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                          WHO OR WHAT IS RULING OVER                            AND RUNNING PLANET EARTH?
 Pleiadians and the Reptilians
This video describes the global agenda set for humanity by 'people' behind the scenes/curtains of the world. This tells you how both alien races; Pleiadians and Reptilians and how they are involved with this agenda. Many aspects of this conspiracy theory are covered by this video.

Comment from web: 

The Pleiadians and Reptoids are both MASTERS of deception, akin to the Biblical satan. Damn good information... But here are the truths that NASA and/or the Government is keeping secret and why... 
One of the very advanced ET races monitoring Earth are infact Egyptian/African-type or Ethiopian in appearance, the hieroglyphics on the pyamids explains it. Mars is riddled with Egyptian type artifacts as well as pyamids and structures. 
The Tall Whites and "white conehead" extraterrestrials work along side the Reptilian races and they go about their business conquering and pillaging the planets and it's people. The Reptilians would be considered tremendously high in intelligence and they are equally aggressive in nature, the Tall Whites (pale-skinned blue eyed Nordic) are also very intelligent, however, very cynical and condescending in character and their modus operandi is "Service to Self". 
There was once peace on Earth until "they" arrived in our solar-system and war ensued.  The Egyptians or the African-type race attempted to defend themselves with the use of atomic weapon technology but were obviously no match.  It's kinda similar to when the so-called "Pilgrims" conquered and destroyed the Native American Indian population and culture, but on a planetary scale. So ever since there has been an overt and covert foot-hold on the dark-skinned race (African/Egyptian) and now they are simply made to look like a backwards grass-eating race but, in the big picture, it's the exact opposite. 
But it's not about "race." Actually, the original Kings and Queens of Earth just happened to be people of color and the tall whites and reptoids wanted the planet for themselves. The "race" issue is just another divisive weapon used for "supremacy" and separation. 
For fairly obvious reasons, the "Powers that Suck" are gonna keep all this secret.  Some sort of "RETURN" is slated to take place and the "elites" are fully aware of it and are in flux right this moment (multiple ET's are assisting the efforts to bring the Solar System back to Peace and Balance).  It's totally Biblical whether you believe the Bible or not. 
This is all bull shit and nonsense? Nope... the "elites" know, but YOU are completely unaware and thats the way they wanna keep it for as long as possible. 
PS. The highly intelligent Reptoid race uses the Caucasoid race as "host" because their bodies are easier to invade due to minimal or lack of MELANIN, which is abundant in skin of color.  It explains why Caucasians are "abducted" more than any other race on the Planet, yet they are the minority (Adolf Hitler is a prime example of a "host"). 
Although the road appears rocky, the day of peace and goodness for ALL people is close at hand.  I guarantee it. 
Edit: There are multiple species of white/pale-skinned extraterrestrials who are fighting AGAINST the purely evil Reptilian/ Tall White/ Conehead rulership.  Whether you believe this or not makes little difference.

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