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Monday, November 5, 2018

Does anyone remember "Partial Birth Abortion"? Do you remember the Clinton's tried to make it law at taxpayer's expense? Warning Graphic images

Knowing what we now know about pizzagate, pedogate and what Planned Parenthood has done to our children, we can comprehend why they wanted partial birth abortion. Killing new born's at birth gave them all the fully developed body parts they wanted for their sick evil acts, and guess who is paying the bill. That's right the American people! We need to wake up and take our country back!
Bill Clinton (1993-2001):
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
President Clinton was adamantly pro-choice.  Indeed, on the 4th day of his presidency, Mr. Clinton signed a series of executive orders reversing the anti-abortion policies of the Reagan-Bush era.   Among the actions President Clinton took during his tenure in office were:
He vetoed the “Partial Birth Abortion Ban” Act, which would have prohibited that particular form of abortion (known as an Intact D&X to the pro-choice movement) unless the mother’s life was in danger.  Clinton noted that he would have signed the bill if it contained an exception to protect the woman’s “health,” but anti-abortion legislators would not add that exception because they felt it would have create a loophole that would have allowed most abortions;
He allowed abortions to be performed on U.S. military bases overseas, another reversal of Reagan and Bush policy;...continue article here

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a Planned Parenthood Action Fund membership event in Washington on June 10, 2016.
During Saturday’s republican presidential debate, pro-life Florida Senator Marco Rubio made it clear that there is a huge contrast with Hillary Clinton and her position supporting unlimited abortions. Rubio said Clinton’s abortion position is “extreme,” adding that she supports abortion on “the baby’s due date.”
Clinton’s campaign yesterday responded to Rubio and brought up a September Clinton interview with NBC, where she ultimately defended abortion up to birth and even went so far as defending partial-birth abortions. Clinton supports a gutting health exception that essentially allows unlimited abortions up to birth in many states in the United States.
Her campaign pointed NBC News to remarks she made during an interview on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”
“I’ve said … that there can be restrictions in the very end of the third trimester, but they have to take into account the life and health of the mother,” Clinton said on “Meet the Press” in September.
“My husband vetoed a very restrictive legislation on late-term abortions, and he vetoed it at an event in the White House where we invited a lot of women who had faced this very difficult decision, that ought to be made based on their own conscience, their family, their faith, in consultation with doctors. Those stories left a searing impression on me,” she continued...continue article here
Her rhetoric last night was dishonest, but not surprising.
Early on in last night’s debate, Hillary Clinton confirmed that, if elected, she will toe the party line on abortion: Predictably, she promised to uphold Roe v. Wade and guaranteed that Planned Parenthood would never be defunded under her administration. But when moderator Chris Wallace pressed her on the more extreme abortion stances she has taken in the past, she was unmoved. She defended her record, going so far as to argue, for a host of false reasons, that partial-birth abortion is an acceptable practice...continue article here
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