Wednesday, April 27, 2016

HEADS UP: Foreign military soldiers in training at Ft Benning, GA

FT. BENNING -- "She was told they were all there for 'intelligence training.' This may not be unusual, seeing that our military trains everybody on everything, but that fact that my sister noticed it IS".


I'm sure you are aware of this, having contacts in the military, but thought I would send this anyway.

My wife's sister is a Clinical Social Worker for the military and has worked at several different bases over a 10 year span. Her latest position required her to receive additional training at Fort Benning, Georgia for the last week or so.

Last night my wife was talking to her and she said she felt very uncomfortable around the soldiers there.  My wife asked why and she replied that there were a whole lot of middle eastern looking men, in uniforms, speaking a language she did not understand and could not tell if they were talking about her or not. She told her it reminded her of the movie "Taken."

She felt so uncomfortable she declined the only food on base available to her, the on base hotel that served breakfast. Instead, she would get food from a little grocer and eat in her room. In the mornings and evenings in the lobby and even in the hallway, she said these men were gathered everywhere.

My wife's sister has always been the "oblivious" type when it comes to personal safety or situational awareness, like living in questionable neighborhoods and never locking her doors, jogging alone in said neighborhoods, driving across country with a vehicle I would not feel reliable enough to go across town.

So for her to notice this, feel very unsafe, and tell my wife about it - it must have been a pretty ominous environment.

She was told they were all there for 'intelligence training.' This may not be unusual, seeing that our military trains everybody on everything, but the fact that my sister noticed it IS. 

RESPONSE FROM A MILITARY FRIEND:  So, to add to that, I was having to work the San Antonio Fiesta Parade and saw during the night parade..about 30 to 40 military members of all different foreign nations, mostly arab, holding their nations flags and marching in the parade. Everyone waved at these foreign military persons as if they are our own war heros!

Steve, they resembled almost all of the NATO/UN forces. To add to that, these foreign militarys have been taking part in this parade for a few years now. To add to that, UNESCO has declared the Alamo a 'world heritage site' A 'world heritage site'?

I didn't see any of our current military members march in the parade before these guys, so they were placed first in the parade over our own military. Their colors, national flags, were held at the same level as our national flag..the Texas Flag and the American Flag. That's completely disrespectful to all of us vets. But, then again..this is America and respect is only for the LGBT now, not for combat veterans. Which, by the way, there were alot of LGBTs in the parade and in the crowd....Man, Montana sounds better and better.

Apr 24, 2016

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