Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Q: Nobody can imagine the level of evil

Nobody can imagine the level of evil

Published on Jan 23, 2018

Q returned today to warn the world that the level of evil of the Deep State is beyond our worse imaginings. Q team says it is at the highest levels and that we "cannot rest until the guilty are held accountable". William Binney appears on InfoWars to discuss the #MEMO POSTED on the Director of National Intelligence website.

To understand the enormity of the full spectrum control created by the Deep State and that could be exposed by full disclosure of the documentation behind #RELEASETHEMEMO, please watch this excellent expose by Thomas Payne of


Slaveman said...

None are more hopelessly enslaved as those who believe they are free. #RELEASETHEMEMO. (the Russian Bots in my head made me write this)

Olive Oyl said...

ha ha ha ha! Sure - we really believe that one about the 'Russian bots'! Thanks for the comment! That and a good cup of java made by morning! Good to hear from you Slaveman!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are "Hillary bots", actually. And she and all the others who have perpetuated this false narrative - which now Congress spends billions on to investigate - these people's accounts should be used to pay back the US tax dollars wasted in their lies.

And just one tiny example of their evilness - murdering their 'fellow Americans' to get wars:

Anonymous said...

Could somebody please share the following information with Q Anon? Interested to know his summation and opinion on it. Thanks.

War In Heaven - Target Reveal ... Farsight

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