Friday, April 29, 2016

CSPOA: Feds are “The Greatest Threat We Face” as a nation

Sheriffs Call for Defying Unconstitutional Gun Control:  Feds "The                    Greatest Threat                        We Face"


Anonymous said...

The FED's are just corporations acting without Constitutional authority. Nothing more!

stupidamerkin said...

I am soooo tired of hearing this euphemism, Constitutional Sheriff.
Show me one sheriff across this giant slave plantation we call America, that does not have any slaves in his dungeon where there was no victim or injured party and then I will show you a real Constitutional sheriff. Until then, give it up already.


Article I: No person, group of persons or government shall initiate force, or threat of force or fraud against any individual's self, property or contract.

Article II: Force is morally and legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article I

Article III: No exceptions shall exist for Article I and II

Freewill said...

If there was such a thing as a Constitutional Sheriff we would have already heard of every pirate/profiteer in his county arrested. Haven't heard it yet....