Friday, April 29, 2016

04/25/2016 BLM Arson

Statewide Common Law Grand Jury, Oregon, Florida, Nebraska             
Joaquin DeMoreta shared latest Common Law Grand Jury action with you:

“We The People” Burns City, Harney County, Oregon request for what can you do to help.
New video! 04-25-2016 BLM Arson
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Please proceed accordingly.

Joaquin Mariano DeMoreta-Folch
God Grace Administrator
Statewide Common Law Grand Jury of Florida, Nebraska.

Date:  04/25/2016
Phone: (904) 704 7765
Web Site: Saint Johns County Common Law Grand

NOTICE: The above information is ordered by the Supreme Law of the Land 
Bill of Prohibitions Amendment VI [6] Title: Public Trial 
WHEREFORE: Please share.

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