Monday, September 3, 2012


"The World Will Not Be Destroyed By Those Who Do Evil, But By Those Who Watch Them Without Doing Anything." - Albert Einstein
     "The Constitution Is Not An Instrument For The Government To Restrain The People; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests" - Patrick Henry
     2 Thessalonians 2- 12: "That they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

     A government is growing into reality which started as the authority for the Confederate Government, Confederate States of America, which never legally surrendered to the federal union of Washington, D.C.
     A Confederate Colonial running a branch of the revived Confederate Intelligence Service has massively penetrated the conspiracy of Obama for a planned military takeover of America 10 days before the national election. We have spies on what is going on. Large numbers of Russian soldiers with support from it must be from the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon have been smuggled into America in large flights at night so they would not be seen. We heavily penetrated the security of this operation to bring in foreign mercenary soldiers for the planned military seizure of America by Obama. The Russian soldiers are to be dressed in U.S. military uniforms so Americans will hesitate to shoot them. A dead giveaway that they are Russians is that they speak English with a foreign accent. The Russians are very cocky they will smash the Americans overnight. They look for a rapid military operation and America finished off. We have also heard that China will be backing the operation of the military takeover of America by foreign soldiers invited in so Obama can militarily seize control of America. We have not spotted any Chinese soldiers as of yet, but the reports we are receiving is that this will be a joint Russian-Chinese military operation to smash the American people overnight. A top Chinese general a few years ago in Asia talked about China had legal claim to North America as Chinese galley ships spotted America around 1,000 A.D. long before Christopher Columbus sailed for the New World in 1492. This Chinese general said once the Chinese occupied North America, they would kill off 2 out of every 3 Americans and the 1 left alive or around 100 million Americans left alive would be the slaves to the Chinese colonists coming over the Bering Straits to America. China would according to what this general said probably would send 200-300 million Chinese to occupy and colonize America. The general did not say this far, but it is obvious logic that Canada and Mexico are also to be mass decimated and their remnant left alive would also be slaves to the Chinese colonists.
      The pieces are now coming together. I had hoped that Putin had not remained a dedicated Communist. The planned Russian-Chinese military takeover of America is by invitation of Obama who is a hardcore Communist to make America a Communist nation.  Whatever part of America he has not killed off will have the honor of accepting Communist rulers over them or also be killed off with the prior Americans mass slaughtered.
      It appears the 1992 report of the Defense Intelligence Agency which named Obama back then as the planned Communist Trojan Horse to take over America later on with secret Communist support from within America is a valid report. An American operative in Moscow sent back the name of Obama in 1992 as the one a Communist woman in Moscow said the Communists would take over America later on with! This  Black in America named Obama once he was prepared and trained enough would then carry out the Communist plan for the Communist takeover of America. The documentary movie our Treason Press is trying so hard to smear and suppress is "2016: Obama's America." The key scholar behind this movie is a man born in India but moved to America and believes in the values America was founded upon, not the African-Asian fanatical Communism Obama was trained upon since a small child. People were interviewed in this movie who knew Obama, and others who could tell us more about his real character. Obama has a savage hatred of the White Race, and would love to see 50% or more of all the Whites in America killed off by an American Communist Government of Wash., D.C. Most Americans do not understand the character of Obama. He is a dedicated fanatic both to Communism and to Islam. He is willing to pull any trick or lie necessary to gain effective national power. Then the mass slaughter begins in America of all races, not just Blacks. Obama is not prejudiced. He will gladly kill off all races resisting Communism taking over America by military conquest by Wash., D.C. By the way, a Black radio announcer checked out Obama's racial background and found him one-half White, the rest mainly Arab and a small part of him is racially Black. Americans really elected an Arab as President, not A BLACK. See that 2016 movie on Obama and you will understand how he thinks as a Communist and planned Manchurian Candidate For Americas.
     Information this Confederate Colonial has gathered includes Russia and China plan to double-cross Obama once they gain effective power over America. Some clues picked up by our sources indicates Russia and China have no place for Obama after they totally control America. He will apparently be killed off once he is no further use to them. He is the Trojan Horse to open the defense gates of America to enemy armies so they can invade and conquer America in a lightning war in effect. We understand they have discussed plans to use an EMP attack to quickly kill off about all Americans once the cities collapse as all electrical power is wiped out across America. They have also considered neutron bombs to kill off the Americans but leave factories and cities empty and available for the foreign races to move into once no Americans are left alive.
     This is a Communist alliance between Russia, China, and our Red in the White House Obama. It has been dormant for some while, but I had access long ago to Communist plans for world takeover. If they once captured control of America, then Russia would regain control by military force of Poland, etc. and once ready, Russia would march to militarily conquer and take over Western Europe. Then Africa, Middle East, Central and Latin America, and the rest of anything left in the world.
     I don't like to repeat it but many have not seen this reference on me before. I was written up by a prestigious international organization years ago as "The Einstein Of American Economics." If Obama tries to crash the American economy to make the military takeover easy for him, I know the economic tricks where in a few short days I will have the nation back on track and running smoothly again. Make me quick economic czar of America so I can enact fast economic moves and America calms down where the economy is running like Swiss clockwork. I am pulling the rug from a key pillar of Obama's plan by letting you know that you don't have to have a heart attack if the American economy suddenly crashes overnight. Like I doctor, I can fast revive the economic heart of America if needed.
     Obama admitted and was recorded in 2006 telling a bunch of Americans that he was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya. That already tells you that his alleged birth certificates are forgeries and probably arranged for him by C.I.A. His college photo ID is all over the internet and he was listed as a foreign exchange student, not an American citizen. Since Americans are generally not seriously committed to world victory for democracy, victory of Christianity in America, etc., you do not understand the really dedicated political radical like Obama is. Just because you wouldn't kill half of Americans, you think that Obama could not. That boy if given the chance would not hesitate to do this. That boy is fanatical and you are not. That is why you cannot believe that he would be evil enough to do all this. He was super brainwashed by the Communists over much of his life and he understands nothing of American economics, America's belief in freedom, etc.
     Now I have a brutally tough decision to make and the input of the American people is invited if you can give me intelligent arguments pro or con. I can probably stop Russia and China from militarily defeating America, but the tactic is brutal and ruthless. Years ago I got a defector from the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies to teach me all the nuclear warfare tactics of the then Soviet Union including how to build their Soviet-era Doomsday Bomb. The Soviet-era Doomsday Bomb is the most ruthless nuclear warfare concept ever to exist on earth. They did not test it but those familiar with nuclear warfare already know it will work. I have secret agents and if I okay it, one or more will meet with picked foreign governments, decide who to deal with, and show them the Soviet technology for the Soviet-era Doomsday Bomb. It can be fast built if they already have a nuclear arsenal. I have to make some kind of powerful deal on behalf of the American people to buy you your lives from Communist led Russia, China, and Communist Obama the lunatic fanatic in the White House. Do you want me to make the deal that saves the lives of up to half of the American people from being killed? I arrange the deal and Russia will suddenly face the Soviet-era Doomsday Bomb aimed at her and if it hits Russia, the Russian Race will be wiped out and Russia will no longer exist as a nation. If used on China, we wipe out China as a nation and wipe out the Chinese Race in Asia. And one more set of these bombs. If needed, we try to selectively use it if required. If Wash., D.C. does not turn over to us Obama and co-traitors so we can execute them for having put all Americans through this colossal hell of trying to set us up for mass slaughter, we can take out Wash., D.C. if necessary and elsewhere if needed and wipe out the entire power base for Wash., D.C. I despise doing all this but can arrange this if the American people want me to. If we end up smashing Wash., D.C. and it never arises again, then the Confederate Government will accept all 50 states into its confederated union and we will go on as a united nation, but under confederate leadership instead of federal.
      I can have the Soviet-era Doomsday Bombs ordered set up by foreign military crews so they are set to attack Russia and China 12 days before the national election. Unless Russia withdraws her military from  America, we will wipe out Russia as a nation forever. Brutal, but reality. Unless China backs off and wants peace with the American people, we can and will if necessary annihilate China and the wipe out the Chinese Race if required. Terrible situation as I don't want to kill anyone, but I will defend the American people if you want me to block Obama from taking over America for the Communist military alliance for Russia, China, and Obama's Wash., D.C. The federal government has been colossally corrupted by elements for Obama and have forgotten that they are supposed to also be American citizens. Maybe we can call them Washingtonians to legally label as ex-Americans who now are the enemies of the American people. Military elements loyal to the American people. time to show your side. Federal leaders and personnel loyal to the American people, time to show your side.
     You may communicate your thoughts to me at . You can send in financial support so we can move more effectively to end this Obama Communist threat to America and the American people. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and send to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. You may read copies of my proposed OMNI LAW at Nesara News. Look at their search box at the top left side over their archive listing of reports and put in Omni Law. Want to see other reports of mine listed with them, put in Erasmus Of America which I used as a pen name while tackling this would-be tyrant Obama. By the way, some Jewish scholars looked up in Bible Code in the Old Testament the name of Obama and he is listed as so evil as maybe to be the most evil leader in world history since man began on earth. He can be stopped, but actions have to be taken now. This is not a leisure type situation that can be solved in some future year. The Omni Law has to be passed and fast or the Confederate States of America will fast assert its national independence and then the federal union is ended forever. People have asked who the 10 Civil Tribunes will likely be if the Omni Law is passed. 1. Walter E. Williams, prominent Black economist. Very smart and sound! 2. Erasmus of America (I know a ton of tricks in economic science.) 3. Pat Buchanan. He is a good man. He like the others will have to be interviewed first to make sure that he has no hidden loyalties to interfere with this position, but I think he will check out fine! 4. Newt Gingrich. I am good at figuring out the true characters of people. He wants to really serve the American people with integrity. Give him the chance! 5. Terry (a very smart financial brain in PA, but I will release more on him when necessary.). 6. Greg Ciola, Editor, Crusador, . Maybe smartest brain in America in national health. And he will tell you why the Obamacare is so evil for the American people. I will mention separately Obamacare has hidden in it the setup of a total Soviet-style police state in America and all Americans are now the conquered subjects of Sharia Law as the Muslims now rule Wash., D.C. under the Obamacare so-called "law." 7. Frank (of Virginia). Very smart politically, national health, etc. 8. Jim (good friend of mine. Very smart, member of American Indian tribe. Will well represent interests of American Indians and all Americans as well 9. Phyllis Schlafly. I like the gal! Super patriot and super smart! 10. Former Rep. James A. Traficant, Jr. (D) from Ohio. He was too honest in Congress and so U.S. Justice Dept. legally framed him. Now he can judge U. S Justice Dept., etc.!   
      If any candidates for American civil tribunes can't serve, will find replacements, but all these Americans all your Americans out there would like on your side.
     I hope Wash., D.C. will give me a face-facing maneuver so I can keep the 50 states united. Pass the Omni Law and you are nearly there in making peace with the Confederate  States of America. Don't pass it and we will go independent for real!
      Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America


  1. John,
    What the hell gives? Is this for real?
    How do we know if this person Erasmus is as good as he claims to be. Have you vetted him?
    In Sheldan Nidle's comments along with other soothsayers......there will be no wars of mass destruction allowed by our Galactic friends!How do you read this?

    1. 1:33 Are you sure this Galactic stuff isn't psy-ops so you will sit there and believe it and do nothing? The Russians have been trying to get rid of the U.S. for a long time. Here is a video of an interview with Alfred Lambramonte Weber and George you know anything about these 2? One time in an interview I heard Alfred Lambramonte Weber say that the 5th dimension means death. Now whether he has changed his perception of this or not, I'm not sure. This topic they converse on is called:"Expert ET Contactee: Half Of Humanity Ascends To 5th Dimension On March 21, 2013", page 1 This guy George Kavassilas says to someone from Ashtar command that even if they give us technology to help us, and clean up the planet, they don't have permission to do this, and it could make things worse for us instead of better. That is about 1/2 way through the video. We don't want to be killed by the "Llumos".

    2. How can someone write an article about nuking D.C. if he weren't for real? They picked up Marine Raub for Fed Res comments in Facebook. So how could erasmus write articles about nukes without him being arrested for terrorism or something? Either he's legit or an operative. Time will tell.

    3. He's either for real or an operative. otherwise he would have been arrested for terrorism with comments like nuking D.C. Look what happened to US Marine Raub for comments on Facebook.

  2. Thanks Anonymous 1:33!

    I rushed to comment... This is total disinformation to make it appear that BRIC in the form of Russia, China, and Obama working with them is a takeover of our country.

    Action by Russia, China, and Obama will be to take back our rights. Don't be fooled, people. This propaganda is designed to make people panic when the Russians and Chinese are just trying to help us get free.

    1. Hello! Are you THINKING Anon. 2:39? How free are the Chinese? How free are the Russians? How free are they in N. Korea, Cuba, N.Vietnam and all the other communist countries we have had in existence? And the Muslims? Look at their totalitarian states with their violence and intolerance of anything and everything ...especially Christianity and Judaism! Have you been asleep while Obama has VIOLATED our Constitution repeatedly with his executive orders? Duh!!!! Do you know that the Constitution is the LAW of the land?? Just what is your problem? Are you drinking Kool Aid or smoking something that makes you utterly unable to comprehend that Obama is TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS, NOT WORKING TO GIVE THEM BACK? Or, and this is the big one...are you just plain STUPID?????

    2. "Action by Russia, China, and Obama will be to take back our rights. This propaganda is designed to make people panic when the Russians and Chinese are just trying to help us get free."

      FREE FROM WHAT, Anon. 2:39??? Obama is already in charge, unfortunately. What would he be trying to help us get free from? All he has to do is write another unlawful executive order to straighten things out. Or is he going to free you and other Left Wingers from the Patriots in this country so you can have your utopian communist NWO? Please explain yourself, if you can.

  3. Anonymous 2:39 How do you know this? You should write Erasmus and let him know what makes you think this is so. I'm sure he would rather not do this, but if it's them or will be them. You'd better straight know what you're talking about, because this O cat is known as evil.

  4. Freedom is non-negotiable. - It simply IS...
    Obama can't give it or take it away.. Nor can Romney, the Chi-Coms, Russians, Fascists, militias, clans, political parties, local street gangs, etc.
    Freedom is ONE with who and what we are as individuals.
    To believe one is not free, or must somehow obtain freedom, is itself an attempt to deny innate freedom.
    It is a misguided and deluded relationship with GOD, and GOD given LIFE, which amounts to denial of the HOLY SPIRIT...
    Not saying it's wrong to rebuke and/or ignore the efforts of misguided and deluded politicians who wish to 'govern' others..
    BTW Obama and those scary communists are pretty 'low hanging fruit' to take issue with... - Just saying..
    It's quite possibly more appropriate to practice some self inquiry, and witness the root cause of self limitation.
    Perhaps it is a misguided and deluded misuse of innate freedom... Perhaps not... Can't say for sure.
    I do, however hope it's just temporary.
    I Personally do not intend to devote ANY (more) energy to feeding the parasitic Matrix.

    1. There has been one Free Man in history. That was the Natural, Sovereign, 'king", "in the image" of the Almighty Sovereign, King of kings, Yahwah. Alfa and Omega, . Jehovah God., of the "union of several states", once 13, under God, now 50 under US COR., Democracy of Lawlessness, and the united states[defin] of America, Republic, Under God, [what is Under God is a Born Again Christian Nation and People] with a Republican, Christian Form of Government, "of", subject to, The GOVERNMENT, We the People, the only Sovereign, "kings", "self governing", Free White Men, God's Chosen Israelites, "in His image." Matt 15;26 I come for the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.' Not zionist, Jews of judah-ism, Satan-ism, Ishmaelites of Ishmaewl, father of the Ishmaelites. Arabs. Have you figured out who you are and what is your duty to God as one "in His image." Lets not blame the Jews or Masons for our downfall as world leaders, Yes! They are true "bastards" in the image of the u8nlawful, "legal", father. Satan the Devil, In his image." Jesus got it right the first time. "o ye of little faith." Foolish/sinful Sons of God, lazy, ignorant of His Truth and the history of the usA, republic, *Under God, "Christian America, 1776." John 14;14 Don't cop out as cowards. No need to cower in fear! He promised; "If Ye ask anything "in My name" I shall do it." Trust and Obey !~! Prove your Faith in the Master. Otherwise, He will not interfere in your life. Yes. He is in charge,,,,,of what you ask for, what you put Him in charge of. He will not impose His will on you. "ask and ye shall receive." "When two or more come together,,,,,,, Do you know what to do ? Yet? Claim Revival in America "in His name!!

  5. To completely offset this article, see