Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Anna is right, and You Can't Eat Gold and Silver, but read this!

Who is Paul Stramer
By Paul Stramer

Anna's last article is right on target. We need a complete overhaul of the entire monetary system of the whole world, and we need it yesterday.  Lot's of people are in real trouble with their finances. The kind of trouble that puts people out on the street homeless.

Most of the time, the best way to predict the future is to go back into the past, and see what worked back then, and upgrade those ideas, methods and tools with the newest technology and the newest tools we have today.

For over 5000 years Gold and Silver have done something that nothing else has been able to do, and that is HOLD THEIR BUYING POWER.  Stamp that on your forehead. It's not just because people believe they will hold their purchasing power. Both have intrinsic value in industry, silver more than gold.

In 1913 you could walk into a fine clothing store in downtown New York City and with just one $20 Gold piece, you could buy a brand new suit, a new tie, and a fine pair of shoes.

Right now today, over 100 years later, you can walk into a good clothing store, and for the same one ounce of Gold, you can get a fine new suit, a new tie, and a fine pair of new shoes, and perhaps a great hat.

The only thing that has changed is the value of the paper currency ratio with Gold.

Why is that?  You can't eat Gold and Silver, but people value it far more highly than paper. They always have for over 5000 years.  Paper currency can be made for about 3 cents per bill, and today it's only digits on someone's computer, probably the bank's computer where it was entered from nothing or someone's signature, as a credit. Every fiat paper currency has gone to ZERO and all the while gold and silver have maintained their buying power.  So if you consider a 5000 year history temporary, then what would you replace gold and silver with.

Silver is still the lawful currency of the United States. The silver Eagle still has $1 stamped on it.
I don't see that changing very soon. Even if it does, one ounce of silver, regardless of what is stamped on it, still has some intrinsic value. Industry uses silver by the boatload, in relays, electronic devices like computers and phones, in medicine and many other uses.  That is why the above ground supply of silver is far less than gold right now.  Really, if the prices of these two metals were not so manipulated by the cabal, and if supply and demand were the yardstick, the prices would be reversed.

So regardless of the ideal valuation of labor exchanged for money, it is what it is at this point.

The point is WHO ASSIGNS THE VALUE.  If it's government, watch out. If it's the open market, then we have a chance to correct all this.  Unfortunately right now it's the banking cabal in cahoots with all the criminals in governments. The only thing that can solve all of that is for all of us to stop participating in their fraud fiat currencies, and start using lawful money. Silver is lawful money.

So until we can get all that sorted out, what do you trust more, paper or silver?  I will take the metals any day. Not because I think that is the ideal way to trade. Barter is still at the top of my list for tough times, but until we get the real changes we want, I will take silver and stash it for a rainy day, far quicker than most anything else including digital currencies like Bitcoin.  They are all a means to and end, and that is to trade for what we really need to sustain life. Things like food, water, dry goods, shelter, transportation, energy, etc.

So considering all of the above, I have lead quite a few of you to the Mint Builder company, and I want to give you a progress report to start the new year.

If you don't know what I am writing about follow this link.  http://mtbus.com/mintbuilder/ 

Since November 3rd, when I found out about this new company, we have brought in 525 members.
Many of those have brought in members as well, so that we have 680 members to start the new year within our downline.  We intend to make that thousands of members this year.  Why?

Because the benefits are real gold and silver, or cash, or Bitcoin, YOUR choice, when you get paid.

Because we are bringing all the newest tech of the Internet to bear on the 5000 year history of precious metals and using it to grow your wealth. We want to grow the wealth of the ordinary people who know the truth, and who read the truth.

In the first two months we have generated $2000 in commissions. We have purchased advertising for Anna's website, and this blog to the tune of $651.20 and have sent Anna $250 and when the final cycle comes in later this week will send another $187.50 to Anna.  That will leave 911.50 for our work here in Montana for the two months. I am glad I have a little income from my business to make up the difference and some donations from you all.  I would like to get Mint Builder built up so I never have to ask anyone for a donation ever again, but we aren't there yet.

So this is working so far, and I have sent Anna a letter  outlining what this is. If you want to know more visit the website at http://mtbus.com/mintbuilder/ and if you are a member already we have lots of training to send your way, so make sure you are subscribed to our Mint Builder training system by filling out the form here:   http://silverpatriot.com/  If you are already subscribed the system will tell you that.

Thanks and make it a very Prosperous and Happy New Year.

Paul Stramer

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  1. Paul everything look really good till I saw they want to charge $199 just to be a member to be a member.