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Nazi War Criminals Escaped Justice
Nazis In America & Nazis in Allied Nations Buried Evidence = Operation Paperclip

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Anon 11.11 -- Q drops the bomb. FISA DECLAS that Q promised is not what you think it is ... (QRV)

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submitted  ago by 2836802?

[–] 14871144? 70 points (+73|-3)  ago 
I don't know the plan but I surely trust The Plan. It ain't over till it's over. Roll on Sunday. WWG1WGA
[–] 14872787? 25 points (+33|-8)  ago 
After 11.11 what date will it be next? The magic always happens in the future. Never today. Why not?
[–] 14872949? 83 points (+87|-4)  ago 
Because, Neo. You have been enslaved. Trapped in a prison that has been 3,000 years or more in the making. Because what you think is a free world is a myth. Even America, land of the Free, well. What they don't tell you, is Land of the Free(mason). Everything has been a fiction to get us to this point. The last hundred years of history, the history books are half fiction half truth. Q pointed it out for a reason. Nothing we've been told is True.
The courts are filled to the brim with corrupt judges who are all part of secret societies and have given death oaths, there are C_A agents in positions of power. And never let anyone tell you they're "ex" C_A without taking what they tell you with a huge grain of salt. Trust but verify as it were. Why do you think Q keeps mentioning Rule of Law? Why do they have to go through Military Tribunals? You think it's merely because of treason charges? Then you aren't paying attention.
The lies, the amount of lies and treason on a mass(read: World Wide) Scale.$%#* hell.
Why can't we just overturn all of this with a flip of a switch
I $%#* wonder. With everything being an illusion I can't possibly imagine why they have to take the bandages off bit by bit. Q wasn't kidding when he said when everything is disclosed, many will be hospitalized. That even among the so-called awakened, there are only a few who really "Get it". A lot of you are like this individual here. You don't "Get" the scope of it. You think it's some $%#* game. You think giving up actually $%#*  matters. Do you not realize you're at war? Your very $%#*  life is on the line. "Oh Q never pulls through for us when he says he will. You know, publically, to the enemy, all the time. Like a retard. God damn, why doesn't he ever just nakedly tell us what he's going to do? I mean it's not like the enemy literally accesses the same fucking public board or anything like that right? It's not like the first law of War is All War is Based on Deception
Disinfo is REAL
Disinfo is NECESSARY
But no, I'm some magical fucking self important fucking who clearly understands all that is going on and therefor when I don't see enough evidence I'm self important enough to be worthy of being heard as I spew ignorant shit."
Shill harder. Please.

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