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1)  The above definition converts every; man, women, and child, into a piece of paper (a corporation).  The fake judge (corporate administrator) can use any definition present.  The presence of the latter definition (a corporation) proves the global crime syndicate is using it.  Welcome to BABYLON the GREAT, the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, all owned by the QUEEN of ENGLAND.
2)  Rich people are exalted over the poor.  The rich can afford justice because they can afford the lawyers required to search out statutes hidden amongst trillions of statutes.  This also allows the rich to capitalize on the poor because the poor are unable to receive justice.
3)  Poor people cannot afford justice, they cannot afford the lawyers to search out the hidden statutes. This is why we have police corruption, this is why we have corporations who make decisions based on the predicted outcome of cost verses profit when it comes to analyzing class action lawsuits against them.  The lawyers have taken away the key of knowledge, so if you cannot afford lawyers, you are afforded no justice. "Legalese" and "word-crafting" have paved way for atrocities small and great, which is why Christ said, "Woe to you the lawyers for you have taken away the key of the knowledge.  You yourselves not did enter and those who are entering, you hindered." (LUKE 11:52)



Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mike Pence Treason - satanist. murderer and pedophile

Mike Pence Treason - A Snitch for Mueller 

Published on Jan 26, 2018

BREAKING: WATCH THE REPORT. We have always been a fan of Mike and Karen Pence but over time the words and actions of the Vice President have caused us to question his ultimate loyalty to our Commander in Chief. 

This special in depth report concerning Mike Pence is not a dark news tabloid fabrication. Some black list news channels up here have falsely slandered Mike Pence with unfair innuendo with zero empirical evidence to back their sensational and salacious claims. But there is, in reality, enough evidence to show duplicity in the hearts of the Pence's toward this President. 

Frankly, Donald J.Trump is the greatest President since the founding of this Republic. Our loyalty is to the US Constitution and to President Trump alone - NOT Mike Pence. We believe he has leaked to Bob Mueller as well as to members of his team of GOP RINOs and DNC globalist legal hacks.

Being an Islamic sympathizer, Pence was instrumental in convincing Rex Tillerson at State and others to allow for more Muslims to enter the US than ever before - even higher numbers than under the George Soros "Open Society" mandates of the Obama administration.  Pence called the President's Islam migration policy "dumb" and worked to get the thousands of Middle Eastern, Syrian Muslim men and ISIS "refugees" that Australia did not want - brought to the USA - against the President's desires. A VERY BAD DEAL for the safety of the American people.  

Pence betrayed the closest ally of the President and intelligence expert General Mike Flynn and, along with Susan Rice and Bob Mueller, entrapped the nationalist General on a technicality, opening the door for Mueller to be picked by Rod Rosenstein. 

Andy McCabe, Hillary and Comeys whole impeach Trump strategy was always the " F Flynn and F Trump" MO. 

General Flynn would have totally protected the President from any fake Mueller probe. He is a MAGA nationalist and loyalist in the DOD for the President. Flynn had to be removed so Mike Pence fired him on a mere "process" violation - failing to answer 2 questions on a security clearance form totally by omission and mistake. 

Yet it was Mike Pence who thrust the knife into Flynn and this opened the door for the entire Mueller Investigation. Horrendous. 

Add to this Karen Pence's holier than thou and condescending private despising of Donald and Melania Trump and there was already a natural propensity to work privately against our fine POTUS any way.  Mike Pence's allegiances go deep in Washington - long before he met President Trump. 

This incessant inside attack by New World Order (NWO), GOP regulars and DNC hacks is ongoing and represents an underlying difference between the politics and world views of the patriots and the globalists. The President has bravely walked a lonely road in his "America First "nationalist agenda", surrounded by "know it all" elitist GOP RINO - Bushites and trans-nationalists like Mike Pence. But Mike has manged rather well to blend into the background of the West Wing scenery - working his treachery with stealth and alacrity. He only met the President 2 years ago. We always believed his long term decadal friendship with Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, the Bushes and Romney's would eventually become problematic for the President. 

We are here not to wrongfully attack the VP personally but to investigate his POLITICAL views and actions - domestic and foreign -  as compared to the Make America Great Again strategy of PDJT world views. No other President since John F. Kennedy has been more unjustly maligned and betrayed by 'friends' and 'confidants' in the West Wing than this President but - with our prayers and efforts - this God sent President will totally prevail.

We hope this report has constructive results and sends a warning shot over the bow of Mike and Karen Pence's ambitions, We hope that they would choose loyalty to MAGA "We the People" and PDJT.  That is our prayer. But, if not, in 2020 true conservative nationalists like Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, etc. or even Don, Jr. would be a far better choice as VP than the closet NEOCON Bush and McCain loving trans-nationalists Karen and Mike Pence.
We know it will be difficult for some to believe this about Mike because he is such a winsome guy and a devout pro-lifer (reported to have murdered a young boy, a sacrifice to satan), Christian and wonderful family man (??!! - a superficial illusion and deception.  Reports from others state that Pence is a KNOWN pedophile and satan worshipper, and has murdered a young boy in a satanic sacrifice ceremony. Indiana  played a significant part in pedophilia and human slavery trade during Pence's time as governor. Refer to videos below for initial info on this matter):

Please stay tuned as we at InspoNews continue to research for further updates regarding these and other undercurrents that the MSM and even Fox will fail to report to you on this matter. Desire by Federico Cardella


Moonlighter said...

Hang ALL the traitors !

Anonymous said...

Halloween 2016 a photo of Mike and Karen Pence and a couple of others ..not sure who they were.. but it appeared they were on a plane and all had ‘OWL’ Eye makes on. When I saw this instantly something didn’t seem right and since then I’ve not been able to listen to him speak. I wish I would have saved the photo because I went to try and find it this year and its no place to be found. I even went back a year on fb but to no avail it wasn’t there.

just some dude with dsl said...

This disturbs me.

Unknown said...

Research Tory Smith, not only 1 young boy but there are reports of him killing 186 children in a ritualistic satanic pedophile situation. Tory Smith was killed for his report on Mike Pence, but he is not the only one reported also Timothy Helmseth has reported that Mike Pence is a pedophile. The christian man portrayal is just a cover but I believe every word of these reports.

Anonymous said...

Pence AND his bought and paid for wife should be hung like all the rest of the f'n traitors, along with our destroyer enmass, Georgie Sorass- WTF is the hold up? We can't move on with our lives and a frigged up country until all the traitors are removed, and SOROS being the number one reason for 90% of the problems with the United States, because he is trying his damndest to turn the united States into a third world country- You get rid of his influence, power, and money, the rest will shrivel, because they have no push to continue the threat of violence and world disorder-and, don't forget SOROS son, he is just as guilty, or even worse than his father is-When all is said and done, I hope when it all goes down, they are shown on LIVE TV, getting their just come uppance- Decades of kharma will be a real bitch to those that have thrust such treasonous acts against humanity, and this country, and personally, with all we've been through, I can't wait for the end result, and maybe then, we all will end up victorious-Just hurry up and execute the bastards, and be done with it, PRONTO-