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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Turning the Tide | Report #19 | A New America OWoN © All Rights Reserved


One World of Nations Turning the Tide Series 7 November 2018 With the realignment of empirical Global territories, new wealth, power and dominance will all have to be rethought through. Each nation now seeks to be free of the US Cabal Zionist Hegemony snout. But how will the old dual Anglo American forces now re-task and reemerge, each still with a viable hold of dominance, however hidden. Be assured, smart pervasive forces in each nation will play out new roles for position. Can we each cope with the new Chess Board moves? Because, we must. Donald Trump is trying to free America of the Deep State. Americans have no greater enemies than those Usurpers of Freedom within. Evolution or Revolution? Even the British seek Brexit to re-evolve as a nation freed from Socialist Pariahs. They will of its people who said No More! The shock for the Deep State as (God Bless you ALL those Thinking Americans who voted for change) Trump was elected by the WILL of the people to Drain the Swamp. But will he? The social drive of Asia now wanting its own territorial freedom to emerge will be accommodated. Board games are yet to be played out. London is the most accomplished Chess Player bar none, and its US Alliance is strong with the City itself being key to all of Washington's capital dependency based positions. As new reemerging and re-tasking for all new profile players, the Anglo American Alliance will become more convoluted and strategically intense than ever. Mutually dependent. Let us do Good! Repositioning now is key. Also conceding old strategies.

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Change is unstoppable. As will be the future homogeneous integration of the vast Russian territories integrating with East or West, and with the new found emerging expansion of each empowered new thinking Being, with so many nations soon to be freed from failed religious dominance. Religions will not stand up to the scrutiny coming. Societies all will go into focused conflict with the old Vatican and Rothschild's Zionist control of monetary systems. Their claws will be broken free, by each nation and culture seeking their own destiny. A cooperative of nations will find their own new level. Free Spirits of course will want a say in the destiny of their own nations and cultural changes. Not least the abominable cult of circumcising children. Future societies will look back in abhorrence as such blood cult, perverse practices. The key question now, is how post a GCR (Global Currency Reset), we best help seek a new Global plateau of emerging nations and the new Thought Patterns towards a better World Order. One focused to protect our home planet for all? One uplifting humanity and spiritual values. Freeing minds. With the incoming hard reality of Eurasia, try as it will, Washington's Military Industrial Cabal and its NWO Agencies, will simply be excluded. Not allowing its presumptuous Hegemony control of Global affairs, manipulating trade and monetary policies. Self Interest will be surpassed by Collective needs and Free Will. We need to rethink the ambiance of collective interest, not self. A marriage of minds. The American people soon need to coexist with emerging nations, in planned cooperation - not Colonization. Seismic changes for America.

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