Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sample of a Mandatory FSIA Notice

By Anna Von Reitz

I am getting a lot of frantic people who have been approached by the vermin who can't figure out how to do a simple (but mandatory) FISA Notice, so I concocted an "example" of how such a Notice might appear to give them an idea.  

Obviously, this is just an example that would need to be re-worked for each individual and each individual case.  People need to put their own names and data into such a Notice, their own addresses, etc.  This just shows the basic form of how such a Notice can be done.  

This is the first thing that needs to be put in place the moment people are approached by the hired Help, including any of the foreign municipal or territorial courts.  This is the reply to make to their services and summons.  Flag them off by making a reply (so they can't say you evaded anything or showed them contempt) and giving them proper NOTICE that you are not "acting as" or in the capacity of one of them. 

Here is the link to the document:

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Anonymous said...

If one is approached by the County Code Enforcement gang, can this be used? As responding to them at all (being sure you do not speak to anyone or respond to THEIR paperwork which seems to put one in contract with them), is there a manner in which this FISA letter, can close the door they are trying to crack open? The violations they innumerate on the general form letter that is either taped to a gate or mailed, are just a smattering of possible
codes "that may have been broken", but they then (if allowed to move forward) bill monthly "penalties", which get doubled each month (if you do not let them on the property to establish what is wrong and what is remedied according to "them"). If the "penalties" are not paid, they put a lien on the property. It is stated on their initial paperwork that "property may be auctioned to recover money owed". Or words to that affect.
This is of course an evil, money and/or property forgeiture game, of which they would love to win. It is not uncommon. So, can you please give the the particulars as to how to deal with this using the letter here?

They do not bother taking it to court...I just wish to avoid the trap, as I am sure others do as well! I am in California, should that be of importance.
Many thanks...
Concerned soul