Monday, January 1, 2018

Color Code the Judges

By Anna Von Reitz

I have served as a "Justice" for the Alaska State Superior Court and as a "Judge" for the Postal District Court, so I have some basis in practical knowledge of what courts are and what the jurisdictions are and how things are supposed to work----and don't. 

Technically, all land jurisdiction judges are called "Justices" as in "Justice of the Peace" and as "Supreme Court Justice".  

All sea jurisdiction judges are called "Judge" or "Magistrate".  

In the weird world of privatized corporate government the judicial system is as messed up as any other, and it rapidly gets difficult to tell who is acting in what capacity and in what jurisdiction.  There is also a nasty practice of overlapping and deliberately operating multiple jurisdictions at once in the same courtroom that needs to stop. 

So how about this suggestion?  

Require the justices to wear green robes --- dark green for the Postal District Court serving the international land jurisdiction, and medium green for the County and State Superior and Supreme Courts.  Green adequately symbolizes the land jurisdiction, so that courts set aside to serve the living people can be readily and surely identified and operated without any questions. 

Require the judges to wear blue robes --- dark blue with gold braid for martial courts, dark blue without braid for Admiralty courts, and light blue for Maritime court officials.  The gold braid is an adequate symbol of military authority and the dark blue and light blue both adequately symbolize sea/water jurisdictions.  

Adopting such conventions would put an end to confusion and provide an explicit external sign of the jurisdiction and nature of the court.  It will also prevent judges from usurping into or pretending to serve other jurisdictions, so that people can instantly identify the presumptions under which they are being addressed.  

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  1. Once again, fake judge anna is proven to be full of shite. Article III of the US constitution (and don't start with that U.S. vs of the United States, etc., they are the same) says:

    "The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, ...

    Thus "judges" are on the federal supreme court and inferior courts. Street vernacular may use the term justices, but the creation/enabling act, the constitution, says they are judges And this is the LAW OF THE LAND!

    The Alabama constitution as far back as 1819 says:

    Article V Section 3: ... its duties [the supreme court] shall be performed by, the Judges of the several circuits...

    and Section 11. Judges of the Supreme Court and Circuit courts, and courts of Chancery, shall, at stated times,...

    It is so sad that a person like fake judge anna can feed people such shite and they will just eat it up without reading for themselves. in all states and the federal supreme courts thy are designated "judges", never justices.

    She wants so-called judges/justices to wear different colored robes. I propose fake judge anna wear a black hood to shut her nonsense.

    1. Define Justice and define Judge.

      A judge makes a decision. A justice maintains the peace in a courtroom and a jury makes a decision.

      Anything post 1861 is not the DeJure system of record. You need to research history and research the act of 1871.


      Fake judge anna stated:

      "Technically, all land jurisdiction judges are called "Justices" as in "Justice of the Peace" and as "Supreme Court Justice"."

      I just posted a copy of Alabama's constitution from 1819 showing all were called judges at all judicial levels, and this was definitely land jurisdiction. The word justice does not appear anywhere, so she is a liar.

      In the federal constitution from 1789, I showed they were also all called judges, the word 'justice' does not appear anywhere. They are supreme court JUDGES according to the enabling/creation act. Fake judge anna lies again.

      Read! Read! Read! Stop listening to fake judge anna's baseless nonsense.

  2. As long as these judges/justices/arbiters, etc., remain serving the interests of corporations, any so called freedoms we may have ever had mean nothing. What little 'money' remains after the banking mafia strips the people of any value, these judicial prostitutes will claim as their own. As desirable & moral as a peaceful solution would be, I no longer believe it's possible. The uSA is simply too far gone. I've never trusted Reitz for a second, & claims of her "filings" fixing things is supported by zero evidence. Contrary to popular illusion, the greatest coup pulled off by the Cabal is not military/banking/religious control, but conning average people into actively participating in our enslavement. Most of us make our living - by Cabal design - off of our fellow mans misery, convinced through ignorance & a paycheck that it's making us great. Bullshit. We are going down. Don't think so ? Just glance at our non stop chemtrailed skies or the ingredients in most of the food you eat. The presence of UN troops in New York & elsewhere signals the final chapter in country that aspired to greatness, but was controlled by hidden forces from day one. The republic never had a chance, aborted minutes after delivery. Lock & load, fellow slaves. It's probably futile to resist, but the choice is easy when the alternative is genocide anyway. This would be a good time for you religious idiots to request divine intervention. Throughout recorded time, the so called gods (old testament) have endorsed slavery & murder, hardly the actions of a benign or benevolent god. If there be gods, they appear to be mere spectators, apparently content to watch us stupid humans commit planet wide suicide. Kiss my ass, Yahweh.

    1. YES! Finally the problem is seen for what it is. The problem is the judiciary being too frightened to uphold the laws under the constitution. The republic is there, the laws just need to be upheld by an honest judiciary. Congress and the president were expected to try and exceed there authority by the founding fathers, they expected the judiciary to keep them reigned in.

      This stupid idea of sea jurisdiction on the land is not the problem. It has nothing to do with law and everything to do with POWER. Strengthen the judiciary and you have your republic!