Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bluwolf - Dinar Intel - 4-27-13

My message TO COUNTRY AND ITS GOVERNMENT – Bluwolf post emailed to Recaps

Well folks what we are waiting for is actually here.  Just a couple of hours,  maybe days more or less. Certain political guys got what they wanted,  some got what they deserved. No grudges no more holdups.  Everything is cool now like they say back in my streets in the Bronx. No more issues on the table no more time for them, changes must occur now for all the world has waited for this moment.

A lot of power moves that have taken years to overcome are finally done and put in place but we still have a few loose ends to pick up on.

Now the focus is on the wealth and health of the people.  Funny thing is,  and correct me if I am wrong but that is the way it always should of been, the thought that is. It kinda makes one feel for quite a long time now important, yea …finally we are being focused on and that is the correct thing, the right thing for all governments to focus on its people and their needs and not the rich by power for that formula is non existent as of lately.

Now is a matter of when we receive this blessing, where do you go from here? What will you do with it, and will you actually help some people? 

You sure will have a lot of drinking  buddys,  a lot if alright girlfriends on a budget, heck maybe some financial guru with some very wise ideas on where to place your monies and him being wealthy with it.

But now I will ask you where is Father God and brother Jesus fit in on all this. Yep you haven't received it yet and they have been already forgotten. 
I must remind all that this monies is a blessing from God and like everything coming from Him it has a price and a purpose so do not stray off for He is not as man… He sees all and He cannot be fooled so don't wonder nor act stupid by Him.

I now wish for all to be in harmony with God and His blessings over you, may you be forever prosperous and that includes your future generations may they be your prime focus.

May you be healthy and safe in all your works, be careful where you go and how you walk and how you talk for there’s is a lot of evil out there… preditors for money just waiting and observing your weakness in order to take to your advantages.

Your lives change now folks your standings gives you a new role in life and you must learn to play into this new role to its perfection for you only have one chance at it and frankly this new reality is a matter of life and death for you and your love ones.

So if you haven't yet sat down to talk this over with your love ones seriously I would say that now is just as good a time to do so.

Always remember that we need ya and so does America, give it your best… be safe and have a beautiful and peaceful life in Jesus Almighty Name, God bless all, your friend always.


Happy Journeys,, just for the record,,,, AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


  1. When can we expect a public announcement in the U S on the full global currency reset, including the new U S treasury certificate? Please post a specif time frame in this regard, thank you

  2. This is the same bullshit Bluwolf posted a week or two ago after the failure of their predicted RV. This asswipe again is using God and Jesus to soothe the sheeple as to why nothing has yet happened. Bluwolf needs to realize that one of these days he's going to have to answer to God for the lies and deceipt he's been pushing on the dinartards about an RV that will never happen. This goes for the rest of you asswipe gurus also!

  3. Based on your header, I hate to see that you are a dinartard also, John!

  4. They are telling us Monday for the announcement.

  5. What polticians got what they deserved? Be specific pleease, thank you

  6. Blu, We need the full global currency reset, including the new U S treasury certificate, beyond just the Dinar and Dong, that is supposed to be just the starting point, and we need public announcements in the U S of the global currency reset along with the Wanta, et al protocols. in your next posting please specifically address these matters, thank you

  7. It's not happening soon people.

  8. See this article from the blogs in Recaps which talks about the "basket of currency.
    xyz] Finance parliamentary: low price of the dollar against international currencies will impact on the national economy 28-04-2013 11:31 AM Baghdad (news) .. The member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Amin Hadi Abbas, the need to diversify the basket of currencies with the central bank to avoid global crises and changes that occur at the price of the U.S. dollar in world markets. Abbas said (of the Agency news):

    The low exchange rate of the U.S. dollar either the Japanese yen and other international currencies will impact on the national economy, being directly linked with the dollar, the fact that the Iraqi crude oil is sold in U.S. dollars. He added: that the major industrialized countries such as Japan and the United States deliberately depreciate their currencies in order to increase their exports of Foreign Affairs, and these changes shed بضلالها on third world countries based on the dollar in most internal and external dealings. He

    [xyz] ...He pointed out: that the demands of the Iraqi Central Bank to take bold steps to the diversity of the basket of currencies and not rely solely on the dollar, as it has large reserves of hard currency, to avoid the impact of volatility winning price of the dollar in world markets. The U.S. dollar is witnessing a noticeable decline against the yen in global markets during the past few days.