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Thursday, September 19, 2013

TNT Dinar Tony

Good morning/afternoon to you all.  I wasn't going to do this, but I got pm'd so I guess I better. 

Yes I can confirm that the Iraq Dinar was announced as International to their people.  They were told this morning in the mosque  that a changing of the currency has happened and on their TV, scrolling across the bottom is the statement .....(Changing of the value of the IQD has now taken effect.  This is posted in the Gazette).

This was supposed to be seen world wide last night, but again we wait.  People everywhere are upset,(the people who delayed it are being identified and dealt with as we speak), this is still on schedule to be completed ASAP.

Yes the bank people are in place and waiting.  Yes the rates are still high.  Yessssssss you should be Happy.

TNT Dinar  Tony

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  1. Good Morning/afternoon Tony i'm sure i'm not the first or the last to say, so many work hard to keep a positive mental attitude with all this, and we have heard 24-48-72 hrs ,and so many backwalls, done, done, done, money for gov. shut down-black Friday-now Christmas- and 90 days before Iraqi elections, the fat cats-whales-elite have all cashed out , what shall we believe, how can all these events happen- come and go and then well, we didn't know about this, they missed that, the DC meetings to finalize,Christine Lagarde it will be done before I leave,no more hiccups ,would you elaborate on all of this issues Thanks