Friday, January 26, 2018

Brainwashed Feminist Crowd Triggered by Statistics

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Anonymous said...

GREAT WORK ANN! It appears that stating facts is irrelevant in US cultural values. This is no different than any abuser, alcoholic, drug, sex addiction refusing to accept the truth and denial of responsibility and accountability. I appears that this is another proof of Freewills' stance on the results of the decades of empowerment of women negatively effecting and affecting the USA family structure and society. Ann, maybe next interview you just read the statistics with no commentary and measure the audience's response. How dare you believe in reality. I wonder if the Priest read the statistics to the audience would they act differently. Sadly the USA has educated their society that truth is irrelevant because it is all in how you feel. This is the price of decadence all great empires succumb to eventually and the USA is the latest casualty. You have to make a choice to survive it. The truth goes forward allways but only the wise will follow it!