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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

CONFIRMED: The Original Thirteenth Amendment Was Ratified, And Then Improperly Removed From The Constitution

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Did the unlawful removal occur because it outlawed BAR-registered attorneys  in the United States?

The 13th Article of Amendment added an enforceable strict penalty — inability to hold office and loss of citizenship

The Demon Of Discord

Ratification and Suppression of the Original Thirteenth Article
of Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

By Richard C. Green

A Rebuttal to All Attempts to Disavow the Ratification of The Titles of Nobility and Honour Thirteenth Article of Amendment To The Constitution For The United States Of America

Well into the Second Session of the Eleventh Congress, Senator Philip Reed of Maryland issued the first version of a proposed amendment to the Constitution: known now as the Titles Of Nobility Amendment (or TONA). The first version was read to Senators on January 18th of 1810.[1] A revised version was read to the Senate on January 29th. And on February 13th of 1810, the TONA was recommitted to a select committee consisting of Senators Reed, William Branch Giles, Michael Leib, William H. Crawford and Timothy Pickering, for further consideration.[2] In its final form[3], and as sent to the Legislatures of the seventeen States for ratification, it reads:

Amendment Article XIII

“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any Emperor, King, Prince, or foreign Power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”
Writing about this Amendment in the Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal [Vol. 8:577 1999], Jol. A. Silversmith attempts to discredit the assertion that the ratification process for this article of amendment to the Constitution for the United States — which was first rediscovered in a book of State law for Maine [4] by David Dodge and Tom Dunn and made public knowledge again — was lawfully completed. For many years Mr. Dodge has been convinced that this article was properly ratified and then unlawfully suppressed, and he has called it the “Original Thirteenth Amendment.”...Continue article here

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