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     Well, I give the Washington boys credit for knowing how to shoot themselves in the foot! They made the dumbest move a government charged with genocide could ever make. Read the story below and get ready to pass the Omni Law so we can set up the Vatican endorsed food process to save the American people and people of the entire world from later biological extinction on earth.
      I released my roasting legal report on Washington genocide policy in my April 19, 2013 report "UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE GENOCIDE TREATY I MAKE THIS OFFER IN AMERICA! FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA!" This was posted with Nesara News which guaranteed wide viewing of it across America and across the world with even a lot of U.S. intelligence and foreign intelligence services viewing it if I am correct as I know how the military intelligence game is played in the world. I waited to see how Wash., D.C. would react to being so openly and effectively exposed to a huge audience nationally and worldwide. They could be honorable and start by paying me the $525,000 they stole from me to keep me from starting up again my father's Vatican endorsed food process in America. I had several times in communication to Washington sources which were never answered back as I anticipated, I said if they paid me back the federally stolen $525,000 from me and said it was a "federal grant" for the food process, I would play the game with them and not file criminal charges on this federal $525,000 theft of my money which I think was January, 2004 without looking at my records. The federal theft of the money was to continue a federal genocide policy of suppressing my father's Vatican endorsed food process causing the death by now of likely even 2 1/2 billion to 3 1/2 billion human beings murdered across the earth and including in America by secret but deliberate federal policy going on for 52 years from my father's time through mine. These federal bastards are the bloodiest boys in human history making even the Nazis and Communists look like Sunday School choir boys in comparison in numbers of humans they murdered of their own people and also foreigners from other lands. There is no statute of limitations on the federal theft of $525,000 from me as it was an operation to perpetuate a federal policy of mass genocide against the American people and people in all nations of the earth. They may have called it a "population control" policy, but it has been the biggest mass murder genocide policy carried out by any government on earth since history began for man on earth! By the way, on the federal theft of the $525,000 from me, I have witnessed to this federal theft and where they even identified themselves as federal operatives while doing this and told us secrets about ourselves from intelligence files to make sure that we knew that it was Wash., D.C. which was "screwing" us by stealing our money from us. I say us as they by error thought someone else was with my fund and so also stole $25,000 from him and threatened him with murder like I was if either of us tried to stop them from stealing our money from us. Also, I think they stole from 6,000 to 20,000 American citizens as well as foreigners in maybe 130 member nations of the United Nations as Wash., D.C. pocketed all this money to divide between themselves in federal circles. 
     When I force the legal investigation of this mass theft from Americans and foreigners all over the world by the crooks running Wash., D.C. behind the scenes, I predict a lot of federal officials and personnel will start going to prison over this and other mass thefts by the federal grand larceny ring as they end up getting investigated for all their grand larceny thefts going back maybe even 20 years or more. With the U.S. Justice Dept. protecting them so they couldn't be legally investigated, even the Justice Dept. officials got good bribe payoffs as they were paid for secretly backing this theft of maybe up to several trillion dollars from American citizens and citizens of foreign nations. The American people can be proud that Wash., D.C. is apparently the biggest criminal syndicate government in operation of any in history since man began on earth!
     Now I figured the release of my genocide report of April 19, 2013 was going to create a lot of legal heat and political heat behind the scenes of Wash., D.C. I was curious whether they would be honorable and try to undo the great evil they had done or else use criminal tactics to try and bury this issue so it would not be legally investigated. But Wash., D.C. lived up to my expectations of them how evil they really are in secret circles of Wash., D.C. So on Sunday, April 21, 2013, they gave me the secret but apparently official legal answer back to my genocide charges against Wash., D.C. contained in my legal report of April 19, 2013. I have metal storage buildings behind my house. This is Sunday, April 21, 2013. I go to the back yard and see stuck in one of the metal doors in the back a white paper sticking out half under the door and half sticking out into the open air. It is intended that you cannot miss seeing it! As the metal door is sealed and you cannot slip a paper notice under it except to open the door and close the door over it to have it go under the door, I was curious what this paper was. A financial paper from my private files is what is sticking out. To get it and put it there under the door meant a person had to know how to unlock your doors without your keys. Intelligence personnel are trained how to do this! This person had to go inside to where I had private files of mine, look through them, pick one that he thought would make obvious that he had visited my private files at my house. He picked one dated from 2009. He then put a death mark on it to represent a murder threat and how I was to be murdered. If you remember your Treasure Island movies, book, etc., the pirates would give a piece of paper with a death mark marked on it to tell the person who had it handed to him that he was shortly to be murdered by the pirate gang. The person who broke into my property would logically be a federal intelligence operative. Normally for operations like this, you have lookouts so you are warned in time in case someone suddenly shows up that they had not planned on. This is a federal operation and probably run from the intelligence center now fully functional as I understand underground at Denver, Colorado. The death mark on the financial paper of mine from my private files is to tell me an easy way to murder me with the implication that I cannot stop them from murdering me if they want to. They know that I am not a fool and will get the message loud and clear! They figure I will be afraid for my life and not push any longer for passage of the Omni Law which in turn gives me the hand to establish my father's Vatican endorsed trade secret world food industry in America. In other words they are trying to protect the federal policy of worldwide genocide by keeping suppressed my father's Vatican endorsed food process if they can get away with it. Having received too much publicity, it is getting very hot to try and murder me without the nation promptly figuring out that Wash., D.C. murdered me. It is a dangerous legal risk to try and murder me and maybe get caught at it. Maybe I am even prepared to arrest them if they try it. But they incorrectly calculate that what is understood as an obvious federal murder threat will scare me to death and stop me from proceeding to pass my Omni Law and set up my father's Vatican endorsed food industry in America instead of another nation receiving. it This would be because the doors to America were closed by Wash., D.C. to this being set up in America. This means that Wash., D.C. is happy with murdering billions of humans including Americans by continued suppression of my father's Vatican endorsed food process and don't want this national and worldwide genocide stopped by anyone in America or worldwide!
     Wash., D.C. has spoken loud and clear by this obvious federal murder threat and my first legal act to it is to report their federal murder threat to all  of America and the world. Another post to Nesara News coming! Heart failure in Wash., D.C.! They miscalculated! I am no coward and threatening me with murder is to provoke me to fight harder and fiercer than ever, not surrender or hide in a dark corner like a little cowardly church mouse! The reason why I was very good at military intelligence over the years is that I didn't really give much of a "damn" whether I lived or died and so fear could not control me, only focused logic and common sense how to win! It was not that I wanted to die, but I will live on my terms and as a free man and will accept no other terms to life. Like Patrick Henry I say, "Give me liberty or give me death!" He meant it and so do I! I filed their federal murder threat on paper away. I plan to make copies of it and give it to friends of mine as a souvenir of Wash., D.C. threatening me with murder on paper and got caught which was not in their plans to do! 
     Wash., D.C. was willing to murder me to stop passage of my proposed Omni Law and stop reestablishment of my father's Vatican endorsed food process once more in America, but this time for a worldwide industry to bless America and the world with! The American people have a bad flaw in national thinking! They think that you can elect to office morally wicked leaders and get good government from them! You have got to elect morally decent and honest leaders if you want good government in America. Evil, wicked leaders will sell out the American people in a second and do! That is why Wash., D.C. is such a wicked government in leadership and moral values at this time! Evil leaders love to sell their integrity out for good, hard cash under the counter! Honest leaders do not let their integrity be bought with bribes from super corrupt, evil people who have the money to pay their price to buy their souls from them. If Wash., D.C. thinks passage of my proposed Omni Law is the greatest threat to corrupt government in Wash., D.C. they have ever seen, then it must be a pretty smart, deadly proposal to end corruption in Wash., D.C. in their own practical eyes as they already understand how power works in government and how to corrupt government, they don't want their corruption, treason, and evil to stop in Wash., D.C. which passage of the Omni Law threatens to stop in Wash., D.C. I lived in Wash., D.C. for years and studied how the corrupt boys operated in Wash., D.C. I came up with a powerful antidote to totally corrupt, evil government in Wash., D.C. That is why they are scared to death of me. I will restore honest government to Wash., D.C. Boo! Hiss! How dare the American people be given back control of the government that used to be their national government instead of the government of secret, corrupt, totally evil sources and leadership who now own and control it in secret!
These wicked, secret power elite for insane reasons hate people all over the world and especially you Americans in case you haven't figured it out yet! That is why they love murdering billions of people and no one catching on to their game of mass hatred of people all over the world and mass murder of them worldwide by secret Washington policy. They don't want my father's Vatican endorsed food industry to help rebuild your health in America and across the world. They love to poison you with tricks in vaccines, corrupt health policies, sabotage of national and worldwide agriculture because they hate you savagely even though you have never done them any wrong at all. They want to kill you off by federal policy because they hate you. Passage of my proposed Omni Law ends all this and reestablishment of my father's Vatican endorsed food process ends their policy of mass hatred for you and intended mass murder of you if you let them do this to you through your ignorance created by censorship of the truth and trying to make you too mentally lazy so you never find out the truth in America or abroad! Maybe a minor point with you! With passage of the Omni Law and establishment of my father's Vatican endorsed food process now as a world industry established in America, millions of jobs created, America reemerges as the industrial giant and leader of the world, and end of hard times for Americans without work, without jobs, businesses fighting for their survival in a brutally rough national economy now booming in a skyrocketing economy instead, and major problems of government solved. Under the Omni Law, we have a plan how to pay off the national debt of America and not cheat our creditors. We have a plan how to pay off the state debts of the 50 state governments and not cheat our creditors. We might even get a big amount of money for the average American and not by means of inflation meaning running the printing presses for more money. I studied with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe and know a few tricks of economics that Wash., D.C. apparently does not know about or else does not want a booming economy for America regardless! 
     Ordinary Americans, send copies of this report to your elected state representatives in the state legislatures and federal representatives of Congress. Tell them you want the Omni Law and no nonsense! You put heat on them and they will hear you loud and clear! Don't know how to contact them. Put in search engines on the internet, addresses for members of your state legislatures and for members of Congress. You will get names, addresses, phone no. and/or emails for them and use what you can to contact them and ask them, "Do you support passage of the Omni Law? If not, why?"  
     If people want to set up state committees to pass the Omni Law, send me your request and I will authorize state committees to pass the Omni Law. We pass the Omni Law as we should, and you will likely be able to run for political office yourself having earned a good name by working to pass the Omni Law in America. My email address is  . My website which carries the Omni Law on it is . Ordering products from this website helps finance the national Omni Law Drive. Let's give ourselves now a national political name in the states of "Americans For The Omni Law" and get local people, churches, etc. join to sweep the states as we grow nationally. But checks, etc. to help back the Omni Law drive, make out to NIFI and then send to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. 
     Use my two reports to show members of state legislatures and members of Congress why the Omni Law should be passed and now. I suggest "UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE GENOCIDE TREATY I MAKE THIS OFFER IN AMERICA! FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA" and this report today of April 24, 2013 which is "WASHINGTON, D.C. ANSWRS GENOCIDE CHARGES OF ERASMUS OF AMERICA - SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2013". I think that the politicians will be in a difficult position trying to defend maintaining massive corruption in government in America and maintaining the colossally evil genocide policy of mass murder against American citizens and citizens of all nations on earth. All it takes is one member of any state legislature to push the Omni Law or one member of Congress and we may see soon afterwards passage of the Omni Law by that elected branch of government. Unless Congress beats them and votes first, let the states vote for passage of the Omni Law now and Congress has to quick pass it to head off a pending constitutional convention otherwise. Read your U.S. Constitution and learn how this process works! Ask me by email for the April 19 Report And the April 24, 2013 Report and we will give you good versions of these to show to all elected representatives why they should pass the Omni Law and now. By the way, we added a copy of the Omni Law to our final version of the April 19 Report so this can be voted upon right away by state legislatures or Congress itself. 
     Okay folks, now that you know that Wash., D.C. is comfortable with its current secret federal genocide policy against Americans and all other races on earth, it is time for you to show Wash., D.C. that you the American people are the bosses of Wash., D.C. by passage of the Omni Law and stop the sellout of America to secret, powerful financial sources who want a corrupt government they can secretly control rather than you the American people.
     As soon as Nesara News posts this report, email us and ask for the "Two April Reports" and we will know what to send you to your email address. An old quote in America was, "It requires a free press to have a free people." Blogs like Nesara News and other honorable blogs are giving America a free press now since the usual Establishment news services are too anxious to serve their masters who own them instead of you the American people who need the truth in America both for survival and prosperity in America. 
     Yours for God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for the descendant of the founder of the first newspaper in Texas which was The Bonham News if I still remember its name right! My family both sides has been in newspapers for generations and always champions of the truth through the news media. My father was a circulation executive with Randolph Hearst and good friend with Col. Cormick (1880-1955) of the Chicago Tribune who back then tried to bring strong integrity to American journalism. America will either have distorted or censored news to influence its thinking or else the truth. I prefer the truth as it frees us. Corrupted news is intended to enslave us!) 


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