation. I also would like for you to point out where it says congress is the lawmaking or rulemaking body for this corporation. I can't see where they were incorporated hundreds of years ago, nor can I see where this is a blatant fact as you claim. I see a total misreading of the law, just as "Judge Anna" has totally misread law and misrepresents it to everyone here. This corporate bs is a total distraction and is keeping you from seeing what is tight under your nose.

Anonymous said...

The dumbing down of Amerkia has been a total success. Now comes the payoff.
Who really were the so called founding fathers?

Anonymous said...

I sincerely doubt that anyone in this room knows the only lawful courts in this country are Article III courts, as dictated under the constitution of the united states.

And contrary to popular belief, those courts do indeed exist in local buildings and supersede the false district circuit courts of the STATE. That would be why when the army or armed mercenaries have been killed on local state property, they have not been prosecuted in District Court and have instead been rewarded.

Those paper weights you call the CIRCUIT COURTS are about as fake as a two dollar bill, have committed treason and will certainly be forcefully removed. And that goes for any of their U.N. holdouts.

Anonymous said...

"where it says congress is the lawmaking or rule-making body for this corporation."
Ignorance of the law is no excuse and in fact it will get you jailed.

"United States included within the limits of the District of Columbia and the same is hereby, created into a government by the name of the District of Columbia, by which it is hereby constituted a body corporate for municipal purposes, and may be contracted with, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, have a seal and exercise all other powers not inconsistent with the Constitution and the laws of the United States and provisions of this act. And be it further enacted, That there shall be appointed by the President a secretary of said District who shall reside within and possess the qualification of an elector...That the legislative assembly shall Special laws not pass special laws in the congress of the District of Columbia. That no session in any one year shall exceed the term of sixty days, except the first session which may continue one hundred days."

As you can see it refers to only the general assembly will pass or govern any laws throughout the District of Columbia. And in subsequent paragraphs, it clearly mentions the District of Columbia with its federal territories.

It is no mistake that it says that. This work of hilarious proportions confirms that they are not only a corporation, they are also guilty of treason and impersonation of public seated officials on their own record no less!!! For which the penalty is death, which many have already taken.

This entire shinola is a laughing stock corporation with NO authority, confirmed in its own binding legal documents.

Anonymous said...

Or the cointelpro misdirection has been a total success.

TruthandFreedom said...

One must laugh at seeing so many castrated paid bitches in one place! There sits the TRAITORS to the REAL United States Constitution!!

The only reason they are unhappy is because they are racist and don't like the fact that they are being bought and paid for little whores of a fraudulent black man instead of a fraudulent white man of the United States Corporation!!!

The title of that picture should be United States Corporation Eunuchs United!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Boo Hoo! The Good Book teaches us "We Reap What We Sow" these traitors did whatever they could to help this rogue govt destroy America. This goes to show you evil doesn't' respect evil as they'll turn on each other quicker than you can shake a stick. This bunch of no back boned, slime filled beef jerky got their feelings hurt as they allowed Obama to reduce our military and treat them like second rate citizens.This should be the least of their problems, for their eternal souls are hanging in the balance. God sees the whole show folks. The joint chiefs of staff have blood on their hands as they deserve prison for their parts in allowing the formation of Isis and in not arresting the liar and chief for passing hundreds of unconstitutional executive orders which have turned America into a nonindustrial, nanny state, police state banana republic. Don't give them sympathy rather give them prison time, life sentences for every last one of those cowards.

Jackie Blue

Anonymous said...

Here is more info that agrees with anonymous at 12:32 AM Yes Treason has been enacted against the people of America. Its time everyone wakes up!!!