Q post tipping hat to the assemblies!

PEOPLE have POWER.<---- This is the founding basis of freedom and the will of the people.
Don't forget how to PLAY.<---- This is duplicating history and resettling our original jurisdiction.
TOGETHER YOU ARE STRONG.<----- This is the people in assembly as a body politic.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

TNT Blast from Tony Friday Night

TNT Blast from Tony Friday Night


TNT BLAST FRIDAY NIGHT 8 EST - Good Evening Everybody! Sorry for the short call this morning but we were anticipating the President having something to say immediately at that time or I would have stayed longer.

We have been on calls all afternoon getting information. The general consensus is, even though we saw the lower rate today, PLAN A IS STILL IN EFFECT! NO BAD NEWS!

Everyone is still excited and bank personnel are on the job as we speak.

We will know better by sunrise, which way we are going… so look for a TNT BLAST or TNT CALL tomorrow at our regular time! Tony TNT


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