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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Insider Reveals Mason Dirty Secrets!

Before It's News

Bill Cooper Interviews a 32 Degree Freemason
The first video above is an interview Bill Cooper did with a 32 degree freemason who revealed all the dirty secrets!  This man was fooled by the lies of freemasonry until Bill Cooper woke him up!  He spilled the beans to Bill Cooper about everything he knew!  He’s a hero just like Bill Cooper!  The more I’ve learned about Bill Cooper, the more I admire the work he did for humanity!  He organized people infiltrating the Masons and other groups within government and telling all their secrets as you’ll hear in this video from patriot William Morgan!  This Bill Cooper intelligence operation was called the Citizens Agency For Joint Intelligence (CAJI)!   Compare this information about the Masons to what you hear from the tip of the spear Alex Jones who never tells the members in the Masons to get out of Masonry and serve Jesus instead!   Have you ever heard Alex Jones expose the Masons’ secrets like Bill Cooper does here?   The Masons are satanic.  They serve Lucifer!  The oaths they take are to Lucifer!   The low ranking members just don’t realize it.   

Masonry is not centered around God, it’s centered around satan but most masons don’t even know this!  They use mind control extensively within the lodges and if they find out that a mason has a love for Jesus Christ, he simply is left out of many things and never advances beyond a certain rank!...Continue article and more videos here


  1. The Bible says that Satan is the God of this world, so why should it be any surprise that the people of this world worship Satan.

  2. This Man Is a Bald Face Liar Period, ! I Take Total offense to this Crap Bag of Shit ! The Reason Bill Copper writes all this is Because he was Black Balled ! And has a Vendetta against the Masons , So he Goes and Lies And Causes Bull Shit, Bill Cooper Go Fuck Yourself You Lying Sack of Moose Shit !
    A Very Pissed Off Vet and a Proud Mason !