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Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Iteration Method of Stopping Any Court Action Before It Starts

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  1. Sometimes they stop in commercial law and say if the person, yes person; that definition of corporation, association, conservatorship, natural person (paper is natural), etc, is not here then their representative needs to be here.

    When you don't claim the representative, the judge will tell the clerk to issue a warrant for the arrest of the person.
    The judge usually has a signed ticket regardless of what is written in the signature.
    You could have wrote under coercion and signed your first name only.
    This is how the judge attempts to get around lack of personal jurisdiction.
    He gets a cop to identify you as the person and bring you in; straight to jail.
    By law you should go straight to a magistrate where you affirm you are not who they seek.
    You are 'called' not named.

    Maxim of law
    A thing that is similar is never exactly the same.

    They want you to contract with a bond company who will contract with the courts.
    You agree to be the person to get out of jail or you put Identity theft, narrated on the papers, when you sign the word you are called, first word only.
    Whoever takes the papers, takes them if they see a name on it.
    Tell them that's how you sign in these circumstances.
    No one can tell you how to sign.
    Come day in court, a judge moving on an identity theft or narrated contract is in deep trouble.