Sunday, January 21, 2018

"Intel Black Out" - Mr. Ed

INTEL Update (Real News) via email                        "Intel Black Out" 1/21/18
Mr. Ed  Sunday, 21-Jan-2018 

Just because you can't see what is really happening doesn't mean that it's not going on behind the scenes.

The Main Stream Media 'Fake News' sure won't tell you about things like 'Gitmo Prison' being filled up with Cabal for 'Military Tribunals'. 

They won't tell you about bad guys trying to escape
earth and being shot down over Michigan by the Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance ships.

They won't tell you that 87,000 pedophiles have been arrested so far.

They won't tell you there are another 45,000 'Arrest Warrants' 10,000 'Sealed Indictments'.

Reports of Nuclear Warhead Missiles in Hawaii and Japan "were real"...and were taken out by Pleiadian craft working with SSP Alliance.

It has been decided that this year (2018) people will be introduced to some extraterrestrials...which will be Pleiadians that closely resemble us.

This government shutdown is a distraction while the Military arrest the high profile cabal.

What they don't know is...this shut down is the end for the corporate government and it will never return while all the criminals go to jail now. (the Republic will take it's rightful place)

Delays in the RV / GCR are to allow time to make sure it is safe for your money and protect your new accounts.

We are waiting on the United States Treasury to push the button for the RV / GCR to start and it is very close now.

Announcements will be made soon about NESARA / GESARA...the Restored gold backed banking...prosperity and more.

Common Law will be restored when the New Restored Republic is announced to the public. (which is already in place behind the scenes and has been in control for some time)

Trump is not going anywhere...and he will be re-elected for a 2nd term. (as he continues to drain the swamp)

Look for new technology to soon appear like 'Med Beds'...'Free Energy Units' and 'Replicators'.

This will be the end for death based hospitals and big pharma pushing Med Beds will cure all any injury...replace any limb or organ and give you perfect health. (in minutes and free) This same technology will make you young again to remain that way for the next 1000 years. (so you can spend all that money)

A transformational wave of high
frequency energy from
the galactic central sun (not to be confused with our sun) is to hit us in the next few days...which is said to cause the shift from 3rd to 5th dimension...which has been termed "The Event" by Cobra of the Pleiadian Resistance Movement.

This Event will be nothing to fear at all...but will mark the beginning of the 'Golden Age' of 1000 years of 'Heaven on Earth'.

Soon you will be able to travel the universe and meet other forms of life which is never ending...


Anonymous said...

MR ED: I think this guy is a Fing traitor! Who would release this critical information before the bill passes the Senate? This is a message to all the Traitors in the senate and the bastard releasing the info is complicit, IMO!

Anonymous said...

This person should go back to taking his or her medications. Nineteen promises, of which only one, Donald Trump's chances in 2020, are remotely possible.

Anonymous said...

Besides this information being discussed in conference calls and in emails all over the net among those waiting to exchange currencies, along with those publishing information to go to the public to educate and inform, Mr. Ed posted this very doc on the Intel Dinar Chronicles website early today. ALL on the list are more than 'remotely' possible. Obviously you are not well connected or informed, listening to all the negative naysayers. If you count on this website for your RV information, you are in trouble. There is only one who posts here who is well informed, and most likely not the one who you approve of.

just some dude with dsl said...

I hope so because I cant last much longer being unemployed and Ive got this thing on my dick and maybe some skin cancer on my leg? Im sure somebody cant wait to call me a troll, boom! No but seriously, I think we humans are on the verge of massive change. Ive never had more respect for a president then for President Trump! Hes the reach around the deep state didnt see coming. No pun intended. Could a robot make this up?