Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to ‘Kill’ a Birth Certificate, by Jaro

Back in the de jure Republic, all you needed to prove Citizenship (of a state of the Union) was a BIRTH RECORD, which could be recorded in a family bible or come from a hospital. But as the default citizenship became FEDERAL (not State) citizenship, i.e. the 14th Amendment citizenship, because that one HAS TO be REGISTERED with the corporate STATE, via a Birth CERTIFICATE.
Hope you realize that a Birth Certificate is a CERTIFICATE, while a Certified Record of Birth is a RECORD OF BIRTH, which just happens to be certified. See how the banksters and their gov’t minions fool the people, in order to deprive them of their Unalienable rights in a Republic, and suck them into their limited-liability scheme, known as Democracy?
I hope you realize that a BIRTH CERTIFICATE is EVIDENCE of TITLE to your body/person, just as a “Certificate of Title” is evidence of title to a car. And just as the “Certificate of Title” is NOT a full title, just evidence that a title exists, the BC also is NOT a FULL title to your person, just evidence that a title exists, and that the State HOLDS IT.
Yep, if you have a Birth Certificate, the title to your person is SPLIT between the State and yourself. The State provides STATUTORY PROTECTION to you, but you also are SUBJECT to its Statutes, which you normally would NOT be. In other words, you’ve given up your unalienable rights under Public Law, and traded them for statutory civil rights (State-provided benefits). Incidentally, that’s why judges often tell you to shut up, when you start claiming Constitutional protection. Constitution is a Public LAW, while all US citizens are under Public POLICY, where the organic Constitution does NOT apply.
For example, BANKRUPTCY is a statutory benefit. There is no bankruptcy under Public (common) law. Under common law you either pay your debt, or the creditor liens up your property and confiscates it to pay off the debt. Or you might go to debtors prison, as still is a common law in places like Dubai.
And like with cars, registering yourself with the State via a Birth Certificate, puts you under a State protection (such as Child Protective Services), but ALSO makes you subject to State codes and statutes.
In other words, before registering an infant with the State via a Birth Certificate, the child was PROPERTY OF PARENTS, only subject to common (Public) law, while AFTER issuance of the BC, the State became the MAIN parent, with the real parents being only guardians, subject to State regulation. So with the BC, the baby became subject to statutory Public POLICY, and no longer is under common law.
For example, under common law, you can spank your kids, but under public policy, that can be made illegal.
Soo, if you wanna OPT OUT of that corporate State protection scheme, one way to do it, is to tell the State or secretary of State, that you want to UNREGISTER your child (or yourself), or that you want to CANCEL your Birth Certificate Registration. The MOMENT you give them that notice, you or the baby no longer is a 14th Amendment US citizen, and you should be able to use that fact to defend yourself against any statutory charges (where there’s no injured party).
It’s just like cancelling a cable TV; once you notify them about cancellation, it’s UP TO THEM, to unhook you from their system. And if they fail to do so, and you keep using their service, you no longer owe them anything, since it was THEM who failed to disconnect you.
BTW, by registering your BC with Dept of Commerce, you and your property become a SURETY for the national debt. So if the Federal Reserve one day decided that they want the $19 trillion national debt that US owes them, paid back, property of all US citizens would be seized and sold until that debt was satisfied. And if that wasn’t enough to pay it off, then the bodies of US citizens would be seized and put in debtors jail (FEMA camps?). Or the FedRes banksters could just sell that debt to someone like the Chinese, who then would OWN most of America. They’d just need to send their 200-million men army over the Bering strait in winter, to collect on that debt.
Now do you see why the Elites want to disarm Americans? Such a power grab would not be easily done, when the people are armed.
And one more thing; all the Birth Certificates of American people BACK the Fiat currency, Federal Reserve Notes. If US had no BCs, the Federal Reserve banksters would NOT back those notes. Without that COLLATERAL, they’d give US NOTHING! There’d be NO CREDIT coming from FedRes that Congress could borrow. So Congress COULD NOT print paper “money” out of thin air! – And without fiat currency in circulation, the whole USA would return back to common law of the Republic, like it was before 1933.
In other words, your Birth Certificates makes YOU a COLLATERAL for the national debt, and allows Congress to spend YOUR money, like there’s no tomorrow. And the higher the debt, the FEWER the freedoms you get to enjoy.
This pic shows a REGISTRATION of a Record of Birth. Why the heck would a record of birth need to be REGISTERED? And with a Department of Commerce? Record alone is all that’s needed to prove that the birth happened, as long as it’s certified (stamped and signed by a proper officer of a State).

Please note: If you ‘kill’ the BC, you’ll likely remove yourself from their corporate Matrix, but it won’t suddenly move your property to the common law side. Since that property was acquired in the NAME of the statutory person, the Matrix masters might make a claim on it anyway. But I doubt that they would, since by doing so they’d risk revealing their fraudulent scheme, when things get adjudicated in court. Generally that property has against it a HIDDEN LIEN, which can be paid off with gold.
For example if property of all American people was $100 trillion and national debt was $20 trillion, then each property would have a 20% secret lien against it.
In other words, the BIG SECRET, that the Elites don’t want you to know, is that there are TWO different citizenships in this country; (1) the original State Citizenship (those are the SOVEREIGN people, that many Constitutions mention), and (2) a secondary, FEDERAL 14th Amendment citizenship, AKA the US citizenship. 
And the State Citizens are Citizens of USA, the Republic, while US citizens are citizens of US, the Democracy, which consists of District of Columbia and territories.
So everybody has a CHOICE, whether to be a citizen of the corporate federal Democracy (via a Birth Certificate) and be subject to Public POLICY of U.S., or whether to DROP that BC, and return to the Republic and Public Law. Just note that citizens of the Republic DO NOT qualify for most gov’t benefits, such as unemployment, SSN, welfare, etc. But they also ARE NOT subject to most State and federal codes regulating traffic, guns and drugs, as long as they can avoid voluntarily using Federal Reserve Notes.
“The government of the United States is a foreign corporation with respect to a state.” 163 U. S. 625, 41 L.Ed. 287.
“A citizen of the United States is a citizen of the federal government …” Kitchens v. Steele, 112 F.Supp 383
“The people of the state are entitled to all rights which formerly belong to the king, by his prerogatives.” – Lansing v Smith 4 Wendell 9,20 (N.Y.) (1829).
“No action can be taken against the sovereign in non-constitutional courts of either the United States or the state courts & any such action is considered the crime of barratry.” (Barratry is an offense at common law). – State v Batson 17 S.E. 2d 511, 512, 513
The United States is located in the District of Columbia.” – California Comm. Code 9307 h)


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