Messiah Asks For Tornados, God Gives Tornados, District of Criminals Is Fallen

The Son of Man asks God to harm the trees and the land, to send a sign that the 144,000 have been numbered on their foreheads and that the secret contracts of the federal corporations and the straw man corporations have been dissolved in the Spiritual Jurisdiction, as these things were most despised by God, as they were enslaving God's creations, God's children.  Prophecy has been fulfilled, "We have come out of her, lest we'd of partaken in her sins and of her plagues."
Date of Request:  Saturday, May 18 2019
God responded by sending 120 tornados.

The Son of Man then asks God to send a tornado to the District of Criminals, to show the world how God is going to divide God's lambs from Satan's goats, to divide the nations from each other which have been secretly bound together, and to divide the wheat from the tares, the tares shall be burnt.
And God sent three tornados to the DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS (Washington DC), split a house in half, sent a tornado that cut a 5.5 mile swath (5:5?), splintered a telephone pole into a cross, and tore down Washington's mulberry tree (faith of a mustard seed).
Luke 17:6
I, The Son of Man, believe, i have more than a mustard seed of faith.  There shall be much calamity.  The tribulations have begun.  The Washington monument and the other phallus symbols placing Satan on high in the Vatican and London, all shall come crashing down to the mud.  Babylon the Great has fallen.  And God, The ONE Infinite Creator has convened with me in the Spiritual Jurisdiction of Authority under the Key of the House of David, and God has liberated all God's children from Babylon the Great.  Even though these things are not yet visible to you, "You, God's children, HAVE COME OUT OF HER, Babylon the Great," and God has remembered the sins of her iniquity, and her sins have piled up to heaven, and NOW BEGINS THE WRATH, and the reward of the wicked.  FALL TO YOUR KNEES, place God on high, and beg for forgiveness, and stand anew, and walk in the faith of the ONE, Infinite Creator, you shall not receive another opportunity.

If you want to find the information previously on the header, it is here, for a couple days while God smashes on Babylon the Great, dividing God's Lambs from Satan's Goats, dividing the nations from each other which were secretly bound together into ONE World Government, called, THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, and thus God is dividing the Wheat from the Tares, because it is HARVEST TIME.
Message to God's Servant Prophets, Servants, and to God's children who wish to join in, and help tear down the crown of pride:

Friday, November 23, 2018

New U.S. Currency is Already in the Money Supply

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Friday, November 23, 2018

New U.S. Currency is Already in the Money Supply

New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply

By Anonymous Patriots
SOTN Exclusive

For those of you that are stressing about the collapse of the U.S. dollar and the Federal Reserve, please 
take faith that initial measures have been taken to insure a not-so-hard landing when the Federal Reserve 
Note will be retired out of circulation, being replaced by notes printed and backed solely by the U.S. Treasury.

If you have been putting your money under the mattress for the last few years, you will want to take the 
time to read this article so that you can replace the old fiat currency of the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) 
with new currency.

We believe that those who do not start taking action will find in the near future that their fiat currency is un-redeemable. This is particularly true of the billions of dollars that are held in cash outside of the United 
States, most of which will not be redeemable once the transition is made.

​As our readers know, our articles can be a bit lengthy, but we like to fully educate you on our topics so that 
you can take the message and disseminate to your constituency in a manner that will resonate with them.

Not everyone will need to know all the details, but for those reading this article, you are at the top level of 
the underground information pyramid for the New Fourth Estate and will need to know background and 
strategies for going forward.

In this article, you will learn:

How the 2009 $100 bill series is a hybrid of the old FRN and the new USTN (US Treasury Note);

How the old $50 FRN has been replaced with a new USTN $50 bill;

How to protect your cash stash if you are still holding old FRNs;

How Benjamin Franklin created fiat currency and why his image will be destroyed on the $100 FRN as 
a symbol of the We the People choosing to govern ourselves again and eliminating Globalists from our 
banking and government systems;

How the new USTN is backed by the gold-silver standard;

A hidden symbol in the new USTN that explains how U.S. wealth was wiped out in 2009 with a 
flood-fire-flood on Water Street;

Why you can’t get a title to your real estate once you have paid off your mortgage;

How We the People are instrumental in completing the process of making the big switch;

How our money supply will become a mixture of digital, paper, and metals in the near future as long as 
We the People wake up and see the writing on the $100 bill....Continue article here

REGARDING the GCR/RV update this morning;
Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 22, 2018 The Cabal retaliated by causing the California fire 
disaster by assets previously undetected. The assets utilized by the Cabal to cause the fires were destroyed.
Question from a reader:Do you feel this was talking about the DEW Lockheed Martin Planes or the Smart Meters on 
every home? Answer: Got the answer to my question... the answer is "Both" that's all just "Both"

OWoN: We can’t comment ahead of what being hard fought right now. Loose lips sink ships.
When dealing with the sheer extent of Banking, Zio filth and Government Deep State Criminals, take nothing for granted. 
Because no one has stopped them in the past, they will stop at nothing to deny, lie and obfuscate. ...
There is momentum at the starter gate. The cases are in play.