Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Open letter 3 to Drake….

This was submitted by a very astute patriot who is knowledgeable on the subjects.

Open letter 3 to Drake….
Hi Drake,
We’re Baaaack!  Drake, we ALL like you as the talkative friendly person you appear to be on the broadcast. We, like you, are older and often use the expression …. “Don’t mess with us old messers.” We are all well educated and, when something doesn’t look right to ALL of us, we will be writing you. Please, do not say something just to say it, as WE are listening.  If you do not have a truthful informed answer, just say “I don’t know but I will find out.”
The American people have been lied to and double crossed ALL of our lives.  In ALL our life time we have never voted in an honest election in this nation.  We have learned from many years of experience that what politicians and those connected to them say are mostly lies, and promises made are seldom, if ever, carried out.
When things you or others say are far from the truth, we have reason to put our antenna up. We have learned to question everything. We ALL want to believe you are telling the truth, but we have other information sources providing opposing intel to what you say, so we continue to say to you “show me the money”.   There are numerous statements you have made during your many broadcasts.  In that regard we have many concerns that we would want to address here, but the following are the issues that we currently consider the most urgent.
In past broadcasts you have inferred things like several crooks were supposed to have been arrested; i.e. Timmy boy and Billy Bop Gates, and others.  Then we learn from the American media that those arrested are back on the job conducting “business as usual.”   You have referred to ‘arrests’ and no evidence of these arrests has ever been produced as having taken place. What is with that??
Drake, in one of your last shows you said that ALL the foreign troops have gone home and now, Sunday, Oct. 14th,  you are saying the troops from Canada, Russia and China on American soil are here to serve the American people and support the ‘positive military’ and militias.  China and Russia are non-aligned nations and they are not controlled by the cabal. 
So ……  what is it?  Are the foreign troops GONE?  Or still here??  We have ‘intel’ that disputes your reports. We are hearing that there are LOTS of foreign troops (not ‘friendly’ to any ‘positive military’) that are ‘hidden’ on America’s soil.  For a starter our Intel says there is or was a rather large contingent of Chinese troops in an abandoned military base near Rock Springs WY.   Anyone close and can check this out??
Drake, the next item on our frustration list is chemtrails - you know, the subject you ALWAYS quickly pass over so you can get to the ‘NEXT!’ topic. You have said several times, and even on last Sunday’s show, that “the US military has nothing to do with chemtrails” … If you can truly believe this and in a clear conscience tell this to your listeners ALL around the world, we have to call you out on this one.   Americans have been lied to enough already concerning chemtrails.  The US Air Force, Army and Navy and the CIA are deeply involved in the entire operation that is being orchestrated and run out of Wright Patterson AFB and Washington, DC.   It is also true the CIA has contracts with many folks (private air services such as Evergreen Air out of Oregon, and Omega Air, based in Wa D.C.) around the planet for delivery of these death toxins, but good old Wright Patterson is the ring leader.
We have included a video of a crashed 707 chemtrail plane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FciesDTH294&feature=endscreen&NR=1
Omega in Greek means ‘the end’.  Take a good look at emblem on the plane’s tail. When you watch the video, it says: “MILITARY tanker plane”. We highly doubt the military uses antiquated old planes that probably came from a mothball fleet to do this death project on us.  If you don’t believe us, CALL YOUR MILITARY FRIENDS.  IF THEY SAY OTHERWISE, THEY ARE LYING.…. If they don’t have anything to do with it, WHY ARE THEY ALLOWING IT??   SOUNDS LIKE COLLUSION TO US. 
What would happen if someone went up in a little plane and dropped chalk dust on a town??  Your right, they would be shot down. The US military takes an oath to protect and defend this nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, yet the chemtrails are continuing to be sprayed in American airspace.   Against our will, and with few even knowing or understanding what is happening to them, Americans are being bombed daily with all manner of toxins, viruses, biological concoctions, weapons grade barium, nano-particles, etc.  through the airspace over this nation.  THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE MILITARY DOES NOTHING.   IF THIS WAS ANY OTHER TIME, THEY WOULD BE SHOT DOWN. Bet your listeners would find it of interest that China does NOT ALLOW chemtrail spraying over their nation.
There have been websites we have shared with you explaining all this. Even Alfred Webre has a bunch of information on his site that totally contradicts what you say. Why are you sooo adamant on skimming over this?  You have said the funding is running out and it should end soon. OR …. Is it WE should end soon?  Did you know that Queen Beatrice of the Nederland’s, along with her psychopathic son, is one of the main contributors (funders) of chemtrails. They have so much money that they are swimming in it. OH!   Forgot to mention the CIA’s involvement. How about their BLACK budget?  Let us not forget the MANY quadrillions the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers’ have hid.  We cannot believe that anyone of these folks were stupid enough to not to have hidden a lot of dough, gold etc. all over the world just in case of something like this.
“Chemtrails affect your health, your memory, your relationships, your emotions, every organ and function of the human body.  Chemtrails affect the quality of your life and how much longer you live”.  They have now started spraying a new clearer substance that trails out for miles and then starts to spread out clear. NO, I am not talking about contrails.  Many people are being even more severely affected by this new clear concoction, as it is causing blood pressure to skyrocket. 
There is a very smart 45 year old chemtrail expert on the east coast that ended up in the hospital with a chemtrail heart attack. He runs a world-wide chemtrail awareness site.  Several ER nurses we have spoken with have been inundated with emergency upper respiratory problems in area hospitals, as well as heart attack cases.  Doctor’s offices and emergency rooms across this nation are being overrun with respiratory problems.  Thousands of Americans are experiencing a very serious ramification from these chemtrails known as ‘Morgellons’, and yet you tell your audience that there are no problems with the chemtrails?????  We have heard from various sources as well as informants on the Alex Jones Show that there are 25,000 (estimated) people worldwide dying per day from these chemtrail bombs.
There is another new thing the assholes have started, and that is a black jet that suddenly drops down out of the sky and releases a (NUKE TYPE) flash explosion behind it.  Many are believing it to be a killer death ray.  Having read many reports of the plasma affect resulting from these chemtrails being put in place in America’s skies, these flashes appear to be igniting the plasma.  Perhaps this could also be used to kill off Americans????? 
Pilot friends are really PO’ed every time they see these assholes spraying us. One of the pilots said he used to fly F-16’s, and said he would love to be able to take these assholes out.  None of us understand how 75% - 85% of the US military could be on ‘our side’ and yet continue to allow this biological warfare to continue over the nation. A couple F-16’s confronting some of the chemtrail planes in-flight ought to be able to get the point across that they better stop what they are doing – OR ELSE. 
Some of us have sent you, Drake, allot of documentation to read on the subject of chemtrails.  Much of that documentation applies to the things we are mentioning in this open letter, but you seem adamant on misleading the people or foo fooing the seriousness of the situation as being a non-serious subject, non-important and you aren’t going to address it.  Why do you think these murdering SOB’s are still dumping this crap in our skies at an even more accelerated rate?  THEY WANT 90% OF US DEAD ….  ASAP.   
We are sure that some of your followers will write in voicing their opinions against this letter.  That’s OK, as we only want to know the TRUTH, and if they don’t care about the truth, that is their problem. This is not a witch hunt, but a TRUTH hunt…  There are literally thousands of blogs and websites to explore to learn the TRUTH.  Perhaps the dissenters and you, if they would spend time doing their own HOME WORK thorough research as we have, they would be able to make more informed decisions regarding the chemtrails/bombs. Below is a tiny sample with which to begin. 
Lastly, we want to mention that if the chemtrail planes are not taken out before the SHTF, they could use these planes in a desperate attempt to spray us with something in their bag of tricks like a mustard gas, etc....
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZFNJplylns&feature=related      Notice the jet taking off…. It says US Air Force 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XREsFIMX7g4&feature=related         Chemtrails to Depopulate    

Good Day!


  1. Well, he has gotten a bunch of weird-o followers on Global Voice FB page... hehe... lets talk about aliens & stuff... like we're livin' in 'star wars'...

    1. Are you kidding me? They show a 2 second clip of an Air Force plane taking off, and that's your proof? That's funny. I have an open mind and I know someone is chem-trailing us, but for you to say "Notice the jet taking off…. It says US Air Force" and show a 2 second clip of a US Air Force jet taking off and propose that that is your proof is not proof. It only leads people on.

  2. Scenario.
    And action!
    Drake supporters get thrown under the bus.
    Drake, you threw us under the bus man. But we believe in you. Just don't throw us under the bus okay, because we think you are telling us the truth.

    Scenario 2.
    And Acton!.
    Drake supporters get thrown under the bus, again.
    Drake, you threw us under the bus again! If we didn't know any better we'd think you knew what you were doing. But you came to us with some facts and said things were going to happen. So we will stick by your side, because we believe in you! Just, the next time you feel like throwing us under the bus, give us a head's up so we can prepare.

    Scenario 2.
    And Acton!.
    Drake supporters get thrown under the bus, again.
    Drake, if we didn't know any better, and we do, we'd think you were intentionally trying to threw us under the bus! You wouldn't do that would you? We are your supporters. Etc...etc...

    Look, Drake has proven many things and one is no matter what the salesman sales, there is always a buyer and there is always repeat customers.

    Your open letter serves no one but yourselves, for whatever reason.

    The rest of us have figured out the Scenario and the Action, and we have 'moved on!'.

    How's that public education working out for ya? The guberment at least should know from this experiment that there's enough people left for them to control (govern means to control - check it out in etymology), without killing the rest of us that know how to move on.

    1. Another Drake cult member...Drake's a nut and the followers are even nuttier it is totally impossible to listen let along commit on what Drake says. If you question anything Drake says the cult followers will dismiss you, take it from me...I have asked for evidence numerous times on the chat line and am immediately dismissed it's a cult following with blind faith.

  3. People blame chemtrials for their sickness.
    I wonder if they ever polled how many are taking flu shots are on some sort of other meds that has compromised their immune system. Bees are still flying, birds are still flying, fish are still swimming, babies are still being born, ants are still crawling.

    What is it that has affected some and not others. We are all breathing the same air.

    I'm reminded of a Dilbert episode where Dogbert created a disease and discussed it on t.v. People were so programmed they believed him and they believe the disease was real. Then Dogbert sold a product to get rid of the disease.

    It's funny now.
    The Cabal plays both sides. They tell you what they are spraying is chemtrails. Someone gets on and says the samples they collected all all this stuff in it. People who didn't collect samples believe it. They look in the sky and believe they are being killed and then they want someone to stop it and their proof came from the Internet or some Intel from a high source.

    Reality bites.
    Someone chose to have this as their reality.
    it's not mine any more. It used to be.
    I don't see the Chemtrails anymore because I choose not to...that's right. by choice I don't see them, and they stopped. Sometimes one will pop up in the sky, and I will say that it's not part of 'my reality', and I choose not to see it.

    I do not see the pink elephant in the room. At some point it will go away.

    If you don't know your power, or don't believe you have it, then you'll never learn to use it and won't be prepared when you really need it.

    1. “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” -Ayn Rand

    2. Well put. The biggest threat we have are these chem trails. These insidious evil bastards are killing us and all we can do is stand here and watch? This is total madness and those who are doing this including those who support and defend such evil are the first ones to be arrested. All this rap about mass arrest, et's, new technology has taken a back seat in my book and not until this chem trail campaign stops will any of this have my attention.
      This is an act of war and CONgress approved it.

    3. Anon 8:33pm here.
      Do you see what I see?
      Probably not.
      I know something you don't know.
      IF you did, you'd see what I see, or shall I say don't see.
      That stuff would blow across the world and the cabal and their offspring and their offspring, offspring would deal with it to.
      There is a cosmic or universal or ethereal penalty for doing what people are posting as real and choose to believe is real.

      When you know. You know.
      No fussing here.
      I know my power and I use it.
      Maybe that part of the multiverse I live in doesn't collide with yours. Who knows.
      If the entire thing is electric in nature, or shall we say energy in nature, and all things are possible, then my reality is 'different' and that's all I need to know.

      I share because I care.
      Rejection of the knowledge does not matter.
      Know thyself. temet nosce.

      Can't get make things happen until you do.


  4. The 99% is waking up. Give em credit.

    1. I agree with you Peter! I myself just started finding out about how corrupt things REALLY are since February of this year. I am one of those 99% that are just waking up and I can tell you it has been intense! There are so many things to learn and of course not all of it is believable. Doesn't mean that it is not true. It takes time to be able to take a step back and look at the world for what it really is and to find our "true-selves". It doesn't happen over night and it certainly doesn't happen after reading one or two articles. Keep searching, keep looking, continue to do your homework! You don't have to believe everything you hear, but atleast look into it. I am grateful for Drake. He doesn't have to do these shows. It's not like he is making money or gaining fame. He is a true humanitarian that is just trying to get people searching and looking for themselves. It's always been up to us to go out and find the truth. At first when I started this journey, no one would listen. People are listening now!! so whatever it takes to get there!! AMEN

  5. Are Russia and China part of the 150+ country Monaco Accords? If so, why the need for their soldiers to hide out in America for some nefarious reason? They are trying to destroy the G5 cabal and the debt-based dollar system, not the average American, aren't they? Does your incredible intel tell you that these Russian and Chinese soldiers are mercenaries?

    It doesn't add up.

    1. Drake,

      Can you comment on the questions from Anon 8:57 above? I have wondered about the same things. The world, including Russia and China, want a precious metals backed currency to replace the dollar. Why would these countries send troops to overtake America? It doesn't make sense.

  6. Chemtrails In the Bible

    "They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?" (Isaiah 14:16-17)
    Trembling is earthquakes...haarp
    Wilderness. Destruction of plants, depopulation of cities from mass death from chemtrails
    Opened not the house..FEMA camps for Christ followers who are not murdered and those whose expose the corruption
    When Christ returns the FEMA doors will be no more-

    As for drake.... I choose to keep my eyes on the Father
    Oh and...
    They that see thee can narrowly look upon thee....as in squinting and saying.. can this be true

  7. I don't think this is a bit funny nor does it need any more spinning! Drake is a Fake tool for the cabal,his general knowledge and manner of speaking is an old method of relaxing the mind and coming off as no threat to the listner.We all want to know or at least believe there is a real resistence to all these sewer rats that subscribe to the Obama,Nazi/Communist agenda. Yes,we have been taken over by the commies and I don't for one minute believe these enemy troops are here for our protection.Stop and use common sense,I know it is a lost art,Obama is a freaking piece of shit commie and all of his czars and most of his administration are also,the foriegn troops are here,IMO,to offset any militia threat,that is being persuaded to stand down by treaSONOUS LEADERS OF RESPECTIVE MILITIAS! We don't need enemy troops to do what needs to be done,kill all the fucking enemy bastards that are going to kill us in due time if our military doesn't get their shit together and realize the top commanders are either paid off or they are under some hi-tech mind control taking orders from the very corrupt top military traitors that have been bought and compromised by threats to themselves and their family! I am tired of hearing this bleeding heart excuse for commiting treason.Sooner or later the enemy will kill us all anyway,so get off your chicken shit ass and man up to the oath of office to protect and defend our beautiful,battered Lady Liberty! You SOB's took an oath to the constitution,not the fucking insane CORAN OR COMMIE MANEFESTO!Drake's sole job has been to keep any nucleus of possible resistence,still and from killing these vermon.We have been attacked since 1871 people,chemtrails,unconstitutional legilation,healtcare/Deathcare,NDAA,GMO,vaccinations,water contamination,finacial theft by politicians and banksters,potus giving billions to the enemy,taxation to the enth degree on everything,but the air we breath.It's past time to kill off the cancer that is causing all the pain and suffering of humanity,NOW!Drake has proven himself to be non trustworthy! You all have the free will to follow the fooler!Shame on me once,twice three times an IDIOTT! Like Obama voters for the second time,irresponsible idiotts!

    1. If you think Drake is working for the cabal, you haven't been paying attention. He abhors them and everything they stand for. So do I.

      Paul Carr w/Global Voice 2012

    2. Paul: If you would stop looking and watching your radio show ratings,that must be droping off,you might reason Drake is being used by the treasonous,traitors in the Nazi US government!His sources are and have been wrong and flat out decietful!He who procrastinates is lost or shall we say looses! The Pentagon is a corrupt den of traitors and that seems to be Drakes primary source of intel,aside from"Tolec"? ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS and not only has no Nazi/Commie political dirt bag been arrested they are out there commiting wicked deeds of murder and treason 24/7. What do you use for brains,besides allowing your Gulible voice fiasco show with UMS and OK's that drive any listeners nuts!Whatever the fake Drake says,Denise responds with a sheeple UM>OK,no intelligent questioning of some of Drakes idiot answers. Wer'e sick of the stupidity,deception,fraud and most of all,no action, Mr Beaner!

    3. Nope. Just checked. Drake's show is #2 in nearly 62,000 programs. It's periodically bounced around from 1-4 in the last couple months. Drake is warning us that something
      is coming to a head, real soon. You don't have to believe him, but , what's with all the name-calling? Main thing is get ready! Extra food, water, and, yes, TP. Take money out of the bank cause they will fail. Especially the big ones, and they will keep your money , cause now it's legal for them to do so. And you might be mistaking me for Paul Beiner. He hasn't responded to this letter. I'm sure he would sign his name and not be a hidey-cat like you. That's classic! Anyway, he is a good friend of mine, and I would defend him and the rest of the Global Voice Crew against anybody and anything.
      Rmemeber , get ready. If Drake is wrong, at least you'll have extra goods for when inflation really kicks in.

      Paul Carr w/Global Voice

    4. lol, "we have all been taken over by commies" followed up by "stop and use some common sense" hahah, it does not get better than that.... lol

  8. This article is hot air. Chemtrails cannot be stopped until the Cabal is taken out & the contracts broken. It's a NATO mandate. Think it through. Gimme Gimme, now, now. The plan is in process and it's not small. This article is not from a deep or clever thinker.

  9. So why haven't you given out flat tires or some such to these planes?
    Yes I say a lot and IF you were/are as astute as you say, YOU would know how to find the live actions happening NOW!
    Only a very few of us will know Before it is time...
    And no, you do not have the 'call' on actions you seem to need so desperately.
    So, what to do?
    -> Join The W A I T Club, like everyone else has.
    Because you are no more 'special' than ALL the Others Who Get TO... W A I T !!!
    Yeah, and many of those in intel have no idea either...
    Cause they, like so many, do NOT have the need to know...that's why.
    I threw EVERYONE under the bus of their own making.
    How's that?
    -> Everyone Needs to do their own HOMEWORK, look it up, and see IF they are as much as they think, by finding it out themselves.
    Does everyone want the usual RUMORS, or the truth?
    I REFUSE to make neat shit up, several can't even get new news. Just listen to any of the three other main 'truth' people who are broadcasting. These even have to go backwards to bring any 'news' at all.
    What does that tell you?
    It means that as I have stated...
    Are you as READY as you say you are?
    IF so, why are you loosing it?
    Where is your PATIENCE?
    Mine is in OVERTIME...on Steroids...Nightmares of apocalypse coming...
    Think of KNOWING and not being allowed to say anything...Hmmm?
    STRESS...at a superman level! Think of trying that out, Hmmm?
    Under the bus?
    I been gettin run over by a whole fleet of buses...!
    ...and yet, we may have definitive news as soon as tomorrow.
    We will see.

  10. There are many people who died of cancer and didn't have it, they just thought they did.
    They died of the symptoms of cancer and were cancer free.
    Many people think their selves out of many things because of their belief, and many other make things happen because of their belief. Some change the world and are only One. But it matters not that they are One, what matters is what they do with the time while they are here.

    All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.
    Gandalf, Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Ring, 2001

    The mind is powerful. It can create and destroy. What do you center yours on?

    The money must have been well spent researching mind control over people. You awake_and_awares know about those 'secret' projects.
    What were they for? Just the people they were perfecting it with, or the people they would eventually use it on?
    Come on 'Awake and Awares', use the knowledge that you have inside. Chemtrails, themtrails.

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Joseph Goebbels quotes

  11. how about the explosions in LA? Pretty interesting isn't it? How about doing some research or do you have to be spoon fed everything? The signs are out there for the writer of this article. Who wants to spoon feed him/her?

  12. Drake, I appreciate you and will forever be thankful you gave so freely to help so many through this very dreadful time. I look forward to the day you are able to come forward with all the others. God Bless you and God Bless the united states of America.

  13. I saw a video once on a website that made me consider another possibility about the chemtrails. I will try to find it again and bring it back to post. This person was explaining about the energies from the sun and when too much energy is coming in, it could make us forget who we are. He said that it happened to astronauts when they were in space and were getting too much energy from the sun, they started to forget who they were. He said that chemtrails are being sprayed to block out some of the suns energy for that reason. If this is true, perhaps it is necessary for this to be done until all people can be informed about the ascension. At that time, perhaps we will not forget who we are, but start remembering that we are or were somebody else. Perhaps the astronauts were not forgetting who they were, they were remembering who they were in other incarnations. It's just not time for us to remember right now, but when it is the chemtrails may stop.
    Drake, if I find the video I am looking for, I will forward it to you.

  14. Chinese and Russian troops here to "help" us? Yeah, like they have always helped us... No, they are here to consolidate and complete the Communist takeover of the United States of America while we sat amusing ourselves night after night with a bunch of meaningless trash put out by Hollywood. Maybe those soldiers will even get to use that hollow point ammo Napolitano bought with our tax dollars, do ya suppose? We'd better get on our knees and ask for help from above since no one else seems capable.

    1. Pull your head out and stop falling for the fear porn, clown.

  15. It's a bit strange to me that you people are trying to attack Drake by implying he is not concerned about chem-trails or he doesn't know what they are. I hope the average person is not getting fooled by this. Drake was warning people of chem-trails before it was fashionable to do so and before I even knew what they were. He was interviewed by a TV News-station and you can see the video on you tube. I see whoever is writing the letters is remaining anonymous again. What kind of credibility do you have when you are hiding? The Global Voice 2012 is all about freeing ourselves from the PTB that have enslaved humanity and caused billions to suffer. There is over 6,700 members and they are honest, freedom loving people. If you are also a freedom lover and would like to help expose the dark cabal and their evil ways, please come join us on Face Book. Exposing them to the world is the only way to defeat them. Come help us in the good fight.

    Paul Carr w/Global Voice 2012 (I don't know how to publish this any other way) You can reach me at lightraiser@gmail.com

    1. Drake has said many times that the military has nothing to do with chemtrails.... Either he is lying, is completely uninformed, or the military is lying.... HOG WASH!!!! LOOK at the evidence that was shown.by the writers... If you have not read and studied the material, you are uninformed. Start to listen and pay attention.... someone is lying PERIOD... When Drake tries to cover up with the bafon responder patrols, it makes them ALL really look stupd. These idiots are so clueless. I challange Drake to prove that the letter 3 writers are incorrect.

    2. Anonymous 11:04 – Choosing to remain anonymous has nothing to do with the credibility of a source. If that is your belief, then it also applies to Drake. Drake passes on information he gets from his anonymous sources. What credibility do Drake’s contacts have since they too are hiding? The author of the Chemtrail letter provides plenty of source documents as references. Drake rarely provides any references, which makes it nearly impossible to confirm what he is stating via “his” anonymous sources. There may be 6700 members and they are not all honest. Not once have I ever heard or seen anyone expose a single cabal. If I’m wrong, then enlighten me.

    3. Anonymous 11:04 – Choosing to remain anonymous has nothing to do with the credibility of a source. If that is your belief, then it also applies to Drake. Drake passes on information he gets from his anonymous sources. What credibility do Drake’s contacts have since they too are hiding? The author of the Chemtrail letter provides plenty of source documents as references. Drake rarely provides any references, which makes it nearly impossible to confirm what he is stating via “his” anonymous sources. There may be 6700 members and they are not all honest. Not once have I ever heard or seen anyone expose a single cabal. If I’m wrong, then enlighten me.

    4. That's funny . I see people exposing the cabal there everyday. Do you read the articles? That's what they do all day long.

  16. Boy, the authors of this 3rd open letter MUST have gotten their info RIGHT ON! Unlike the intelligent and informed responses of the 1st and 2nd open letters, there sure is a rash of unintelligent, off the wall responses and utterly ridiculous responses being posted here for the 3rd open letter!!! Are those responding here drinking hashhish koolaid?! Really comical! Is it already Halloween - Oct 30th?! Expose their plans and catch them with their pants down and you get them where it hurts most - off-guard and indefensible! Must be embarrassing to be exposed and caught off guard! Rally the 'troops' to write this nonsense in their attempts to nullify the TRUTH of the contents of the 3rd letter. Get the readers running on rabbit trails trying to figure out what your written rubbish has to do with the VALID POINTS of the 3rd open letter!!!! Nice try but really very elementary my dear and very stupid. Fortunately most of the NESARA readers are not that stupid. Thank God for that. There ARE those out there who can discern and think straight, and who don't live on koolaid.

    1. Get off the koolaid. What's it like to be a dupe?


  17. i reccomend plain old baking soda for complications arising from the morgellon fibre. i take it in gel caps almost every day and it really does help

    1. Better check into the contents of the gel caps themselves. One teaspoon of straight baking soda out of the box in a glass of water is purer.

  18. Research 'Operation Dew" (regarding 'chemtrails') ... been around a longggg time. there are many other 'operations' related to the aerosol spraying. see 2nd video link below.

    Operation Dew refers to two separate field trials conducted by the United States in the 1950s. The tests were designed to study the behavior of aerosol-released biological agents.



  19. The Russian and Chinese if here would have to be here to free the people and not acting as mercs. That would make absolutely no sense at all they are diametrically opposed to everything to do with the Illuminati and cabal / oligarchy. Now why would they accept worthless money as well our dollar is going down the toilet so what would they get paid in if they were mercs?

    1. Congratulations! You have some common sense. Some of these other pinheads posting here have a serious lack of gray matter in their cranimums.

  20. I live in Los Angeles & the chem trails have been gone since May. I go out running six days a week & my lungs are fine.

    1. It is so bad in central South Carolina that I can taste the metals.

  21. I watched some of the videos and what fascinated me was all the white orbs of light flying beside the plane, especially the one that was burning. Are these ET's? Did they down the plane? Also, although the chemtrails are still happening, it is much less. They used to be every day, now they do a week here and a week there - much less effective. As long as we don't eat GMOs & take care of our health in the ways in which we can, we can counteract the effects (eg take quality powdered Zeolite, it carries heavy metals and other toxins out of the body)Also, I go outside as little as possible when they are spraying.

  22. Last week we had a lot of chem-trails in the Burbank area. Drove me crazy looking at them. I seemed to be the only one. At Global Voice 2012 we are constantly posted chem-trail awareness articles. Periodically someone will create a post asking how are the chem-trails where everyone lives. We get a wide spectrum of the Chem-trail activity being that there are people from all over America and actually the world who are members. We also concentrate on GMO's, poisons like Fluoride and a multitude of other things that it's better to be informed on. Drake is also a member. Come join us on Face Book if your interested in spreading the word about the things I spoke about.

    Paul Carr w/Global Voice

  23. It is beyond me that anyone with even half a brain swallows the total BS that Drake spews on his shows. He talks about ET's. Where are they? They were supposed to come and help us. Do you actually believe that? They are supposed to heal us and have food replicators, and life will be Heaven on Earth for all of us. Yeah, right! He talks about making an ascention. I think he needs to go and live on another planet. He's sooo full of it. He talks about our elections one second and then talks about ET's the next second. He tries to pass himself off as an expert economist, an historian, a political science genius, a doctor, a total expert attorney, and you name it. People are listening to his BS and actually taking his advice. Other than preparing for tough times (and he says they'll only last a few days), his dissertations are useless, and he does them because he's an egomaniac who thinks he knows everything. The man is in dire need of heavy duty therapy!

    1. He's hoping the disruptions will only last a couple days, but he doesn't know for sure, that's why he's saying to stock up. He hasn't called himself an expert on anything that I know of, but he sure has knowledge of many fields of study. Expecially physics. I spoken to him at length about that.

      Paul Carr

    2. Drake says we (humans) already have replicator technology that's been hidden from us by the PTB. PC

  24. I posted this on your comments for the first open letter, i will repost now just as a reminder. Drake says the big one is coming this time for sure..... its gonna start, get ready, set.... lol

    It stuns me to no end that this man has a following in these numbers. i was, still am actually, convinced that the GV2012 Facebook following was mostly sock puppets and the entire thing is nothing more or less than a pre election political effort to end Obama. There is a very small swing vote in America that decides elections, the folks into “galactic federations” and “the secret” are swing voters, they know this because they have the best recon they have ever had and they target particular groups. Drake will continue to promise you the moon, and shortly before election day say the whole ordeal or “the plan” was destroyed by Obama. All in a bid to get the swing vote. Moreover, if as many believe, voting is rigged in Amerika, then all they need is the narrative to point to that supports the strange unexpected voting results, and Drake is indeed a brilliant story teller, as evidenced by his following, if it is indeed real.

    He is as Obama was, a hope monger, playing on the hopes and fears of ordinary swing voters, while at the same time enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame, which will all fade away after November 7th, and Drake will melt back into the bowels of the internet where the ufologists and multi dimension dwellers gain solace from reality.

    IF as this open letter says, there are some of you who studied logic you would know, without my pointing any of this out, that Drake is a supreme bullshit artist. Virtually his entire diatribe is pure unadulterated bullshit, from A-Z. Every post on his site is Republican propaganda based entirely in an alternate reality entirely devoid of substance or fact.

    Personally, this has been a fascinating insight into “grassroots” republicanism, delivered to you by the Koch faction of the party. The southern Ozark operatives and their “big plan”. I keep waiting to hear that twanging theme song from the movie ” Deliverance.” in the background while Drake is droning on and the dogs are barking.

    Truly a fascinating expose of the degree and nature to which these people will stoop to create a political populist following for a faction of society that represents oil tycoons and other overwhelmingly degenerate detractors of a healthy society who have destroyed the environment and sucked wealth from the very pockets of the people this show is trying to talk to.

    It has been an astounding and quite comical pleasure listening to the militia loving, gun toting, god fearing, book avoiding, “the secret” honoring, Alex Jones listening, Glen Beck worshiping, FOX “News” watching, Sunday church going “christians” and the alternate reality in which they exist unfold in real time on that ridiculously named “Global Voice” channel thingy. It is telling that people who cannot pronounce Sikh think that this Koch fueled, alien riddled disinformation campaign has anything to with anybody’s reality outside of the bizarre confines, of the under educated, over fed but malnourished zombies that populate the American south whose depth of intellect is derived from the “X-files”, Space Channel, History Channel and Rush Limbaugh and whom if ever tripped over a book would ensure that they promptly replaced as the door stop they believe it was designed to be.

    Freedom? These sorry folk would not know freedom if it bit’em in the ass. They should just get back to hiding under their kitchen table with their bible, their guns, their years worth of food and their George Noory bumper stickers and Alex Jones direct short wave and leave running the place to people who have a clue.

    C;mon people! If you truly think America is worth saving, spend 6 hours a week as an activist engaged in right action in your community and leave Drake to drone on in a corner with his dogs.

    1. Ha ha ha . I think Drake must be on to something when I see the attack dogs out in force. Go sic 'em. My best guess is Drake is waking people up and the cabal is doing damage control. Otherwise , I don't see why people would care so much. If you don't like his show, noone is forcing you to listen. Most people who follow Drake's show are happy. You all obviously aren't. I hope you can find peace some day.

      Global Voice 2012 Member

    2. Thanks for your response.

      I am quite content actually

      I have listened to Drake in the past, around the "green light" time.

      I was intrigued by it all, being from Canada the Southern States is a very foreign place to me, so it is interesting insight into a culture that clearly exists on another plane.

      I find the magical thinking permeating culture in this way, then being exploited politically a fascinating study. It amazes me to no end what republican operatives will do to encourage common people to vote against their own interests.

    3. "For those who will believe, no proof is necessary. For those who will not believe, no proof is possible." (Anonymous quote.)

      OK, so, let's get the words right from Putin's mouth about how he sees all this.


  25. lol

    Who is doing the translation?

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