Friday, April 29, 2016

Donald Trump Delivers Major Foreign Policy Address


 Onan Coca
April 29 2016

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump delivered his first major foreign policy address of the campaign on Wednesday. 

The results have been mixed, with some pundits calling the speech “brilliant” and others calling it “rambling” and “incoherent.” 

Of course, with Donald Trump the views will often be as divided as the voters, so the very best way to judge what he had to say is likely to hear it for yourself. 

Partial Transcript (You can see a full transcript here):

I would like to talk today about how to develop a new foreign policy direction for our country – one that replaces randomness with purpose, ideology with strategy, and chaos with peace.

It is time to shake the rust off of America’s foreign policy. 
It’s time to invite new voices and new visions into the fold.

The direction I will outline today will also return us to a timeless principle. My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people, and American security, above all else. That will be the foundation of every decision that I will make.

America First will be the major and overriding theme of my administration.

Under a Trump Administration, no American citizen will ever again feel that their needs come second to the citizens of foreign countries.

I will view the world through the clear lens of American interests.

I will be America’s greatest defender and most loyal champion. We will not apologize for becoming successful again, but will instead embrace the unique heritage that makes us who we are.

The world is most peaceful, and most prosperous, when America is strongest.

America will continually play the role of peacemaker.

We will always help to save lives and, indeed, humanity itself. But to play that role, we must make America strong again.

We must make America respected again. And we must make America great again.
If we do that, perhaps this century can be the most peaceful and prosperous the world has ever known.

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Anonymous said...

I am in my 60's and have never voted in my life because I knew from the start that this voting agenda has been a fraud since day one. It's about selection, not election. I wouldn't vote for any, but one thing I can say with all certainty, Trump is not lying or has much to hide and the real bad boys are jumpin big time. The propaganda fear machine, (lame stream media & their whores)don't miss a lick. It goes beyond the Twilight Zone & science fiction is no longer fiction. The only thing that is going to change for the better of all humanity is when we all choose to raise our consciousness to the next level or better. No matter what, good things are comin for those deserving and we are starting to wake up. The bad boys on the planet are soon to be extracted and they know it. Desperate men if that, will do desperate things and in so doing continue to expose themselves of who they really are. The plot thickens and the hits just keep on comin.