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Was common law shut down years ago in America?


Judge Anna Von Reitz
Friday, January 8, 2016

penny4yerthoughtsJanuary 6, 2016 at 5:10 AM
Wasn't common law effectively taken out around 33/38 Erie Pennsylvania case, etc.  Also with the Trading With the Enemy/Emergency Banking Acts, and are we not under military rule and governments?    
I am not an attorney but think it is vitally important to explain because the whole of the Judge's article revolves around this point regarding Common Law which it seems was taken out years ago. This would be very basic for a judge to know and would ultimately make her argument null and void.  
All of the flags with gold rim now show we are under maritime law but this, too, was not noted nor was the comment answered.  
Could you please elucidate as to how this fact -- which contradicts what Judge Anna Von Reitz is writing -- could have gone unnoticed? 
I appreciate your attention to this as it is not making sense.   
Regards, Leslie  
And here is Judge Anna's answer:

Answer for Leslie-- 
You are recalling a 1938 case known as Thompkins v. Erie Railroad in which the U.S. Supreme Court admitted that the Federal Government has no such thing as General Common Law and is therefore incompetent to fulfill Article VII. 

As the rats continued their efforts to take over our courts and our country they adopted the one form of euphemistically named "common law" they had in their bag of tricks, which is known variously as "Special Admiralty" and "Executive Admiralty" and most tellingly as "martial common law"--- that is the form of the law being practiced under the gold fringed flag. 

To bring you under this jurisdiction they have to pretend that you are a "rebel" and "enemy combatant" instead of admitting who you really are. 

This form of law was adopted in the wake of the Civil War. Normal courts had been shut down in eleven Southern States. Congress told the military commanders of these "districts" to appoint whatever civilians they trusted to run local "tribunals" to deal with "rebels". 

This created the infamous Carpetbagger Era. 

Federal United States Citizens came from the North and ran these courts in a profoundly criminal fashion-- arbitrarily stealing the property of the Southerners under color of law. 

The same thing has been done here and now. 

As the county and state courts made the mistake of incorporating, they became franchises of the federal government corporation. As a result, we no longer had real state or county courts. Since about 1965 virtually all the courts in America pretending to be "state" or "county" courts are franchises run by the U.S. District Courts and they are ALL Federal Courts--- Federal State Courts, Federal County Courts--- all operating as federal corporation franchises, all operating in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea. 

So-- what do you do when the Constitution requires that the people have access to Common Law and there is no Federal General Common Law and almost all the state and county courts in the country have either stupidly or treasonously been incorporated and thereby removed to federal jurisdiction? 

You dig up "martial common law" and you make up the euphemistic names for it-- "Special Admiralty" and "Executive Admiralty" and you foist this known evil off on the trusting innocent American People and use it as a means to defraud and railroad them and plunder their estates and private and public resources. 

Luckily for us, there was a U.S. Supreme Court case--Milligan Ex Parte in 1866, which addressed this situation and that decision still stands.  

When American Common Law Courts are operating in an area, the Supreme Court found, there is no excuse for the operation of martial law courts. 

So all we have to do is either dissolve the incorporation of the existing "state" and "county" courts and run them as unincorporated American Common Law Courts, or, what is more expedient, declare our own political status as one of the "free sovereign and independent people of the United States", hold elections to fill our natural unincorporated public offices including Common Law Judges, Sheriffs, Clerks, Recorders, etc. and notify the rats that American Common Law Courts are operating again and use Milligan Ex Parte to shut the rats down. 

All you have to do is get your ducks in order, declare your proper political status, hold your elections, fill your court offices, and show them the door. 

The Bar Attorneys will either have to tear up their BAR Cards and come to work for the people's court, or restrict themselves to working in their proper capacity in purely administrative and maritime/Admiralty Courts of the Federal Government. 

The Bar has been barred from holding any public office including judge in behalf of the people's government since 1819. 

Now you have received a very useful and valuable history lesson and insight into the situation with the courts, what we are dealing with, how this situation, and what we have to do to put a stop to it. 

Please share this information Far and Wide.


Anonymous said...

it is simply "military due process" ... the default for military occupation of a territory ... if you want something else (constitution right, perhaps) you MUST (individually) be party to "that" trust ... "we the People" is not a group within the Public ... it is a bunch of individuals "properly" claiming their private rights ... period. if you think you can achieve such a status politically, or commercially ... you are oh so mistaken! and if you think your will alone can change anything, keep dreaming.

our currently reality was formed by "individual action in ignorance" ... reversing that action IS the only solution. that means, as a starting point, learn everything you can about the erie case, 1933/FDR, hjr192, TwE act and emrg banking ... when you understand how those events allowed our current military due process default ... you WILL be able to change YOUR reality ... when enough people are responsible enough to learn history ... perhaps, just perhaps, it might stop repeating itself!

we were ALL born with the power and status to be free. however, nearly all of us lost that power and status when we volunteered into a status that DID NOT BELONG TO US. if you understand that statement, then [privately] do something about it. if you don't, DO NOTHING, until you do!

Anonymous said...

The issue here is, the land and title only belongs to the people who "hold" the patents for it and no one else. It has been misquoted and confused in courts nation wide since the 1800's according to senators like Mike Lee, Daniel Inhoueye and Sam Brownback. Those courts are long since extinct in reality, since all courts are incorporated by the Federal Corporation today. Aside from various state bodies, Grand Jury houses and private forts.

One example, a certain tribe of Native Americans once owned the land west of the mississippi river once upon a time. But due to stealth regulations and brute force, that land was stripped from them and handed over to the federal government to use as reservations for a whole mix of cultures.

Now they don't have any "legal" title to that land anymore, due to giving it away by their own consent during the major conflict that led to the Louisiana Purchase and railroad construction act. In spite of that they should definitely take their own land back, because this land has always belonged to the people of louisiana, oregon and north carolina. The main issue is how you go about doing it, and there in lies the true danger.

Everything in this nation has been incorporated into a private services corporation -- a "United States" that has corporate control over everything. Privatizing services will only hand it control all over again. People have to get it through their heads that virtually everything above the ground, particularly Federal and Public buildings has been incorporated and taken over. The only way out of that would be to hold a public amendment to hand over the state's lands back to local residents again.

The only things that have not been incorporated are free sovereigns living on the land, certain deeds and titles as well as local buildings, forts and private party holdings. These things are literally the only things not incorporated in today's society, and if you don't know is going to be the toughest thing ever to get out of it. In the first place, the only way people stand a chance against this is to "un-incorporate" themselves first. Anyone who does that stands the best chance of life and getting back as much of the public land that is still left standing, before the United Nations and outside agencies entirely take it over.

Anonymous said...

I haven't checked lately but just a few years back "common law" marriages were legal and recognized in Texas and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with most of the commentators above...

There is literally no way out of this, legal/lawfully or otherwise unless you voluntarily choose to remove yourself from the corporation first. And from there every individual person (NOT group,) will need to take back the full land patents sometimes by force.