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CGI's Michael: Harridans and Soulless Whores in the Flotsam and Jetsam Tanks. Dog Poet Transmitting.......

CGI's Michael: Harridans and Soulless Whores in the Flotsam and Jetsam Tanks. Dog Poet Transmitting.......
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Date: Monday, 9-Sep-2013 01:38:44

Yeah, I know how that feels.. lol!
I have felt tricked, manipulated, betrayed and played. At times I have felt resentful, but as for now, mostly I feel loved, and I feel grateful. I also feel bad though that I have not done more (this past year especially) to reach out to others and share all that I have learned. However, one thing I have learned very well is not to beat myself up over the past. The time to live (in) is NOW. I have much to learn still, but then again, not much more remains that making misguided decisions and stumbling about in the dark can teach me. :)
P.S. I love your writing, and from what I have heard, your music as well!!
Thank you for being here brother!
One Love,

Harridans and Soulless Whores in the Flotsam and Jetsam Tanks.
Dog Poet Transmitting.......
May your noses always be cold and wet.
You ever get the feeling that no matter how hard you try, you wind up being the woman in the dunes? I had recently realized that I was being played and from a great many angles, like 3 dimensional chess. Since I'm smart but... really a Pollyanna, because of my trusting dog nature and this terrible loyalty thing I can't shake. Once I discovered, irrefutably, that I was being played, worked, bounced from polar opposite states of “Nah, that's impossible.” to “holy #####!” I've been through one day after another of serenity getting buggered, by more darkness than you can shake a stick at; not that you would be able to see the stick in all that darkness. You might be aware that you were shaking a stick but as for any effect it might have... hmmm, that's a matter of debate;. Who's debating? Who are you debating with? Given that I don't debate, I only state... there's no real argument going on, things being what they are in any case. These are stranger times than I was expecting. Actually I was expecting much stranger times. It's simply that these are a different kind of strange than I was anticipating. Isn't that how it goes though? You expect strange and you get weird.
The worst part about it all is that I can't talk about it and that will certainly come off as either strange, or weird, depending on which you're disposed toward. It will look like one or the other, given that I usually talk about everything in respect of full disclosure. The thing is that I'm sure but I'm not sure. Even though I'm 99% sure, I'm 1% uncertain. This doesn't help worth a damn but it speaks to my state of mind. One thing I am 100% sure of is that it all has to do with affecting my state of mind. It's not likely to again because... once aware, the genie does not go back into the bottle.
The whole world is going to change now. It will change this week or it will change next week. I don't think it goes much further than that ...unless they are calculating the usual October thing. They usually have an extended scenario, locked in with varying possibilities, as they troubleshoot the likely fallout.
I watching that corrupt hack John Kerry yesterday at the Senate hearings and I noticed, sitting behind him, this extraordinarily corrupt looking woman. The arrogance and imperious disdain on here features was palpable. She looked depraved in the way that only a lifetime of depravity will confer on a person. I wondered who she was. In the process of watching this dog and pony show, where Senate leaders were conveying virtual blowjobs on those being inquired of, one them, who had been playing poker on his cellphone the whole time (John McCain) mentioned how delighted they were to have the wife of John Kerry back in the flotsam/jetsam tank. It turned out to be her.
This is Origami and I do want to stay metaphysical so let's keep that in mind as we go. Looking at John Kerry's face was an experience.
John Kerry is an #####
John Kerry - Satan's #####

The Satanic aspect of his persona was near hypnotic. If you play poker and... I have, enjoyably so, you know what a 'tell' is. Kerry was Tell City. The tics and giveaways were many. He was lying out of his #####, which I am confident happened to be on his neck at the time. He and his smug and 'in on it', privileged associates, on both ends of the charade, were engaged in a hideous mockery of all that they were put into power to defend against.
What is it that these twisted fiends want? What makes them think (how can they be so confident?) that they will get away with these massive violations? The forces arrayed against them are not inconsiderable. One answer is that the power of Israeli blackmail and dirty money leverage is so strong that all of these men and women are compelled to go along with it. On the other hand, Israel will definitely get hit, as well they should. There’s a real puzzle here. There's a real confidence on both sides. The bad guys, which are, at this moment, Israel and her bitch, America (England and France would be on this list but they're a tad stymied at the moment) seem to think they can do whatever they please. They're talking about a sixty day window of freedom to bomb at will with... with the option of another 30 days. It's ridiculous but... remember, 'no boots on the ground', 'no boots on the ground' as if that were to matter at all, given this enormous opportunity to carpet bomb Syria. What happened to the limited strikes over no more than several days? This was all a set up to go to a completely compromised, bought and sold congress, under the pretense of adhering to the letter of the law and coming away with far more than they would have had before.
Meanwhile, the confidence factor with the Syrian government, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia (don't forget China) is also very high. Someone has to be wrong in their presumptions. I can only pray and hope that it is the Satanic nation of Israel and their crack whore police state, bitch- America that's delusional about their optimism and capacity. I'm confident that both the United States and Israel are going down. Given that, it makes sense that sooner or later they will make the big mistake. Hubris is a guaranteed fall, quite often a spectacular fall and those fateful words of Nietzsche are indisputably true, “those whom the God's will destroy, they first drive mad.” We are seeing that. It's going on before our eyes.
I have to stick with what I know about the long term intentions of the cosmos and especially, especially given the fact that we are in The Apocalypse. It makes sense then, everything that's happening makes sense in light of The Apocalypse. It makes sense that these evil men and women would be moving machine like from one terrible act of mass murder to another, without much in the way of actual opposition. Sure, people everywhere are waking up but... they just shift their tactics and do whatever they want anyway. It has to be that they are being led into a trap. Still, it looks overpowering, the whole spectacle. All I can take away from this is that it is supposed to look that way, to deceive us and make us feel helpless. We're not helpless and definitely, if the effort has to be made to make up feel helpless then, we are not helpless.
I'm guessing there is a unity of the mind that they are most concerned about. There is this mysterious thing that happens when enough of the population has awakened to a degree and are informed about what they are awakened to, to a significant degree. This is something that happened when a whole lot of protestors got together in an attempt to levitate the Pentagon. The authorities responded as if there might be something to it.
Never has that rabid police dog, America, been so broke and so over extended. Never has the rest of the world been so united in their opposition to this Israeli controlled juggernaut of outrage and abuse against the rest of the world. There is no way that either of these demonic entities can prevail against the rest of the world. No one ever has taken over the whole world, ever. Something happens at a certain point, as it did to Alexander, as it did to Rome, as it did and will to anyone and everyone who attempts it. So... it's very likely that this is what we are looking at now.
Can it be that they are simply so mad and crazed by the appearance of their own omnipotence that they believe what their perverted imaginations tell them? Can it be that they are no different than any deranged mentality that is hearing duplicitous voices, urging them and convincing them, urging them on and convincing them they can? It seems more and more likely. As usual, you follow the money. You look at the strategic situation that Syria occupies, the concerns and plans of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and how that affects the movement of oil and the desired movement of oil in terms of desired profits and in terms of the needs and long range plans of Russia and China. It's all right there and you can find it if you look and study the big board. Into the mix comes Genie Oil, which involves drilling for resources on stolen land and which is a part of the holdings of the Satanic Lord (snicker) Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch and Dick Cheney. What it comes down to is the control of resources on the big board game of international profit. It also then comes around to land theft and consonant with this, are the actions of The International Bank of Settlements and the IMF, as well as the usual Central Banking scum, who create debt in order to steal resources and compromise the political spectrum in all those countries who have things they want. It also ties in with Israel's desire to seize vast amounts of land that they have no right to. They have no right to ANY of the lands they presently occupy and it is coming out about the fact that they have no genetic tie to those lands and that they Palestinians do. It's coming out that the Palestinians are Semitic and they are not. This is why they are so busy seeking to expunge all Palestinian history and their intent is to murder all of them and most everyone else, if they get their way.
They know they are on a time line. They know what Mr. Apocalypse is up to. They know that all the lies they have woven over the decades are unraveling. They know what Mr. Apocalypse is up to and they are trying to head him off at the pass. What they don't get it that Mr. Apocalypse has got them surrounded. This they do not know because they are not allowed to know it. They are now being driven into the necessary actions that will convict them as the criminals they are and bring them to judgment. I'm leaving you with this because it may look different for awhile. Then again they may not. Don't get sucked into buying into appearances. All of us, every one of us has to be certain that unstoppable justice is on the march.
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