Monday, April 15, 2013

Benjamin Fulford Blurb: North Korean Nukes, Syrian Chemical Weapons All Linked To Desperate Zionists

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Benjamin Fulford Blurb: North Korean Nukes, Syrian Chemical Weapons All Linked To Desperate Zionists
Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 15-Apr-2013 10:04:20

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The systematic take-down of the criminal Sabbatean Satan worshipping Zionist cabal that seized power in the West through control of the financial system is continuing despite their ongoing threats of mass murder.
The latest casualty, a victim of murder according to MI5, is Nat Rothschild, until recently the presumptive heir to the Rothschild dynasty. This information has not been confirmed by other sources but the most recent public appearance this writer could find of him on the internet was March 26th. If he was killed, then he joins the former Pope, 26 US generals, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and countless others in being removed from the apex of power in recent months.
One possible hint that more cabal purges are in the works is the fact that Japan’s Imperial Household Agency has still not said whether or not the Crown Prince will accept an invitation to the coronation of the new Dutch King Willem-Alexander on April 30th even though an answer was supposed to have been given by the end of March.
This may be related to an intensifying campaign to remove the Windsor (Saxe-Gotha/Rothschild) family from the British throne, the house of Saud from control of the Arabian oilfields and stooge president Obama from the White House, according to gnostic illuminati, MI5 and Vatican P2 lodge sources.
The cabal has been trying desperately to start a major war to keep in power but nobody in control of serious military power is being fooled any more. The people in the pentagon know that it is the Zionist cabal that is behind both the North Korean nuclear threats and the talk of chemical weapons being used in Syria. They are not going to be manipulated into Zionist wars anymore, pentagon sources say.
Skull and Bones closet homosexual Nazi stooge US Secretary of State John Kerry was in Asia last week stirring up trouble but was not being taken seriously. Kerry and his fellow Zionist agent Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were both

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Anonymous said...

just saw the heirs to the trone of england living in australia, so when do they go shapeshifting into reptilians and start drinking blood of baby's, if they have this bloodline, ? so this must be a hoax then, no hybrid reptilians in australia and they have the bloodline, so forget about that .al together.

Anonymous said...

The traits you speak of belong to the usurpers...pure, unadulterated liars like their father!