Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Pieczenik says the Israelis, Saudis and neocons were behind the 9-11 attacks. Given evidence of Mossad’s checkered past and involvement with the attack of the USS Liberty on Jun. 8, 1967, killing 34 American soldiers, Pieczenik’s comments won’t be received as a big surprise to many Americans.
I want Netanyahu to “begin telling the truth, that the involvement of Israel was, in 9/11” says Pieczenik. “Over 134 Mossad operatives were picked up on 9/11. The FBI picked them up [and] debriefed them. They were clearly involved with the Pakistani ISI and Saudi Arabian intelligence” on 9/11.


Anonymous said...

I've got to say - what would inspire 'Israel', a tiny nation no bigger than the state of New Jersey, to be giving a big finger to nations 1,000 times their size? I mean does it make sense for a little boy with an arsenal of stones and a rubber band to brazenly attack a gang of criminal mobsters loaded down with the latest powerful weaponry that could wipe him out with one nasty spit from their mouth???? Tell me - how is it that Israel is ALWAYS the bad guy and yet this nation is known as THE TERRORIST nation of the entire planet? Where does the PROVEN evidence fit in here of Dick Cheney's having been involved in the drafting and planning of the 9/11 terrorist attack? And the Bush family's crime cartel involvement? And GW not even holding a grade school story book right side up to read it when being notified of the success of the 'hit'? And his not even excusing himself from the class after one of his cronnies whispering over his shoulder that it 'was done'? And the Wall Street and bankster records and the tons of gold having been removed from the basements of the buildings weeks earlier so they would not be destroyed in the attack? And the fact that the planes were holograms - PROVEN? And that the middle eastern pilots of those planes were actually seen in other nations at the same time they were to have been flying in to the towers? C'mon on now - there's a whole lot more. Investigations and resulting reports of the world's leading scientists have testified of the materials used to pull off this attack done from the INSIDE of the united states. Only a terribly biased and ignorant poster and reader continues to believe the LIES continually propagated to the Americans so as to keep the TRUTH hidden and you people fall for it every time. No wonder the nation is in such a terrible state - confusion, crime, traitorous 'leaders' and the people being prepared to be destroyed from within by the very ones responsible for the death of the twin towers. Stupid is as stupid does. Hey - I have a ocean front lot in the Nevada desert for sale - cheap.

Anonymous said...

The US is a pawn of Israel, and one of the purposes of 911 was to blame Muslims for the attack. This would justify the US attacking and destabilizing Israel's enemies in the Middle East. Every country is an enemy of Israel, and the US is used to attack them on Israel's behalf.. This has been proven by all that has taken place since 911 and should be very obvious. ISREAL IS, AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN, A NATION OF LIARS AND COWARDS. They are very good at shooting 5 year old Palestinian school girls walking to school, or running over unarmed women with steamrollers, but look what happens when they go up against real fighters (Hezbollah).