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Tue Sep 10, 2013 

This very moment there is absolute confusion in the US Corporate Government as you read this.

1) As President Obama is speaking on the air about how horrible the Gas Attack was in Syria the UN Human Rights Commission released a video stating the US videos showing the Gas Attack Victims were false.

In other words - President Obama knowingly lied to the world.

2) In addition the Russian Intel Services also reached the conclusion that these US MADE videos were false.

3)  In the US-made pictures of the gassed victims, why was there a man in a bathing suit walking on the beach without a head?

4) John Shapiro (Asst Dir State Dept) , US State Dept Speech 1 June 2012: "The purpose of the US State Department is to sell weapons."

5) The US sells more chemical weapons than the rest of the world combined - so if Chemical Warfare is so horrible why does President Obama's State Department sell so much around the world?

6) What is going to happen when the world sees US and UK marked all over the Syrian chemical weapons?
As for the 32 Nukes shipped from to Charleston a few days ago from Dyess AFB, TX - 2 are missing and headed for trenches near:

a) Just North of Harisonburg, Va.
b) Just North of Blackburg. Va.

The other 30 were headed to the Atlantic trench -- if you draw a line from Virginia to Angola there in the deep Atlantic trench are several holes Faction 2 is preparing to put them.

Detonation will be 28-30 Sep after the President is killed in a "Once In A Life Time plane crash. It will be blamed on inexperienced pilots in Air Force One.

Right now Faction 2 (Jesuits and Roman Knights of Malta) are under orders to create huge amounts of confusion in both our economy and our military so a mistake will be made and missiles launched on Syria to start this Nuclear Conflagration. The confusion is mounting.

Even the Joint Chiefs of Staff have traitors in their ranks.

Half of those in the pentagon know AMEC planted charges IN the Pentagon a few weeks before the US Navy fired a Missile at them on 9/11 - See Abel Danger, Field McConnell's work.

The other half of the Pentagon is clueless but knows the "Official Story" is bogus and their leaders are all liars.

As for the 850 KT Nuke now under Yellow Stone placed there by AMEC - this is a real problem for our DOD. It goes off and half a dozen military posts go away permanently.

In addition, China just took from American companies the Turmanikistan Oil Pipeline - and it is huge. This is what I believe is the largest pipeline in the world and China is aware of the American attempt to start a war in the region to blow the pipeline and cut the oil supplies to Central Asia - and they are pissed.

See: China Snatched away the Turkmanistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline from USA

The US Dollar is becoming unstable as Companies all over the world are no longer buying from the US (Food, Jets, Weapons, ...) - Boeing Jet Sales alone are down 75% as the US Corporation refuses to buy these jets for the other countries - or did you not know the US pays Boeing to build these jets for other nations--- 100% subsidized?

One last story - it has been confirmed as I said on APFN -

See: "McCain has been confirmed to have had pictures taken with confirmed terrorists."

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is pouring out confusion against Lucifer's Kingdom right now and will continue until we turn to back to HIM.

US Joint Chiefs of Staff - your master Lucifer is completely confused and panicked. Turn to GOD while you can.

White House Secret Service - President Obama is about to go on a 3 day Drunk Spree much like President Bush did 6 or 7 years ago. Keep him contained.

A nation with 65,000 Nukes and we have a Government in total confusion - with Jesuit led factions ready to kill it's own people.

This is not good.
Time to hunker down folks and pray GOD deals with this mess now.

You heard it first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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